Memory Allocation and release in IOS

In IOS programming, memory operations are inseparable. When I first came into contact with IOS programming, this is always caused by such memory problems.ProgramCrash. In fact, the release of memory in IOS programming is relatively simple. You

Capture keyboard pop-up Hide events on iOS

# DEFINE _ uikeyboardframeenduserinfokey (& uikeyboardframeenduserinfokey! = NULL? Uikeyboardframeenduserinfokey :@"Uikeyboardboundsuserinfokey") Add the notification observer and event during viewwillappear. [[Nsicationcenter center

IOS 4.6 is supported when xcode is updated to 6.1.

Xcode is updated to 4.6 and supports IOS 6.1. The latest version 4.6 is released. The new version adds a compiler warning to identify potential bugs caused by the use of arc and weak references. The analysis function supports deeper objective-C and

Custom fonts in IOS

Documentation:Applications that want to use custom fonts can now include those FontsIn their application bundle and register those fonts with the system by includingUiappfontsKey in theirInfo. plistFile.The value of this key is an array of strings

Delegate in IOS

There are a lot of delegate ideas in IOS programming, and many beginners do not understand what delegate is. Delegation ModeIt is a basic technique in software design patterns. In the delegate mode, two objects are involved in processing the same

Several used IOS frameworks are recommended.

I have used a lot of frameworks since I started iOS development. I feel that some frameworks are really great and I can't help myself, so I will share them with you. These frameworks can accelerate development, saving you from writing "bottom

In iOS, click a point in the map control mkmapview to obtain the longitude and latitude of the point.

The map control mkmapview is often used in iOS development. You can use the following method to obtain the latitude and longitude of a modified point when you click a certain point in mkmapview: If a mkmapview is declared as mymapview 1. Add a

Introduction to attributes of @ property in iOS development

We all know that @ property and @ synthesize can automatically generate an access method for a class member variable. However, they may not be very familiar with some properties in property, and some on the Internet are not very correct, it may

Large collection of common IOS controls

Element widget size (PTS)Window (including status bar) 320x480Height of Status Bar 20Navigation Bar Height 44Height of navigation bar with prompt 74Navigation bar icon 20 × 20 (transparent PNG)Tool Bar Height 44Tool bar icon 20 × 20 (transparent PNG)

Screenshot code in IOS

Small screen code. Pay attention to setting the height and region. Release the sendimage if it is not under arc. // Uigraphicsbeginimagecontextwitexceptions (cgsizemake (640,960), yes, 0); [self. layer renderincontext:

IOS developer _ iPhone developer _ file system nsfilemanager _ How to create, rename, and delete files

Original article: Nsfilemanager contains methods for querying single dictionary directories, creating, renaming, and deleting directories, and obtaining/setting file attributes (readability,

IOS compilation details

1. llvm3.0 must be used to use arc. llvm3.0 has a powerful new feature called automatic reference counting. After this option is enabled, llvm will automatically help developers to manage the memory manually during the compilation phase. At the same

IOS app packaging IPA real machine debugging and publishing process

1. Commissioning of a real machine 1. log on Http:// Click the first entry. Select the first certificates Click here to download an applewwdrca. Cer instance. 2. After the download is complete,

FFmpeg-save streaming data as image in IOS

In the near future, we need to add the video capture function to the iPhone's streaming application to sort out our actual work experience. Step 1. Use FFMPEG to obtain the image information in the stream and perform decoding.

How to Use IOS addressbook

I. Basic Knowledge IPhone, an application related to contacts in the address book, provides two frameworks: addressbook. Framework and addressbookui. Framework. With these two frameworks, we can access and display the contact information in the

IOS programming Specification

When creating a project, I hope to operate according to this variable specification. When other people look at it, check it, and change your code, I will be aware of it, instead of saying, this silly code is so messy. Very useful. Share it! Code

IOS converts the video data captured by the camera into JPEG format.

You can use uiimagepickercontroller to record or take a video from the camera. However, uiimagepickercontroller will display its own interface, but sometimes we do not want to display this interface, you can use another method to obtain the data

IOS device type

update iphone 5from: (NSString *) platform{ size_t size; sysctlbyname("hw.machine", NULL, &size, NULL, 0); char *machine = malloc(size); sysctlbyname("hw.machine", machine, &size, NULL, 0);

A small architecture example of iOS-encapsulation of asynchronous requests

The Forum saw the question of a middleware: "Can an asynchronous request encapsulate a common class? Each page needs to copy several methods, which makes it very troublesome. Many people may have the same problem, so I started a blog to talk about

IOS parses XML and uses dictionaries and variable arrays to store data.

IOS parses XML and uses dictionaries and variable arrays to store data. @ Interface withoutbookingview: uiviewcontroller Uitableviewdelegate, uitableviewdatasource> { @ Private // * ---------------- Select the time

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