Getting started with iOS development -- drag View

Prerequisites IOS processes the touch action on the screen, mainly involving the following methods: Touchesbegan: withevent: // the initial call of the touch screen Touchesmoved: withevent: // called during movement Touchesended: withevent: //

IOS _ details iPhone application automation test case implementation

IPhone applicationsAutomationTestCase implementation is the content to be introduced in this article, mainly to implementIPhone applicationsAutomation inTest. The following is a basic study conducted by colleagues. After thatTest, Or yes. More

Summary of iOS development exception errors -- wait_fences: failed to receive reply: 10004003

If the error wait_fences: failed to receive reply: 10004003 occurs inexplicably during the use of uialertview, you forget to close the keyboard. Uialertview pops up. If the keyboard is not closed, the focus will be lost. When uialertview is closed

Configuration of air for iOS native applications

InAirForIOSThere is a configuration file in the configuration file: uidevicefamily 1 ]> Standard Here is the settingIOSApplication inIOS. However, Adobe only gives a few labels, so I will introduce some common labels

Set iOS app properties with air

Supports background tasks on iOS Reserved IOS infoadditions settings Different iOS device models are supported. High-resolution display IOS custom URI Scheme IOS compatibility Filtering Exit rather than pause The settings that apply only to

IOS official reference details

We can see that the collection is comprehensive: Http:// Forward it. Let's take a look at it. You can also make it easier. ^_^Official portal site refernce Library Mac OS X refernce Library

Appdelegate. m for iOS development

# Import "helloappdelegate. H" @ Implementation helloappdelegate // Customize the User-Defined point after the application starts -(Bool) Application :( uiapplication *) Application didfinishlaunchingwitexceptions :( nsdictionary*) Launchoptions {

IOS device Logs Analysis

The location of symbolicatecrash in xcode 4.3 is different from that in earlier versions. /Applications/xcode. APP/contents/developer/platforms/iphoneos. Platform/developer/library/privateframeworks/dtdevicekit.

IOS development study notes -- uitableview

Preparation 1. Select the Project to Support arc 2. Drag a uitableview using IB and connect the delegated code to display simple text and images with uitableview # Import @ interface viewcontroller: uiviewcontroller @ property (strong, nonatomic)

IOS development practice applet-Stopwatch

I am not busy with my recent work. In my spare time, I learned how to use object-C to experience an invincible IOS framework. I want to write a small application trainer and pick a simple question for myself: imitating and implementing the stopwatch

IOS application development-small drawing board demo

There are many other functions that can be added. Remember to add them here. Code Section Touchview. h #import @interface TouchView : UIView{ NSMutableArray *points; NSArray *points_all; CGContextRef context; UIColor

Issue that may be encountered when building the iOS development environment of phonegap 2.0

After downloading phonegap 2.0, follow the official documentation step by step. You cannot create a complete project at a time. The error is as follows: By default, the phonegap installer installs cordovalib under the current user's

IOS development-online video presentation

What should I do if the view is messy due to landscape switching? First, we must understand the following four statuses, which are used to describe the orientation of the device: Uiinterfaceorientationlandscapeleft To the left, that is,

IOS Development notes-PDF display and browsing

Today's task is to load and display PDF files on IOS. Method 1: Use webview -(void)loadDocument:(NSString *)documentName inView:(UIWebView *)webView{ NSString *path = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:documentName ofType:nil]; NSURL *url

IOS drying job: Graffiti PDF

In addition to browsing PDF e-books, graffiti PDF is completed as scheduled. In order to correctly identify page flip gestures and graffiti gestures, we still need to separate browsing and graffiti, and the processing of different views is much less

IOS notes -- traverse tableview

IOS does not advocate traversing all cells. It can be seen from the APIS thrown to developers. It provides a visiblecells method, so that you do not have to easily obtain all cells and optimize the memory usage. What should I do if I have to

IOS development-detailed solution for loading and sliding a large number of images

Detailed solution for loading and sliding a large number of imagesToday, I would like to share with you the solutions for reading, loading, and sliding a large number of images in a private album. I would like to emphasize that programming is

IOS security defense (2): Background daemon illegal theft of user information about itunesstore

Background daemon illegally steals user information about itunesstore I solemnly declare that I do not encourage the theft of user privacy and other behaviors. All hack learning is just to study how to defend. OK. Auto-start In IOS security

IOS _ Mobile Packet Capture

During iOS development, various network access problems often occur. In the past, packet capture tools were not used, and many network problems were solved. Now, we have finished. This article provides two methods for packet capture: 1. Network

Ios_monkeytalk (4.1) _ installing the monkeytalk IOS agent

Installing the monkeytalk IOS agent 1. Download and unzipMonkeytalkZIP file for your OS. 2. Open your application's project in xcode. 3. duplicate your application's build target by right-clicking on it and selectingDuplicateFrom the menu. A new

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