Unity3d IOS changes the font

For Mac users 1. Applications-> font book (font)2. Right-click a font and select Show in finder.3. Copy the TTF file to your unity assets directory or add a new asset in unity.4. Select the new font file and change the size in the right window.5.

Upgrade and install iOS app-upgrade coredata Database

If the iOS app uses coredata and has database updates (new tables, fields, and other operations) in the previous version, overwrite the installationProgramTo migrate the coredata database, perform the following operations: 1. Select Your mydata.

How to implement XML WebService for Data Interaction Between iOS and PC and related knowledge

The implementation principle and related knowledge of XML WebService for Data Interaction Between http://hi.baidu.com/williamforfun/item/3b0ce2564a50d5afacc85796ios and PC Many books only describe how to create an XML WebService. They do not

XMPP-based IOS chat client (XMPP Server Architecture)

I recently read about the XMPP framework. Taking text chat as an example, the message to be sent is: [HTML] View Plaincopy Message   Type = "Chat"   From = Kang@server.com"   To = Test@server.com" > Body > Helloword

How to view the crash log of iOS app in xcode

Some stack information is often displayed during iOS app crash: *** First throw call Stack: (0x30cbcd6 0x2ee2a48 0x9cfd3 0x103ba29 0x2f05855 0x1011c 0x86d5d 0x2f3be99 0x67c0e6 0x722ade 0x86d5d 0x2f3be99 0x67c0e6 0x722ade 0x93da1a 0x2ea560x36d57d8 0x3

Custom segmentcontrol using buttons in IOS

// Author: smilelance // From: http://blog.csdn.net/smilelance # Import @ Interface pdesegmentcontrol:Uiview { Nsmutablearray * segmentbuttons; Nsmutablearray * buttonimgnames; } @ Property (readonly,Nonatomic) nsinteger

Cocos2d-x, multi-thread usage in IOS

The Code is as follows: Void * threadprocessfunction (void * PTR) { Printf ("Enter thread \ n "); // Do thread thing // Exit thread Printf ("Exit thread \ n "); Return NULL; } Void startrequestthread () { // Create the thread using POSIX routines.

URL encoding in IOS


[IOS] Question about URL encoding in IOS The stringbyaddingpercentescapesusingencoding of nsstring can encode the URL parameter, but it is a small problem and will not encode all characters to be encoded. We can use the cfstringref The

IOS system file details

Delete the iPad or iPhone directory/private/var/keychains/keychain-2.db file and restart the iPad or iPhone.       1. How to uninstall built-in software?First, jailbreak is required. After jailbreak, use the 91 mobile assistant to open the iPhone

Coredata Framework Design in IOS

Coredata is the core framework related to databases in iOS development, but it is a little troublesome in the case of multi-threaded processing. There are three official methods 1. Each thread has an nsmanageobjectcontext 2. There is only one

Get iOS app installation list

1. OpenurlWe know that we can set the URL scheme for the application so that other applications can open our application through this address. In fact, there is another API called canopenurl. If we know the URL scheme of the IOS Application List to

IOS multi-thread programming guide-Preface

A thread is one of multiple technologies that allow concurrent execution of Multiple Code paths in a single application. Although newer technologies such as operation objects and Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) provide a more modern and efficient

IOS -- Address Book operation (for ios6)

A new project is about to begin. Because the prototype and UI are not yet in place, we have done some validation work in advance while there is a lot of free time. After that, we will immediately mark the project, address Book mentioned this

Functions of IOS synchronized

This is actually a lock. If self is accessed by other threads, it will be blocked. This is generally used to protect a deadlock for a single instance. @ Synchronized (Self ){ // Something like this Kgoablevalue = _ your instance; } 1. When two

Some open source, framework, tutorials and other materials developed by IOS im

The following describes some open-source IOS client programs for developing instant messaging tools, such as aim, ICQ (Oscar protocol), and jabber (XMPP protocol), which can be directly used or referenced:Oscar protocol development library liborange:

IOS app development video tutorial note (12) Persistence

This lesson focuses on the principles of final projects and persistence. Persistence Persistence means that it still exists when you exit the app. Nsuserdefaults is a very simple persistence solution, but there are restrictions, it can only be small

IOS app real-machine debugging

Click to view [original] Required: $99 account. You don't have to read it any more.   First, log on to http://developer.apple.com/devcenter/ios/index.action. if you have purchased the iPhone develop program (IDP), you will see the page shown in the

Solution for displaying compilation warnings or errors in release of iOS 5 xcode 4.2

From: http://www.2cto.com/kf/201109/105621.html  Since ios5 xcode4.2 introduces arc (automicreferencecounting), there are some minor changes when xcode4.2 is used to create a project. NSAID utoreleasepool@ {Autoreleasepool// Code for

Use of plist in iOS development

// Write data to plist// BeginNsarray * paths = nssearchpathfordirectoriesindomains (nsdocumentdirectory,Nsuserdomainmask, yes );Nsstring * documentsdirectory = [paths objectatindex: 0];Nsstring * filepath = [documentsdirectory

Web service call for iOS development

The following changes are declared in the. h file: Nsmutabledata * webdata;Nsmutablestring * soapreply;Nsurlconnection * conn;Nsxmlparser * xmlparser;Bool elementfound; The following are implemented in. M. // Validate user ID and password by Web

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