Xcode 4.6 + iOS 6 Certificate-Free Real-machine debugging

Although it is necessary to support genuine materials, it is not a small cost for the learning phase of $99. So I studied how to debug the certificate-free real machine. Of course, this 99-knife is still needed when the app is to be published to the

Plug-ins required for iPhone 4 IOS 5.1.1 after jailbreak

Plug-in name Purpose and description HTC weather Dutch Implement a screen lock interface similar to HTC Sense.Reference: IOS 5.1.1 lockscreen (like HTC Sense weather plug-in) Lockscreen clock hide & winterboard

How to disable IOS from automatically downloading updates and prompts

Apple devices automatically update their own firmware. When your devices are connected to IOT platform, they are secretly downloaded in the background. Although you can use cydia plug-ins such as "noota badge" to disable "setting"ProgramA digit "1"

Delegate IOS applications and Applications

In the uiapplication. h file, we can see the uiapplication and the protocol uiapplicationdelegate. @ Interface uiapplication: uiresponder {Id _ delegate; // ApplicationProgramHold the reference of the delegate object. All classes that

IOS-touch simple app-touch mobile button

We often involve development in the iPhone by touching your own buttons or views. For example, the following three pictures: Touch your finger to move the gray button on the screen: The following describes how to achieve this effect: 1. First, we

JSON data returned by the IOS parsing Server

In the quhao app architecture, the backend server uses Java to provide WebService, while iOS and Android are mobile clients. During data interaction, the server returns data in JSON format. The JSON data parsing provided by the ios sdk is too

How to hide IOS cydia update prompts

I don't know when to start. Since I was using the IOS system, I had an update prompt, such as istore or cydia. I couldn't help but update it. Is it a strange thing... However, some software or games are reluctant to be updated, but there are prompts

IOS 5.1.1 lockscreen is similar to the HTC Sense weather plug-in.

  A long time ago, I turned to a post on iOS using HTC weather animated perpagehtml to simulate the HTC weather clock: IPhone 4 implement HTC Sense clock animated weather: http://blog.csdn.net/davidhsing/article/details/6723878   I updated the

The most perfect IOS 5.0.1 jailbreak graphic tutorial

Step 1 back up the mobile phone data before jailbreak, and back up the SHSH.Choose the firmware of iPhone 4 (5.0.1/9a405) at http://www.weiphone.com/ios,Start with the following graph.Step 2 restore the firmware first.Step 3 Step 4 Step 5: start

IOS 5.0/5.0.1 to 4.3.3 perfect graphic tutorial

Although the ios5 jailbreak has appeared perfectly, here we also provide a tutorial for users who accidentally upgrade IOS 5.0/5.0.1 to ios4.3.3, or who cannot tolerate ios5 power consumption after the upgrade.The premise of downgrading to the old

Plug-ins required for iPhone 4 IOS 4.3.3 after jailbreak

How to jailbreak iPhone 4 is not covered in this article. Here we only record the installed cydia plug-in for ease of use.   If you have other questions, refer: IPhone 4.3.3 refresh 4.3.3 firmware tutorial and one-click jailbreak Large collection of

Build IOS Environment

Installation conditions: Hardware: a PC with a 64-bit dual-core processor supporting virtual technology and 2 GB memory or above. Note: To Run Mac OS, you need to support virtual technology (VT) on the computer. During installation, You need to

About IOS's $299 enterprise model (in House) and installing apps wirelessly

1. First of all, you need to understand what is the IOS 299 $ enterprise model. enterprises are not allowed to upload to the appstore, so there is no review period.It requires you to configure a server on your own to allow others to install it in

Use it directly! The most popular open-source IOS Project (1)

On the GitHub platform,The most popular open-source Android ProjectAfter the series of checks, we officially ushered in the "GitHub's most popular IOS open-source project" series of checks. Today, we will introduce 20 open-source IOS projects that

Checks whether IOS Web applications are running in full screen mode.

The Safari browser on iOS enables the web application to be displayed in full screen to achieve a display effect similar to that of a local application. However, this requires you to add the web application icon to the home screen. As a developer,

IOS development-install and use nimbuskit

When I went to git to download the nimbus framework some time ago, I always lacked afnetworking and jsonkit, but nothing was missing. It was a big deal to find them and download them to the directory, but there is still a problem with the download

[IOS real machine debugging error Summary] cocould not change executable permissions on the application.

This chapter no longer describes how to debug a real machine, but keeps collecting errors encountered during debugging, recording them, and learning and making progress together. Error 1: cocould not change executable permissions on the application.

IOS jailbreak tutorial memo

1. RememberBack up SHSHHttp://apple.178.com/201105/98601615115.html 2. the jailbreak methods for different versions may be different. Generally, jailbreak can be performed online. Access this URL directly using Safari and install

Use custom fonts for IOS

1. Add the corresponding font (. ttf or. odf) to the resurce of the project, such as UnidreamLED. ttf (led font) 2. In info. plist, add a Fonts provided by application (the value corresponding to item0 is UnidreamLED. ttf, and add multiple Fonts in

IOS growth path-Segmentarray Control

Use the code to create the Segmentarray control and set its attributes: /* Segmentarray. h */# import @ interface segmentarray: UIViewController {// create control object UISegmentedControl * segment;} @ property (nonatomic, retain)

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