Reading and Writing files in IOS

In iOS, Apple has encapsulated a class and opened the corresponding IPA. The corresponding class is nsfilemanager and the file management class. Instantiation: Nsfilemanager * manage = [nsfilemanager defaultmanager]; Create a file directory

IOS category)

Definition Category (Category) YesObjective-CNew features of the language to add new methods for existing classes. Limitations: 1. You cannot add new instance variables. 2. Conflict with the method name of the class. When a name conflict occurs,

Xmppframework iOS development (5) Getting friend information and adding and deleting friends

Original address: xmppframework iOS development (5) Getting friend information and adding and deleting friends Friend list and friend business card [_ Xmpproster fetchroster]; // obtain a friend list // obtain a friend node-(void) xmpproster :(

Use of uiscrollview in basic iOS development

Uiscrollview is a control that we often use during project development. 1. Initialization //init UIScrollView *scrollView = [[UIScrollView alloc] init]; [scrollView setFrame:CGRectMake(0, 0, self.view.frame.size.width,

IOS obtains the file size.

Folder: First import the header file: #include #include #define Localizable_LF_Size_Bytes @"%lld Bytes"#define Localizable_LF_Size_K @"%lld K"#define Localizable_LF_Size_M

IOS development-replacing udid with keychain

Apple has banned UUID applications since January 1. So we need to replace it with some methods. Below I will replace the uuid with the keychain access. For the keychain application, Apple provides an example program named generickeychain. Here:

IOS shake function implementation

When we use it, do we feel that the shake function is dazzling? Is it difficult to implement it? In fact, otherwise, these are all encapsulated by Apple, which provides a very simple portal for me. These methods are available in uiresponder: -

IOS check version updates

Scenario When we use an application, when we open the application, if the application has a new version, we can often give a prompt in the application, whether to update the application. So let's take a look at how version updates are

IOS development-Learning Forums and open-source websites

Http:// Cocoachina Apple development Chinese site-the hottest iPhone development community the hottest Apple development community the hottest iPad Development Community Http:// IOS open-source code library-IOS code

IOS calls and returns to the application

When we call this function, we often call this method: [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"tel://xxxxx"]]; However, after the function is implemented, you cannot return to your application after the call is completed.

IOS nsdateformatter date and time format processing usage

I recently encountered a problem of time String Conversion during XML parsing of Sina RSS news. The problem is: Wed, 3 Apr 2013 04:11:02 GMT (this data is obtained in the XML file) to extract 04:11:02 from this string. Note: For GMT, note that

IOS asmediafocusmanager thumbnail Preview

During the Sina Weibo client process, a third-party library was accidentally found on the internet due to the problem of thumbnail enlargement and display of Weibo content. It is very suitable for this job. After a little research, it is probably

Data receiving process for iOS network requests (nsurlrequest & nsurlconnection)

Network Programming usually goes through the request --- connection --- response (request -- connection -- Response) process. The general steps are as follows: 1. Create an nsurl first. 2. Create an nsurlrequest using the specified URL. You can also

Dynamically adjust the height of IOS tableviewcell

When you use cell to display Weibo content on Sina Weibo, consider the cell height problems caused by different Weibo content. If the content displayed on Weibo contains text and images, the height of the text part and the image part must be

IOS uses uigesturerecognizer to scale, move, rotate, and perform other operations on the image.

Uigesturerecognizer class This class has a series of subclasses, each of which is used to identify a specific type of gesture. They are: Uitapgesturerecognizer-Click the gesture. It can be configured as "click" or "combo" recognition.

IOS uses keychain for simple access to the user name and password during login Registration

During simple login and registration interface design, users often encounter access design issues with user names and passwords. Other solutions are not discussed here. Now we will introduce a relatively simple method-keychain. You can find the

IOS uialertview and uiactionsheet usage

This article mainly describes how to use the alertview and actionsheet controls. Action sheet is displayed from the bottom. There are two or more options on it for your choice. Alert is a warning box with one or more buttons on it for your

IOS uitableviewcell Reuse

When cell is used in the process of writing the Sina Weibo interface, some controls are added to the cell. However, because the content of each microblog is different, during the display process, there is a problem of overlapping content, which is

Mbprogresshud for iOS third-party class libraries

GitHub URL Mbprogresshud is an open-source third-party class library that provides prompts in many styles, similar to activity indicator. It is easy to use and can customize the displayed content. It has powerful functions, it is used in many

IOS Sina Weibo client demo practices (2) Authorization page

The previous blog post-Sina Weibo client demo (I) oauth2.0 certification has talked about how to obtain the access_token. Now, we need to do the UI part of the authorization interface. The authorization page is a webview, which can be loaded to the

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