IOS learning notes (1) Create the first IOS project under xcode 4.3.2

Since xcode has been upgraded to version 4.X, Chinese translation books only talk about version 3.x, so there will be some minor differences in Project Creation. After xcode 4, the Project template does not contain window-based application. Here we

Key Points of iOS app release

The process for publishing apps on Android and iOS is similar to that of uploading the compiled app signature to the market. However, the complexity of the two processes is the same as that for iOS apps. Android can manually sign by integrating

My first iOS app-MBA word link went live!

After reviewing the application for a month, it was released. The first submission was rejected because a private API was used (not realizing that it was a private API), and then the solution had to be changed. Then the second submission was made.

Greenpoison RC5 jailbreak IOS 4.2.1

Greenpoison RC5 jailbreak IOS 4.2.1 Greenpoison RC5 for win download 1. Disable the iPad, connect the computer with a data cable, and run greendesk0n as an administrator;2. Click the "jailbreak" button and follow the prompts to enter DFU mode:

Obtain the iPhone local number (tested on iOS 6.1, iPhone 5, mobile phone number, and xcode 4.6)

Tested on iOS 6.1, iPhone 5, mobile number, and xcode 4.6 Create a blank Project 1) Import coretelephony. Framework 2) Add the extern statement under # Import Statement in appdelegate. m, as shown below: # Import "appdelegate. H"

Basic IOS system features

1. iPhone system features * Users can only interact with one application at a time. Only oneProgramStartup is running, and other programs can only run in the background. The background Running Mechanism greatly shortens the time required to restart

My second iOS app: Smart recording of the word CET4 is now available

This software is an efficient English-speaking software tailored for students preparing for CET4. It is a software that truly supports real questions over the years, fill in the blanks to enhance the memory and review of words. the screen-based word

Graphics and rendering in IOS

Http:// Graphics and rendering in IOS 1. IOS supports OpenGL ES and quartz/uikit/coreanimation painting interfaces. Uikit painting must be completed in the main thread. 2. Quartz supports

IOS Study Notes (6) nested uiview subclass using uiscrollview

To achieve this function, you should first install the window-based application template I mentioned in the previous section: Tutorial: Next, we will create a window-based application

IOS Study Notes (5) Add the window-based application template to xcode4.3.2

This template is removed from the new iOS SDK, and storyboard and auto reference count are selected by default, however, when we were a beginner, we found that the current tutorials and books were built on the window-based application template,

IOS learning notes (3) uislider and uiswitch controls

1. First, create a single view application, open mainstoryboard_iphone.storyboard, and add a uislider control and a label in Ib. This label is used to display the slider value. Select the newly added slider control, open attribute inspector, modify

IOS Study Notes (4) two ways to reclaim the keyboard

The content of this lecture is very simple: 1. First, create a single view application, open mainstoryboard_iphone.storyboard, and put two lable and two textfiled: 2. Start to write the code: viewcontroller. h: #import @interface ViewController :

IOS Study Notes (2) Implement basic interaction under xcode 4.3.2

I think everyone has read the basic tutorial on iPhone 4 and ipad2 development. xcode in this book is different from the latest version. With view base application removed, only single view application is similar. First, create a single view

[Cocos2d-x]-perfect iOS-cocos2d-x development environment under Virtual Machine

Cocos2d-x learning exchange group: 140326755   ZeroBlack apple is a dead end After several twists and turns, I have been tossing around for several days, changing the 64-bit win7 system, installing a virtual machine, and

Phonegap + IOS

In a word, the world is iOS and Android, but it is ultimately phonegap. Whether this is correct or not, I am not a big wet person and do not know the final trend of mobile development, but it is certain that HTML5 will become more and more

Basic interaction between IOS-MVC model and Processing

1. MVC (Model-View-Controller). Cocoa touch designers use the MVC pattern as the guiding principle and use it to split the logic method of GUI (graphical interface) application code. 2. Moudle model: class for storing and processing application data

IOS development preparation-resource recommendation

I started Mac Pro one year ago. I was thinking about development on Mac or IOS, and I was too lazy for a year without any action. At the beginning of 2013 I bought an iPhone 4S, no reason to continue to be lazy! With the success of the iPhone and

IOS-sandbox mechanism and User File Operations

1. iOS sandbox Mechanism IOS creates a file system structure for each application to store the application files. This area becomes a sandbox, including audio, image, text, and other files. 1. Each application has its own storage space. 2.

IOS-audio playback audioservices

Sound support is essential in the development of iPhone applications or games. Each of the applications I have done involves sound effects. Therefore, many of them referApplication Programming Guide (requires an Apple ID to open the link), with some

IOS-touch simple app-touch mobile button

We often involve development in the iPhone by touching your own buttons or views. For example, the following three pictures: Touch your finger to move the gray button on the screen: The following describes how to achieve this effect: 1. First, we

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