IOS developer _ counting the number of xcode code lines

If you want to count iOS developmentCode, Including the header file, terminal commands enter the project directory, the command is as follows Find.-Name"*. M"-Or-name"*. H"-or-name"*. XIB"-or-name"*. C"| Xargs WC-l List the number of

IOS Predicate-nspredicate

Cocoa provides nspredicate to specify filtering conditions. A predicate is a function that represents a real value in a computer, It is a bit like an SQL query condition. It is mainly used to sort objects that meet the conditions from the collection.

Two hidden features of iOS 5

JSON serialization The nsjsonserialization class is added to iOS 5. JSON and foundation objects can be converted to each other. Let's take a look at the code example of an image: {"taken": "2011/07/13" "width": "3072", "height": "2304",

Deep Dive into IOS multi-thread nsthread

IOS supports multiple levels of multi-threaded programming. The higher the level, the higher the abstraction level, and the more convenient it is to use. It is also Apple's most recommended method. The following lists the multi-threaded programming

IOS programming-touch event processing (2)

In the previous IOS programming-touch event processing (1), I learned how to handle touch events, events, and contacts. The first object to be touched is the view, and the uiview class of the view inherits the uirespnder class. However, to process

IOS programming-touch event processing (1)

The iPhone/iPad keyboard-less design is to win more display space for the screen. The large screen provides a better user experience in viewing pictures, text, and videos. The touch screen is the main method for iOS devices to accept user input,

Basic knowledge of IOS Memory Management

First, let's briefly explain the functions of nil and release: Nil sets the pointer of an object to null, but disconnects the pointer from the object in memory; the release actually notifies the memory to release this object. Therefore, nil does not

Use robovm to run javafx on iOS devices

Disclaimer: the original articles of this blog are all personal originals and are copyrighted. For more information, see for more information, visit At present, I got an exciting message that

IOS app jumps to the iTunes store

Find the application, click the triangle icon under the application, and then select "Copy link" to get the link of the application. For example: Mt = 8 Then, replace https: // With itms: // or

Publish a program to appstore on iOS

I encountered a lot of problems when uploading a program to the appstore. Next I will extract some information I found online and the methods I used to solve the problem. 1. First of all to create an application in, and write

I haven't published any articles for a long time. I want to organize the iOS development knowledge!

2. What is the memory management mechanism? Cocoa provides a mechanism to implement the logic model mentioned above. It is called "referring counting" or "retain counting ): 3. What are the meanings and usage of minus signs and plus signs in objc? ①

Several IOS rest access and interface development frameworks

Asihttprequest: is an open-source encapsulated class library package for accessing Web services through the cfnetwork API. Data can be submitted and returned, request and response header

Protocols and categories in IOS for many purposes

This article introduces the new properties of objective-C language, where category allows you to add your own methods to existing classes, the Protocol is a special Inheritance Method in objective-C language, similar to interfaces in Java. Next, I

<> Restkit is used in IOS projects, including xcode configuration instructions.

Recently, restkit has been added to the iPhone project and compiled. However, due to the fact that many unreliable instructions have been found before, the compilation fails for one day and an inexplicable error is always reported. Finally, I found

Set Time Zone conversion for iOS

From: /? P = 1301 Set Time Zone conversion for iOS   Sometimes, in order to unify the time in the system, the time zone that needs to be exchanged between the server and the client, for example, using GMT.The code for

IOS uses Google map to display maps and bus information

Add a uiwebview control, uiwebview * mywebview; Add the following code as appropriate: // Obtain the route Nsmutablestring * googlesearch = [nsmutablestring stringwithformat: @ " F = D & source = s_d & saddr =

Read the code set by the IOS proxy

From: I used asihttprequest, an open-source network library, to read proxy settings. So I found the method for reading proxy settings in the source code. I have extracted the Code:  

IOS checks whether other applications are installed

In iOS, if application a wants to open application B, add the URL identifier and URL schemes fields under the URL types field to the info. plist file of Project B; For exampleURL identifier: COM. mycompany. testapp;URLSet schemes to launch; In

IOS Automated Testing

Reference: Ui Automation Reference Collection Use the UI automation feature to write test scripts that exercise your app's user interface

The IOS intercepts control events and continues the original message passing process after processing.

# Import # Import -(Void) sendeventhooked :( uievent *) event { // Do what you want to do here Nslog (@ "interception event: % @",[Eventdescription]); // Execute the original message passing process [Selfperformselector: @ selector

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