Use macro definitions in IOS static library to differentiate iPhone simulators from real machines

Problem description In general projects, macro definitions can be used to determine whether the simulator is a real machine, which is undoubtedly effective. # If target_iphone_simulator # define simulator 1 # Elif target_ OS _iphone # define

IOS alert dialog box

Alert dialog box The implementation method is very similar to the operation table. When defining a class, add uialertviewdelegate to process button events later. IOSCode@ Interface testcontroller: uiviewcontroller {...}   The call method is

IOS Video Compression

Recently, I encountered a problem when uploading a video, that is, when uploading the recorded video, the size is too large, especially when recording a p video, however, when you select a video from the iPad library or album, the system will

Five things you need to know when designing IOS apps

Based on our experience in creating excellent IOS apps, we believe that designers should keep in mind the five things that apply to IOS. Although the focus of this article is only on iOS apps, most of the comments also apply to other mobile

[IOS development] Use youdao translation API to implement simple translation functions

Use the development tool xcode4.6 and the simulator IOS 6.1. This example uses the arc mode and does not require manual autorelease. Let's first take a look at Chinese-English Translation. I tried Japanese and translated it into English... Without

Questions about the failure of UUID verification in App Store released by IOS

An error occurred while updating the Code. If the verification fails before uploading, the system prompts apps areNot permitted to accessUdidAndMust not useUniqueidentifierMethodUidevice. Please update your apps and servers to associate users

IOS uilabel adaptive

Fixed width Uilabel * label = [[uilabel alloc] initwithframe: cgrectmake (0, 0,320, 21)]; If (Label) {// set the text content label. TEXT = @ "I am really long long and long "; // 0 indicates no limit on the number of rows [label setnumberoflines: 0]

IOS detects device and application cracking

This article references Device cracking Device jailbreak actually means that you have obtained the highest permissions for all files, but almost all jailbreak users have installed cydia to install

IOS MD5 Encryption Algorithm

Original post address: The MD5 encryption algorithm is implemented in the following categories: #import @interface NSString (md5)-(NSString *) md5HexDigest;@end#import

IOS unit test

From: MoD = viewthread & tid = 124254.1. Unconditional failure) StfailFailed test case Stfail (failure_description ,...)ParametersFailure_descriptionSpecifies the format string of your error message, which can be

IOS Singleton Mode

Recently, in iOS development, the singleton mode is required, so I wrote one by myself, which looks like this: + (id)sharedInstance{ static id sharedInstance = nil; if (!sharedInstance) { sharedInstance = [[NSObject alloc] init];

IOS uiwebview 403/404

Problem description Unlike windowsphone, IOS uiwebview does not think that page access fails in the case of 403/404. This is also excitable, but sometimes we need to process the 403/404 encountered by webview.Solution Because webview is in the

IOS 4.x/ 5.x icon remove highlights

By default, Apple adds a highlighted effect to the program icon, but this is not mandatory, but developers can cancel this effect as needed. Highlights: Remove highlights: For IOS 4.x: Open the project plist file, add an attribute: icon already

Package image resources in IOS static library

Problem description: Recently, I am working on a project and need to create a static library containing image resources. a, but the static library project provided by Apple cannot import image resources. bundle file method. In this way, you also

Helloworld for iOS

I recently downloaded an xcode_4.3.20.for_lion.dmg file. When I installed xcode, I always indicated that the installation failed. I checked it online and changed the Mac date to 2012.1.1. The first time I wrote the IOS program, the program was quite

Several tips in iOS development

IOS game programming starts from scratch-cocos2dx and cocos2d engine development. The knowledge inside is simplified into depth, giving a detailed and in-depth explanation to the developers of basic IOS. I will share some tips on iOS development

Summarize several common codes developed by IOS

I have summarized some common IOS code recently. 1. variable parameters in IOS It is common in nsarray initialization methods, such: @interface NSArray (NSArrayCreation)+ (id)arrayWithObjects:(id)firstObj, ... NS_REQUIRES_NIL_TERMINATION;-

Mobile development-Summary of iOS development code

We can see that the csdn blog channel has a great essay activity on "iOS game programming Journey", mainly because it prefers signature books. So I will summarize the small code developed by IOS and share it with you. 1. Image Upload code that can

IOS development history series-encounter and acquaintance with IOS Programming

The first time I came into contact with game development was my first summer vacation, two years ago. At that time, I was not very enthusiastic about the game. Because I was bored in my freshman year, I registered for a software competition and made

Award collection activity series-iOS game programming tour ended

  In order to help IOS developers better understand and learn development technologies, build a platform for csdn bloggers to exchange and share technologies, and provide an active community atmosphere, csdn blog channel joins hands with csdn blog

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