Notes on new iOS development trends

I have been engaged in iOS development for more than a year and a half. This is the second technical blog I opened. I used to focus on reprinting. This is a new phase and I hope to record something by myself. This is a log record. I will try my

Common iOS development tools

The following are some of the tools commonly used in daily development work. Some of them are not limited to iOS development, but some are relatively large and some are relatively small, but they are very useful! 1. xcode: Not much Introduction 2.

Collection Summary of third-party libraries for common iOS development

The following are all third-party libraries that are commonly used in work, with notes and links to relevant learning blogs and download links. 1, Egoimageview: asynchronously loads network images, GitHub; 2, Fmdb: IOS-side database processing,

Collect and organize open-source IOS projects and frameworks

IOS open-source projects and frameworks that have been used during iOS development and learning. IOS open-source framework: 1,Core plotOpen SourceFramework: A graphical framework under the iPhone for drawing graphics and tables. 2. prettykit: A

IOS scientific notation, retain N valid values

/* Scientific notation, retain N valid values */-(nsstring *) toexponent :( double) d RMS :( unsigned) n {If (n = 0) {return nil ;} cflocaleref currentlocale = cflocalecopycurrent (); cfnumberformatterref customcurrencyformatter =

How to solve the problem of "An error occurred uploading to the iTunes store" when the IOS program is released

Publish an application todayProgramThe new version has passed the verification, but an error occurred while publishing the upload. The error message is: An error occurred uploading to the iTunes store. I used to release a good version. Why is

IOS does not allow the keyboard to block uitextfield (Adaptive)

-(Bool) textfieldshouldreturn :( uitextfield *) textfield {// when the user presses return, take focus away from the text field so that the keyboard is dismissed. nstimeinterval animationduration = 0.30f; [uiview Duration: @ "resizeforkeyboard"

Windows 7 IOS Installation Development Environment Summary (vmware9.0 + VMware patch + DMG image + xcode)

My Computer ConfigurationCPU: Intel-core I3 ProcessorMemory: 4 GBHard Disk: 1 TbSystem: win7 32-bitInstallation steps:1. Install the Virtual Machine VMware Workstation 9.0.2. Install Virtual Machine patches.By default, vmwarevm does not have the MAC

IOS uicontrol Event Description

InControl eventBriefly explain the following events. Note: because it was tested in the "iOS Simulator", you can only use the mouse instead of your fingers. 1) uicontroleventtouchdown Left mouse buttonPress(Note: Only "Press") Action 2)

[IOS] ARC experience record

1. You do not need to write three keywords: retain, release, and autorelease; 2. An object will not be destroyed as long as it is pointed by the strong pointer until all the strong pointers pointing to it point to other places; 3. By default, all

How to Set uiview to rounded corner in IOS

Today, you just need to add a view with rounded corners. I searched online. Find the following two methods. 1. Set directly (tested) The header file must be imported first.   # Import ... Bgview. layer. cornerradius = cornerradiusinpixels; Bgview.

IOS bar chart and pie chart

Pie Chart: Pie Chart: Bar Chart: AB %E4%B8%80%E4%B8%AA%E5%88% AB %E4%BA%BA%E7%9A%84%E6%9F%B1%E5%9B%BE-thread-70067-1-1.html

Set iOS app properties with air

Supports background tasks on iOS Reserved IOS infoadditions settings Different iOS device models are supported. High-resolution display IOS custom URI Scheme IOS compatibility Filtering Exit rather than pause The settings that apply only to

Uitextfield solution Prevents keyboard blocking during iOS development

Recently transferred to iOS development, I found that If IOS uitextfield is at the bottom of the screen, the keyboard cannot automatically adjust the interface layout, You need to manually adjust the location, therefore, I want to write a general

IOS des ECB mode symmetric encryption and decryption

Recently busy with Android and iOS projects, write the android des ECB mode encryption and decryption (related connection:, and return to the IOS above, because I recently started to study IOS

How to Create a title bar uinavigationbar for iOS beginners (2)

Use of uinavigationbar to create a title bar for iOS beginners Yu Song Momo Original article reproduced, Please Note: Reproduced to my independent domain name blog Yu Song Momo program Research Institute, original address:

Button switching in the navigation bar of IOS getting started development (3)

IOS entry development-navigation bar button switch If the original Yusong Momo article is reprinted, please note: Reprinted to my independent domain name blog Yusong Momo program Research Institute, Original address:

Unity3d game engine-Ios custom game joystick and plane smooth movement (11)

Unity3d game engine-Ios custom game joystick with Smooth Plane Movement If the original Yusong Momo article is reprinted, please note: Reprinted to my independent domain name blog Yusong Momo program Research Institute, Original address: http://

Xcode and IOS versions and download addresses

After logging on to the App Store account, you can directly download the address:(Apple has deleted versions earlier than 3.1.2)Record an old IOS SDKIPhone SDK 2.2.1:Http:// Path =/iPhone/iphone_sdk_for_iphone_

After the IOS program enters the background, it still runs the timer nstimer.

Step 1: In info. plist, add the "Required background Modes" key and the value is app plays audio.Step 2: -(Bool) Application :( uiapplication *) Application didfinishlaunchingwitexceptions :( nsdictionary *) launchoptions { Self. Window =

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