Use of libzip on iOS platform

Libzip, download, compile,Compile the command line as follows:./Configure cflags = "-arch i386" . /Configure -- prefix =/usr/local/iPhone -- Host = arm-apple-Darwin -- enable-static = yes -- enable-shared = no cc =/developer/platforms/iphoneos.

Open-source framework iOS-universal-framework helps you quickly create a shared library

The open-source framework helps you quickly create a shared library to facilitate team development: Https:// Refer: Http:// This is to help encapsulate

Create the first IOS program Hello World

We learnProgramWe all know that, in any language, we will break into an entry program with inertia! Hello world! This is also true for iOS! Not much nonsense! Next I will introduce it to you! The first hello wolrd program in IOS!   First, create

IOS determines the first startup method of an app

I am also new to iPhone development, so recently I have just had a project that needs to be judged for the first time when the program enters. I collected the code online and wrote it myself. I found the most effective method, which can be used in

Use of nsuserdefaults in IOS

There are multiple methods for creating a user ults, which is the simplest and fastest way to create a user defaults: NSUserDefaults *accountDefaults = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults]; Add data to user defaults: [accountDefaults

Mupdf compilation on iOS platform

Although the iOS platform provides a convenient PDF rendering interface, the support for simplified Chinese fonts is incomplete and garbled. Even though there are some improvements in IOS 5.0, there are still garbled issues. Mupdf is an open-source

Cinder for iOS

Cinder is a powerful framework. Compared with of, it seems that the management of particle systems is brilliant. Cinder can run smoothly on Mac and Windows platforms, and also supports IOS. Next, we will introduce the first cinder program. 1.

Cairo, SDL compilation and running on iOS platform

I wrote blobsalad code from the Internet (click to open the link), which is interesting. I want to transplant it to the iOS platform. The program requires Cairo and SDL. First, compile their iOS platform library. SDL 1.3 supports IOS compilation.

Handling of helloworld program resumption in IOS

Continue with the last helloworld program. Next we will add a button event for this application! Start with me: 1. Continue the last tutorial. Because we have created the hellobailu label control last time, open the XIB file and we will create the

IOS uiautomation Test

Reprint source Taobao QA Team, original address: /? P = 13737   Wireless Clients have developed rapidly, especially for client applications of Android and iOS wireless operating systems. The corresponding test tools have also

IOS Development --- disable the keyboard

In iOS, if you want to input data in the text box, touch the text box to open the keyboard. For iPad apps, there is a button on the keyboard that can be used to close the keyboard, but the keyboard in the iPhone program does not have such a button,

IOS Development --- keyboard overlay control textfield

During the development process, we often encounter a problem: when we select the input box, the keyboard jumps out and overwrites our input box. The problem we need to solve is: move the input box up so that it is above the

IOS Development --- asynchronous download and display of images

Download the image and asynchronously display the updated data to the foreground. There are many ways to do this. Two methods are mentioned in IOS as follows: You need to define an imageview and a button as follows: @property (retain, nonatomic)

IOS development-Map Display

(1) first, pull a mapview to your project. (2) Add the following to your controller. h: @interface EXViewController : UIViewController{@private MKMapView *_mapView; CLLocationManager *_loactionManager;}@property(nonatomic, readwrite,retain)

IOS --- optimize applications

I. First launch First: quick speed. It is faster to start for the first time. If it cannot be faster, you need to display a loading image in advance. This will give the user a good feeling, instead of letting the user Delete the image because of the

Codesign error in iOS development

Codesign/users/wbw1985/library/developer/xcode/deriveddata/kamireader-plugin/archiveintermediates/kamireader/installationbuildproductslocation/applications/kamireaderr. app CD/users/wbw1985/Paul/1.1 _ Kami/kamireader Setenv

IOS Guide Series: Use qlpreviewcontroller to browse documents

The ios sdk includes the qlpreviewcontrollerapi, which allows users to browse many different file types, such as XLS files, Word document files, and PDF files. John has created a sample application to demonstrate the use of qlpreviewcontroller. In

IOS nslog parameter configuration

In objective-C, nslog is equivalent to printf in C language and is often used for text output. Nslog Definition Void nslog (nsstring * format ,...); Basically, nslog is similar to printf and will also output the display result on the console. The

Where are IOS Office apps and great gods?

Quickoffice pro // basically, each instance is USD 10. Pages, numbers,And keynote ($10/each) are Apple's entryInto the iPhone office suite category, providing mobile versions of their desktop iwork suite. overall the apps are very nice, and as far

IOS development-drag images

@ Interface placement () {@ private cgpoint startpoint;} @ end @ implementation aplmovemeview @ synthesize placardview; // @ synthesize nextdisplaystringindex;-(void) setupplacecardview :( aplplacardview *) _ placecardviews {self. placardview = _

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