Use constants in IOS Projects

Unlike Java, objc has static constants. For example: Pubstatic final radias = 180; My current practice is to use C's preprocessing # define. For example, in the header file: # Define min_velocity 10# Define loop_count 100 @ Interface

Keyboard style settings-iOS development

I. keyboard Style The uikit framework supports 8 types of keyboards. TypedefEnum{ Uikeyboardtypedefault, // default keyboard: All characters are supported Uikeyboardtypeasciicapable, // supports the default ASCII keyboard

IOS task completion API abuse

As defined of you are aware, ios4 introduced several APIs that bring some degree of multitasking to iOS applications: one of them was originally meant to give an App the extra chance to finish some worthy tasks before getting susponded: It's called "

Original analysis: Install IPA using mobile installation in IOS (using the same installation API as iTunes/appstore)

Original article: To install a program in iOS, there are three types from the user's perspective: 1. Deb method similar to cydia: directly installed to/applications as the system app, cannot be long-pressed to delete (

Introduction to UI adaptation in IOS

It has been a long time since the iPhone 5 was released. Due to the changes in screen size, flexible UI control by the program is particularly important. In fact, this summary still uses the relevant attributes in the old API, but we didn't think

[IOS] IOS Runtime

1. What is runtime? Runtime refers to the state in which a program is running (or executed.That is to say, when you open a program to make it run on the computer, the program is in the running time. In some programming languages, some reusable

The arm structure that IOS developers should know

The original source cannot be found. When I wrote "getting started with the neon iPhone", I thought that the reader had a better understanding of the processor knowledge of iOS devices. However, after reading some discussions on the internet, I

Coretext in iOS development

Source: Core text is a text rendering engine for iOS 3.2 + and OSX 10.5 +, allowing you to freely control the text format and layout. Core text is different from uikit and core

Solution to Facebook ios sdk failure to log out of the bug

Let's talk about how to jump to safari in the Facebook ios sdk and log on to the app. // UIDevice *device = [UIDevice currentDevice];// if ([device respondsToSelector:@selector(isMultitaskingSupported)] && [device isMultitaskingSupported]) {//

Large collection of common IOS controls

Element widget size (PTS)Window (including status bar) 320x480Height of Status Bar 20Navigation Bar Height 44Height of navigation bar with prompt 74Navigation bar icon 20 × 20 (transparent PNG)Tool Bar Height 44Tool bar icon 20 × 20 (transparent PNG)

[IOS] how to add mobile ads to cocos2d games

Recently, you need to add mobile ads to a cocos2d game. As we all know, there are many mobile ad platforms, each of which has its own SDK and each SDK method, the process is different. Find and find the final mobile advertisement.Its own website

[IOS] the process of solving the problem of memory release in cocos2d-x

At night to help students to see a Cocos2d-x project memory release problem, Win32 version running no problem, occupied memory only 20 mb, but on the iOS platform, crash is removed without switching between scenarios. Several problems found during

[IOS] allows your app to quickly adapt to iPhone 5

First, we need an xcode version with a higher level. Now we usually need more than 4.5, and then run your application in the simulator, choose hardware> device> iPhone (retina 4-inch), which is the resolution of iPhone 5. If no application has been

[IOS] common functions for iOS development

1. Obtain the local language + (NSString *)getLocalLanguage{ NSString *language = [[[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] objectForKey:@"AppleLanguages"] objectAtIndex:0]; return language;} 2. Obtain the MAC address // returns the local MAC

[IOS] shares the experiences of iOS development in the last year.

From the end of last summer vacation to the present, it is almost a year before I develop IOS. From the very beginning, I did not know anything. Now, most of the tasks can be combined with each other. During this period, I have experienced many

[IOS] extended quadcurvemenu to implement pop-up menus in eight directions

Recently I have been reading some open-source projects. One of the pop-up menu quadcurvemenu seems pretty good. Unfortunately, you can only bring up the menu in the upper right corner, so I modified it and implemented the pop-up menu in eight

[IOS] Image Browsing effect (double-click the image and the pop-up layer)

# Import # import @ interface enlargeimagedoubletap: uiimageview {uiview * parentview; // The parent window, that is, the uiview uiimageview * imagebackground added by uiimageex; // The background uiview * imagebackview after the image is enlarged;

[IOS] instruments usage tutorial

I have been working on Memory leakage recently. I am dealing with the instruments tool every day. I would like to write a related tutorial for you. However, when I visited the Forum today, I found documents translated by others. I wrote them well

IOS big image loading and cutting

When developing cocos-2d, I learned some knowledge: On iOS, the image is automatically scaled to the Npower of 2. For example, a 1024*1025 image occupies the same memory as a 1024*2048 image. The formula for calculating the memory used by the image

Multithreading for iOS

Deep Dive into IOS MultithreadingNsthread Luo chaohui ( CC license. For more information, see Source IOS supports multiple levels of multi-threaded programmingThe higher the level, the higher the abstraction level, and

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