Several IOS open-source projects related to mobile digital reading are recommended.

PagecurlSimulate the paging effect of a book, similar to that of an iBook. Project Homepage Coretextwrapper Core text encapsulation class for text layout. It supports multi-column text layout. Project Homepage Flipview An open-source reading

Skills required for iOS keyboard-based programming

First, you have to listen to the keyboard events, the two most basic events: Uikeyboardwillshownotification Uikeyboardwillhidenotification Uikeyboard... Some new iOS 5 Uikeyboarddidchangeframenotification (will) Generally, the first two

Playing background music files in IOS background

IOS 4.0 and later support background playing. The following describes how to play a sound file. After the screen is closed, the sound file can still be played. The specific implementation method is as follows:Add the following field to the plist

IOS audio playback-Summary

IOS audio playback Sound support is essential in the development of iPhone applications or games. Each of the several applications I have done involves sound effects, so here is a simple induction, many of them refer to the iPhone application

IOS-image operation set to be updated

1. A simple method for saving images Nsdata * imagedata = uiimagejpegrepresentation (image, 1.0 ); [Nsdata writetofile: ImagePath atomically: Yes];Save it and read it again at startup. Uiimage * _ image = [[uiimage alloc] initwithcontentsoffile:

IOS facial recognition Resources

Watched a video: Tat augmented ID, combined with face recognition, tracking, and augmented reality, amazing! For more information, click here. Unfortunately, this is just a concept that has not been specifically implemented, but it is just a matter

Common IOS plotting Methods

0 cgcontextref context = uigraphicsgetcurrentcontext (); set the context1 cgcontextmovetopoint2 cgcontextaddlinetopoint draw a straight line 4 cgcontextaddellipseinrect draws an elliptic4 cgcontextsetlinecap4 cgcontextsetlinedash draw the dotted

Several useful open-source views and controls on the IOS interface are recommended.

IOS open-source: Bubble-style SMS and prompt interface library cmpoptipview Cmpoptipview is an open-source bubble-style prompt box control derived from uiview and can run on iPad and iPhone. IOS open-source: View uiview switches to the animation

Differences between iOS and Mac Development

IOS is an operating system derived from MACOs that is not released for mobile devices (iPhones.The UI concepts of iOS and Mac OS are quite different. iOS mainly supports gesture operations, including multi-contact technology.From the developer's

How to Understand the IOS delegate Design Mode

Reprinted from: The IOS programming language is objective-C (OC. Speaking of the characteristics of OC, it is often said that OC does not support multi-inheritance. But delegate

IOS app calls built-in applications (SMS, email, browser, MAP, appstore, and call number)

In a program, you can call an application that comes with the system. For example, when I enter the program, I want to directly call Safar to open a webpage. Below is a simple usage: -(Bool) Application :( uiapplication *) Application

Operations related to files in IOS: read, write, and delete

Create and delete:// Create a file managerNsfilemanager * filemanager = [nsfilemanager defaultmanager];// Obtain the path// Obtain the path of the nsdocumentdirectory ParameterNsarray * paths = nssearchpathfordirectoriesindomains

Capture and handle exceptions in IOS published apps

Capture and handle exceptions in IOS published apps     During iOS development, the program will throw an exception and exit. If the exception information is clear during debugging, but if it is in a released program, it is sometimes difficult to

Establishment and use of IOS static class library

Establishment and use of IOS static class library Create xcode Workspace Open xcode, select File-> New-> workspace, name the workspace test. xcworkspace, and select the appropriate directory. Create a static library project Select File-> New->

IOS-File Operations collection-to be updated

1. Determine whether the file in the bundle exists -(Bool) judgefileexist :( nsstring *) filename { // Obtain the file path Nsstring * Path = [nsbundleMainbundle] pathforresource: FilenameOftype: @ ""]; If (Path = NULL) Returnno; Returnyes; } 2.

On iOS, how do I create my own framework?

On iOS, how do I create my own framework? (Not a static database) Please refer to the question on stackoverflow: Http:// Solution 1. Run the

IOS design pattern-MVC (Model-View-Controller)

Modol View Controller (MVC) is one of the earliest and most successful design patterns that can be reused. It was used successfully in a program written in smaltalk for the first time in 1970s. Based on the MVC design model, the overall architecture

IOS design model-category

What is category? The category mode is used to add methods to existing classes to expand existing classes. In many cases, category is a better choice than creating subclass. The newly added method will also be automatically inherited by all

IOS design mode-delegate)

A delegate is also called a proxy, which is a common design pattern in iOS development. With Protocol (refer to the blog post: Objective-C protocol), we can easily implement this design mode.What is proxy? Apple's official documentation provides a

IOS design mode-singleton Mode

The Singleton mode is used when a class can only have one instance. Generally, this Singleton mode indicates a physical device, such as a printer, or a virtual resource or system attribute that cannot have multiple instances at the same time, such

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