Start developing IOS apps today-Tools

Tools Xcode provides a complete set of tools for managing development workflows-from creating an applicationProgramDesign the user interface, test and optimize it, and submit it to the app store. You can customize xcode to suit your work style and

Start developing IOS apps today-basic task

Basic Task The objective-C knowledge you have learned can be used to read and write basic information.CodeYou can start to consider the problem as an object. Just like thinking about objects in the real world, you should think about what content an

Start developing IOS apps today-Design Mode

The design pattern can solve common software engineering problems. Patterns are abstract designs, notCode. A design is to apply its general model to meet specific needs. No matter which type of application is createdProgram, You should understand

Start developing IOS apps today-Application Design

Application Program Design Write the first line at the beginningCodeBefore that, you should make some necessary design decisions. The purpose and function of the application should be as specific as possible. Select the data model type that the

Start developing IOS apps today-search for information

Search for information Develop applicationsProgramYou need to obtain detailed technical information easily. Xcode allows you to easily find the required information during programming. Xcode quick help displays concise reference information

Facebook connected to iOS, key points record (no callback, info. plist writing and other issues)

The problem I encountered was connecting Facebook to the cocos2d-x Project (iOS platform). below this articleArticleI have already said this very well. Read it first. Http:// Here we need to

5 recommended overseas study resource sites for iOS app developers

Now more and more developers are involved, or are joining the ranks of app development for mobile operating system platforms such as IOS. iOS and Android are currently very popular development fields. In terms of revenue, the current situation of

Start developing IOS apps today-tutorial

Start now Develop excellent IOS applicationsProgram, Requires a lot of learning and practice. However, with these tools and iOS sdks, it is not difficult to develop a simple and available program. "Your first iOS appThis document describes these

Start developing IOS apps today-Programming Language

Program Design Language Objective-C is a simple and object-oriented programming language that is used by all IOS applications. You need to write objective-CCodeTo create an application, and you need to understand the language to use most of the

Start developing IOS apps today-User Interface Design

Create only one usable applicationProgramIt is not enough. The IOS application you expect is intuitive and easy to use, interactive and fascinating. When designing an application, you must consider the user experience in every aspect from the

Start developing IOS apps today-framework

Framework ApplicationProgramTheCodeAnd the framework provided by Apple. The framework contains a method resource library for your application to call. Multiple applications can access a single framework resource library at the same time. Your

Analysis of IOS master-Detail template application demo

This article requires a certain level of core data. For example, create a project and select a template of the master-detail application type. Name it mastercoredata. Check use core data and use automatic reference counting. Test the project on

Start developing IOS apps today-Introduction

Start developing IOS apps now Developing IOS apps is both interesting and rewarding. If you are a newbie, you naturally want to know where to start. This roadmap provides an excellent starting point for iOS application development. On Mac, you can

Start developing IOS apps today -- Set

Set When developing applications, you will use IOS software development kit (SDK) and xcode, that is, Apple's integrated development environment (IDE ). Xcode provides everything you need to develop the perfect iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Start developing IOS apps today-App Store

App Store The information you have read mainly describes how to create an application in xcode. However, to publish an application on the App Store, you need to know more about it. To make a good application, you need to test it with real

Start developing IOS apps today-what to do next

What to do next Congratulations, you have completed all the content in "start developing IOS apps now" and read the related articles required. Now you can develop IOS apps. However, to become an efficient and productive IOS developer, you should

Core Data tutorial for iOS -- Introduction

Introduction Core data is a schema-driven object graph management and persistence framework. Fundamentally, core data helps you to saveModelObjects (in the sense of the Model-View-Controller Design Pattern) to a file and get them back again. This is

Demo parsing of IOS coredata multi-Table query (1) -- table Creation

In IOS coredata, multi-table queries do not have SQL intuition, but coredata can still perform related operations. The following shows the relationship between tables in a relational database using coredata. The relationship between the generation

Demo parsing for iOS coredata multi-Table query (2) -- insert Test Data

Demo parsing of IOS coredata multi-Table query (1) -- table Creation Insert test data below: Department * dept1 = [nsentitydescription insertnewobjectforentityforname: @ "department" inmanagedobjectcontext: Self. managedobjectcontext]; Dept1.dp _

Demo parsing for iOS coredata multi-Table query (3) -- Query

Demo parsing for iOS coredata multi-Table query (2) -- insert Test Data 1. query Michael Zhang of the HR department // Query the salary levels of Michael Jacob in the Development Department Nslog (@ "---------- query the salary grade of Michael

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