IOS reads data from the database through a third-party fmdb

Step 1: add the fmdb class library to the project in the new project, Step 2: Put the. DB database in the following directory: /Users/Apple/library/Application Support/iPhone

How IOS reads images from a database

Newquestionrect. size. height-= 50; questionimageview = [[uiimageview alloc] initwithframe: newquestionrect]; questionimageview. image = [uiimage imagewithdata: [[allthequestions objectatindex: [self. title intvalue]-1] objectforkey: @

How to export privateframework in IOS

If you develop your own IOS software (do not want to use appstore) and want to make it powerful, you need to use privateframework, and the tool used is class-dump. it can export classes in the dynamic library. I recommend a small ruby-written

IOS can read files in two ways.

The following uses tcfexam. dB as an example. //----Method 1 SlaveDocumentRead----------// // Nsarray * paths = nssearchpathfordirectoriesindomains (nsdocumentdirectory, nsuserdomainmask, yes ); // Nsstring * documentpath = [paths

Principle of accelerometer in IOS

The accelerator is to use the power of the user on the iPhone device to measure its acceleration and gravity. The acceleration can be achieved in three directions:X, Y, Z records, the number of records generated by (x, y, z) records. (1) Whether the

Learn IOS animation effects and enable Redirect on viewcontroller

Animation effects provide a smooth user experience during status or page conversion. In iOS, we do not need to write the animation code by ourselves, core animation provides a variety of APIs to achieve the animation effect you need. Uikit only uses

IOS navigation bar style

  The navigation controller can display itself in several different styles. The default style is the standard gray appearance. Currently, three different styles are supported. Fengge Description Uibarstyledefault Default

Use gestures to remove the iOS app's digital tip badge. You can set the app whitelist.

Use gestures to remove the iOS app's digital tip badge. You can set the app whitelist. · Apple designed a digital badge for iOS app icons, which is very convenient for some social communication software, however, when other software updates or

3D perspective projection for iOS

HomeaboutguestbookcategoriestagslinkssubscribeI. Overview In iOS, the structure catransform3d is used to represent the 3D homogeneous coordinate transformation matrix. homogeneous coordinates are a coordinate representation method. The coordinates

IOS serialization and deserialization

IOS serialization and deserialization Opening 1. What is the purpose of serialization? An object-oriented program creates a complex object graph during running. It is often serialized in binary mode. This process is called archiving. binary streams

Xcode ios sdk touch screen hide keyboard

Object-c   // Hide the keyboard with a touch screen Did end on exit calls the following events. When you click return on the keyboard, the keyboard is hidden. -(Ibaction) textfieldshouldreturn :( uitextfield *) textfield { // [Sender

IOS programming multi-view application experience after completion

IOS programming multi-view application experience after completion The development platform using xcode is different from the development platform using C ++ builder: 1. xcode creates a window-base project similar to a Forms Application project

IOS nsinvocation usage

  Summary:In iOS, you can directly call a message of an object. One of the two methods is receivmselector: withobject. The other is nsinvocation. The first method is relatively simple and can complete simple calls. But for processing two parameters

IOS developers use delegate to transmit data between different windows

IOS developers use delegate to transmit data between different windows This article from: This document describes how to use delegate to transmit data between different windows. For more information, see the

IOS type conversion

IOS type conversion IOS code 1 nsstring * Tempa = @" 123 "; 2 nsstring * tempb = @" 456 "; 1. String concatenation IOS code 3 nsstring * newstring = [nsstring stringwithformat: @ "% @", Tempa, tempb]; 2, convert character to int IOS code 4

IOS platform development tool xcode

IOS platform development tool xcode Xcode is a development tool set provided by Apple. It provides functions such as project management, code editing, execution Program Creation, code-level debugging, code library management, and performance

Association selection of IOS uipickerview Control

Association selection of IOS uipickerview Control Create an array corresponding to the list key on the left. When this key is selected, refresh the content of the uipickerview on the left to display the data of the corresponding array. When

[IOS] parses XML using nsxmlparser

1. Start nsxmlparser To use nsxmlparser, you must first create it and set various attributes. The following methods are used: Initwithcontentsofurl creates a parser through nsurl InitwithdataCreate a parser through nsdata, for example, xmlpaser =

[IOS] XML Parsing

  1. Related Classes Main parsing classes: @ Interface nsxmlparser: nsobject { } -(ID) initwithcontentsofurl :( nsurl *) URL; // Initialize the URL specified by the parser. -(ID) initwithdata :( nsdata *) data; // Create a parser from data -(ID)

IOS uses Arc Technology to release memory

Some time ago, I went online to find out how to release the memory. However, you cannot find it. Today, I am continuously testing and viewing the parent window of the view. Nslog (@ "% @", self. View. superview. superview ); At this time, I found

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