IOS _ details iPhone application automation test case implementation

IPhone applicationsAutomationTestCase implementation is the content to be introduced in this article, mainly to implementIPhone applicationsAutomation inTest. The following is a basic study conducted by colleagues. After thatTest, Or yes. More

Getting started with iOS development: About app icons

For personal developers who develop applications for the first time, in addition to programming, they also need to consider creating icons, starting pictures, and other basic components of some applications. This article describes icons. The reason

New IOS Assistant

September is coming soon. In order to prevent new students from getting lost, the good-hearted students are making assistants for new monks. Here we mainly recommend IOS image insertion. There are many button buttons on one interface, each of

Keyword explanation commonly used in IOS

# Synthesize Keyword: automatically generates an access method for the member variable according to the @ Property setting, so that the point operator can be used to conveniently access the member variable. @ Implementation indicates the

Summary of output format characters in IOS

/****% U table shows the unsigned typeInt output format: % I, % d, % o % xFloat output format: % F, % E, % GDouble Output Format: % F, % E, % GChar output format character: % CLong output format character: % LLong int output format character: %

Getting started with iOS development: using ad hoc for user testing

Before completing iOS development and preparation for release, we all hope that the app can be tested among friends around us, provide comments, and release the app to the app store after modification. With this in mind, Apple uses ad hoc to

Getting started with iOS development: real machine testing

After successfully joining the IOS Developer Program, the developer must first perform a real machine test. The following describes how to implement a real machine test. The following describes how to test a real machine, as shown in: In general,

Recommended for iOS apps: 3D provisioner-the ultimate solution to a measurement angle

There are many IOS applications with measurement angles, but most of the applications are designed based on the actual measuring angle. In real life, it is inconvenient to use these software to measure the angle. On the other hand, in some

(English Ad) Final Solution to measure angle: iOS app 3D protractor!

Just throw your plastic protractor away if you have an iPhone! I think you wowould never have to use traditional protractors any more! Since here is a muchBetter tool for you to measure angles, that is your iOS device and of course, with the amazing

Getting started with iOS development: detailed tutorials on publishing apps to App Store

For apps that have completed the test, only the last task is to upload the app to the app store. This work is relatively simple as a whole. Whether the upload is successful depends on whether your app meets Apple's software requirements. Based on my

IOS development beginner: Update reminder in-app

Currently, the vast majority of applications can be updated, and you will receive an update notification when you open the application. This is conducive to user updates. Many people want xcode to provide corresponding APIs to find the application

IOS development: In-APP purchase

Many applications now use in-APP purchase. Although many users may not like or even hate this mode, they think that they will deduct money from their accounts when they click. However, in-APP purchase is a good business model for developers, and

IOS development: audio session

In iOS development, the most important framework for audio and video is the avfoundation framework. Starting from this article, we will focus on avfoundation-based audio usage and processing. To learn how to use audio, you must first understand the

IOS development intermediate: uitoolbar, uinavigationbar, uitabbar, uibarbuttonitem, uitabbaritem custom method summary

For custom controls such as uitoolbar, uinavigationbar, uitabbar, uibarbuttonitem, and uitabbaritem, we will discuss them together because they are common. There are usually two ways to implement customization. 1) obtain the control object, and then

IOS development: a multilingual Method for Applications

It is quite easy to implement the application multilingual in xcode. For most applications, the multi-language mainly lies in the multi-language of text. Other forms and interfaces are generally not involved in multi-language applications. Of course,

Early iOS development: Introduction to multimedia development

This article and a series of subsequent articles will introduce the use of multimedia (multimedia) in iOS development. Multimedia multimedia includes audio, video, and image. In iOS, there is a dedicated layer, that is, the media layer. The

Early iOS development: Playing iPod library music with audio

1. Summary In many music player applications, you can play the music in your own music player. This player is called iPod. music files are stored in the iPod library. This article describes how to play music in the iPod library through the music

IOS _ Mobile Packet Capture

During iOS development, various network access problems often occur. In the past, packet capture tools were not used, and many network problems were solved. Now, we have finished. This article provides two methods for packet capture: 1. Network

Ios_monkeytalk (4.1) _ installing the monkeytalk IOS agent

Installing the monkeytalk IOS agent 1. Download and unzipMonkeytalkZIP file for your OS. 2. Open your application's project in xcode. 3. duplicate your application's build target by right-clicking on it and selectingDuplicateFrom the menu. A new

Superimpose a number on the IOS icon (for example, unread text messages or missed calls)

Original: By byoy ( Time: May, 2012 Cover pictures are original in byoy; Do not reference them without permission   First of all, this is just an experiment, drawn by pure GDI +. It has nothing to do with other

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