During xcode debugging, you can directly use the Mac desktop file as the storage location for iOS debugging.

For example, we need to store the data in the sandbox and then judge and detect the file. Nsarray* Paths =Nssearchpathfordirectoriesindomains(Nsdocumentdirectory,Nsuserdomainmask,Yes); Nsstring* Docudir = [pathsObjectatindex: 0]; Nsstring *

Hardware adaptation for iOS devices (for armv6, armv7, and armv7s, I think it is clear)

1. OpenGL ES version support IPhone: devices of the iPhone 3G or earlier versions (including the iPhone 3g) only support OpenGL es1.1. devices of the iPhone 3gs or later versions (including the iPhone 3gs) Support OpenGL es1.1 and OpenGL es2.0. IPad:

Two-dimensional code and one-dimensional code recognition series on iOS

For the above three figures, due to the influence of BOM (byte order mark), zbar encountered garbled characters during parsing. Here we use this ultraedit to look at these three figures, UTF-8 diagram: https://chart.googleapis.com/chart? CHS = 150x1

IOS simple animation effect

1. the simplest, most practical, and most commonly used [mobile animation] // Move a view Else --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + (Void) moveview :(

Cropping of IOS apps

There are two implementation methods for graphics in the graphic user interface. One is to draw the image using code, such as quartz 2D technology. The other is to use OpenGL ES.The Code painting method consumes the programmer's mental power, CPU or

IOS obtains information about the current system and detects it on different iOS devices.

Nslog ([[uidevice currentdevice] Name]); // obtain the device name Nslog ([[uidevice currentdevice] uniqueidentifier]); // obtain the guid Nslog ([[uidevice currentdevice] systemname]); // obtain the system name Nslog ([[uidevice currentdevice]

IOS open-source Class Library Collection

From http://www.cnblogs.com/wupher/archive/2012/04/28/2475132.html Pull-down refresh Save data to Keyring A simple template engine is used to generate html Omnigroup This is actually not a class library, it is a cocoa recipe Cocoapods provides a

Generate PDF documents on iOS

// Create empty PDF context on iPhone for later randering in it -(Cgcontextref) create‑context :( cgrect) inmediabox path :( cfstringref) path { Cgcontextref myoutcontext = NULL; Cfurlref URL; Url = cfurlcreatewithfilesystempath (null

Hide tab IOS

-(Void) hidetabbar :( bool) Hidden { [Uiview beginanimations: NilContext: NULL]; [Uiview setanimationduration: 0]; Uiview * window = [uiapplicationSharedapplication]. keywindow; For (uiview * ViewIn self. tabbarcontroller. View. subviews) { If

[IOS] The role and usage of hittest

The role of hittest: When a screen mask is added to a view without affecting the operation of the following view, that is, the following view can be operated through the screen mask, this function is very useful.   Hittest usage: Add the following

IOS zooms in or out images by gesture

1. Add a variable to the. h file to record the current scale value so that the viewcontroller follows Uigesturerecognizerdelegate proxy. Add the following variable to. h. Cgfloat lastscale; 2. Add the following statement to viewdidload: Uiview *

Use ffmepg on iOS

Note: I 've found a lot of articles on the Internet to see how to port FFMPEG to iOS. There are always a lot of problems with the results, and the help of FFmpeg is just that. It's really a headache. It took two weeks, finally, the FFmpeg is given.

QR code and one-dimensional code recognition Series 1 on iOS

During this time, two-dimensional code and one-dimensional code are recognized on IOS. I have encountered numerous problems during this period. I would like to summarize them and hope to provide them with reference. On iOS, the two open-source

Take care of image resources in IOS Projects

After the project changes too much, it will leave some unnecessary image files, write a script, and run it. Find 150 unused images ~ The following script specifies the image directory and code directory based on your project. Find images that are no

Gdb commands required for iOS development

Updated Description: This article is described comprehensively later.Http://blog.csdn.net/ch_soft/article/details/6740000 Article reproduced in: http://www.ethangao.com /? P = 273. Thank you for sharing it. GDB is not omnipotent, but it is

Obtain the path for iOS

Because of various requirements, the paths to be obtained are inconsistent, so write this article for memo. - (NSString *)getDocumentPath{ NSString *path = nil; // Method 1 NSArray *pathsArray =

IOS tips (Continuous updates)

1. Use @ property and @ synthesize to declare a member variable. When assigning a value to it, add "self." To Call The setmember method of the member variable.  Directly call the member variable and assign the value to it: Member = [nsstring

Definitions and differences between IOS atomic, nonatomic, assign, copy, and retain

Atomic and nonatomic are used to determine whether the getter and setter generated by the compiler are atomic operations.  Atomic When setting the @ property attribute of a member variable, the default value is atomic, providing multi-thread

Protocol and delegate for iOS development

Protocol-Protocol The protocol is used to define the attributes, behaviors, and callbacks of objects.There are two keywords in the Protocol: @ private and @ optional. @ private indicates the method that must be written to use this protocol, and @

Multi-language code segment in IOS

Obtain Supported languages NSUserDefaults *defaults = [ NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults ]; // Set nsarray * versions ages = [defaults objectforkey: @ "applelanguages"] in all languages supported by the iPhone. NSLog ( @"%@" , languages); Run

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