An automated testing tool on iOS

Open accessibility in the simulator to view each control, even on the web page. Therefore, it is possible to perform more accurate automated testing. Next I posted a blog post. If you are interested, I can find time to study how to apply it together.

IOS: Application Thread Security

This article describes the thread security of the iOS app's objective-C code. First, we will briefly introduce the basic knowledge of thread security. Then, we will use a small example to observe non-thread security code. Finally, we will briefly

Recommended Instrument Driver for Taobao testing (automated testing for iOS)

Today, I saw the following blog, which is an iOS automated testing tool developed by Taobao testing. It is worth learning and applying: Instrumentdriver: Yes for iOS automated testing!Instrumentdriver is a recently implemented automated testing

Remote debugging for web development on iOS

Reprinted please indicate the source: The debugger on the browser is basically written in Javascript. If you are interested, you can study the next firebug lite. PC-side debug is very convenient, and remote debugging

IOS QuickTime plugin

When playing a video in uiwebview, You can see figininview in view hierarchy. This class comes from QuickTime plugin. The plugin path is/applications/xcode. APP/contents/developer/platforms/iphonesimulator. platform/developer/sdks/iphonesimulator6.1.

[IOS reverse engineering] Get the current instance handle in assembly language debugging

When analyzing safari behavior, you can use the objective-C feature to view the various states of uiview in a semantic manner at any time. For example, you can set a breakpoint in the uiview method, I want to see the current view structure. You only

Sharing of IOS programming experience (Niu Ren)

Arranged in different order: 1. When performance encounters problems, if you can perform computing and processing at the application layer, take it out of the database layer. Sorting and grouping are typical examples. Performance improvement at the

The IOS function receives an indefinite parameter.

//[ViewController writeWithFormat:@"1", @"2", @"3", nil]; + (void)__methodName__:(NSObject*)string, ... {// parms must be end with nil    va_list args;    va_start(args, string);    if(string) {        NSLog(@"Do something with First: %@", string);  

IOS supports playing music in the background

After ios4, audio can be played in the background. You can play the audio in the background in the following two steps. 1. In info. plist, add the "Required background Modes" key and set its value to "app plays audio" 2. Add the following two pieces

Fuzzy search in IOS nsstring

- ( void )searchFromTalbeView:( NSString *)text {      NSString *searchText=text;     if(searchText.length>0) { //sourceArrayIs the string of all tableview strings.       for (NSString*tempStr in sourceArray)

25 tips and skills for enhancing the performance of IOS apps)

When developing IOS applications, it is critical to ensure the program has good performance. This is what users expect. If your program runs slowly or slowly, it will lead to negative feedback from users. However, due to the limitations of iOS

25 tips and tips for enhancing the performance of IOS apps-advanced

When developing IOS applications, it is critical to ensure the program has good performance. This is what users expect. If your program runs slowly or slowly, it will lead to negative feedback from users. However, due to the limitations of iOS

Block IOS usage

1. Theory Block (closure): A block is an anonymous inline collection of code. And sometimes also called a "closure ". Closure: a function that can read internal variables of other functions. 2. Example 1) testblock. h # Import Typedef void (^

Gcd ios Summary

There are two ways to assign tasks to the main queue, both of which are asynchronous, even if the task is not executed Program continues: The dispatch_async function executes a block object on the dispatch queue. The dispatch_async_f function

IOS low-memory processing, compatible with ios5 and ios6

The memory of mobile devices is extremely limited. Applications must handle low-memory to avoid program crashes due to memory usage.   How to handle low-memoryAn application usually contains multiple view controllers. When you jump from view to

Add a friend for xmpp ios Registration

Registration is simple: Define a method in appdelegate as follows: -(Bool) registeritalk :( nsstring *) un pwd :( nsstring *) pwd { Isloginoperation = no; Self. Username = UN; Self. Password = PWD; Return [self connect]; } Isloginoperation

[IPhone advanced] XMPP-based IOS chat client (IOS client 3)

The first two articles introduce how to send and receive messages through XMPP. This article mainly describes how to beautify our chat program and see the final effect, of course, the source program will be released at the end. Okay. Let's take a

[IPhone advanced] XMPP-based IOS chat client (XMPP Server Architecture)

I recently read about the XMPP framework. Taking text chat as an example, the message to be sent is: helloWord In the base, from is the message sent from the user, to is the message sent to the user, XMPP users are in the form of mailbox. Body

[IPhone advanced] XMPP-based IOS chat client (IOS client 1)

After introducing the server, we will focus on writing our own IOS client program. Let's take a look at what we have done First download the xmppframework framework. Click zip to download Next, use xcode to create a project Drag the following

[IPhone advanced] XMPP-based IOS chat client (IOS client 2)

Next, we will introduce XMPP in this chapter. To facilitate program calling, we will write some main XMPP methods in appdelegate. The methods in appdelegate. m are as follows: -(Void) setupstream {// initialize xmppstream = [[xmppstream alloc]

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