Modify the background of uinavigationbar in IOS

Ios5 usage: 1. When XIB layout is used /// Uinavigationbar. h // itrafficdemo /// created by Jia bin on 12-10-31. // copyright 2012 iimob. all rights reserved. // # import @ interface uinavigationbar (customimage)-(void) drawrect :(

IOS development xcode modify project name

When I started iPhone Development recently, I encountered a small problem, that is, how to modify the name of my project. All Versions earlier than xcode3.2 must be manually modified.Xcode Rename changes under the project. Next I will explain

IOS uilabel multi-Line Text wrap

Uilabel automatically wrap the line.Code: Uiview * footerview = [[uiview alloc] initwithframe: cgrectmake (10,100,300,180)]; uilabel * label = [[uilabel alloc] initwithframe: cgrectmake (10,100,300,150)]; label. TEXT = @ "test newline Test test

IOS understands the meaning of the basesdk and deploymenttarget of the iPhone Project

Many iPhone OS versions are available. Many users have not upgraded to the latest version for various reasons, which makes it difficult for our developers. As developers, we all hope that the more the audience of the software, the better. How can I

Storage location of program files and databases in iPhone simulators during iOS development

Today, I am working on the sqlite3 database in IOS. I have created a database, but I don't know how to find the data file of DB. sqlite3 in the simulator. The sqlitemanager of Firefox can be used for view, but the DB. sqlite3 file is not found.

IOS uses delegate to transmit values between pages

Bin Zi encountered a problem when he was just in touch with the IOS project today. During page skipping, he needed to pass parameters. I have found many ways to access the Internet, and I have not found any good methods in the book. All functions

IOS checks whether an application exists and starts

Background: if there are two programs a and B (of course you have to write them on your own) and you want to judge whether program B exists on the local machine in program a, start it, A dialog box is displayed at startup. The content of the dialog

Cgfloat, cgpoint, cgsize, and cgrect in IOS

Cggeometry class defines the structure of geometric elements and functions for operating geometric elements.1. Data Type: Cgfloat: basic type of floating point valueCgpoint: points in a two-dimensional coordinate systemCgsize: indicates the width

IOS uibutton's long-press event implementation

Uibutton * abtn = [uibutton buttonwithtype: bytes]; [abtn setframe: cgrectmake (40,100, 60, 60)]; [abtn encoding: [uiimage imagenamed: @ "111.png"] forstate: uicontrolstatenormal]; // button click event [abtn addtarget: Self action: @ selector

IOS development gesture -- uigesturerecognizer coexistence

In the development of iPhone or iPad, in addition to using the touchesbegan/touchesmoved/touchesended method to control users' finger touch, you can also use the uigesturerecognizer encoding class to make judgments. The advantage of using

IOS checks whether uitextfield. Text is null

Determining that the nsstring is null is a problem that almost every developer will encounter. The following method is the first thing that most people flash their brains. If ([yourtextstring isequaltostring: @ ""]) However, it is a pity that such

IOS static library

1. Apple does not allow calling external frameworks and DLL, so it is two methods to use open source code to pour the source code into the project or make a static library. 2. The architecture of the library used on the simulator and device is

IOS uinavigationbar custom return button

Most of the time we use navigationcontroller because of the previous navigationcontroller. the title string is too long, which makes the return button of the next interface very long and ugly. To make it more beautiful, we can change the title of

Linker command failed with exit code 1 caused by adding a third-party class library to IOS

The solution to the linker command failed with exit code 1 (use-V to see Invocation) error is to find the target --> buildIn phases --> compile sources, all. M files in the third library are added to it, and the compilation is successful; Cause:

IOS gets screen resolution

Obtaining screen resolution is a very useful function. In some game-related development, drawing and screen resolution are inseparable. Obtaining the resolution of the current screen is essential.Two steps are allowed to obtain the screen resolution.

Detailed information about the screen size, resolution, and length ratio of iOS devices

According to the screen size and resolution, IOS currently has six versions.1, 3gs; 2, 4S: Representative; 3, iphone5; 4, ipad2: Representative; 5, ipad4: Representative; 6, iPad Mini.Only when the resolution is different, such as the first, second,

IOS changes the title of the return button in the navigation bar

In the afternoon, I found a new method. This method is good, and no exception is found. Uinavigationcontroller must be used in newly written apps to navigate each page. However, because the title of the first-level page is long, the title of the

IOS determines the first startup method of an app

I am also new to iPhone development, so recently I have just had a project that needs to be judged for the first time when the program enters. I collected the code online and wrote it myself. I found the most effective method, which can be used in

Use of nsuserdefaults in IOS

There are multiple methods for creating a user ults, which is the simplest and fastest way to create a user defaults: NSUserDefaults *accountDefaults = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults]; Add data to user defaults: [accountDefaults

Mupdf compilation on iOS platform

Although the iOS platform provides a convenient PDF rendering interface, the support for simplified Chinese fonts is incomplete and garbled. Even though there are some improvements in IOS 5.0, there are still garbled issues. Mupdf is an open-source

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