Problems with zxing in IOS

1. For more information about zxing, see 2. if zxing is used in your project, but after xcdoe is upgraded to 4.5, incompatible pointer types sending 'class' (aka 'class * ') appears *') to

IOS coredata multi-Table query (lower)

In IOS coredata, multi-table queries do not have SQL intuition, but coredata can still perform related operations. For multi-table queries, there must be a certain relationship between the table and the table. For operations such as external

Add custom fonts for iOS

Add custom fonts for iOS Preparation: Font file (. TTF,. ODF) Method 1:Add the corresponding font (. TTF or. ODF) to the resurce of the project and use the fontlabel library in cocos2d. fontlabel inherits from uilabel and can be used like

IOS converts the recorded audio to MP3 through (lame)

Reprinted, please indicate the source, retain the original post address and the author's signature. URL: Author: Xu Shu In order to enable audio communication between iPhone and

IOS audio Development

Audio knowledge is more complex than other programming methods. In particular, you must understand the specific parameters and methods used in the Framework. Otherwise, you may be confused when writing code. 1: Playing brief audio, such as button

IOS enumeration usage

Introduction: EnumerationValueIt isINTEGER (INT)In addition, it is not involved in memory usage and release,You can use enumeration variables directly without initialization. Only one purpose of enumeration is to increase the readability of the Code.

Open Platform: Baidu map for iOS

Today, we started to use the Baidu map API to implement related geographic location functions. In accordance with the official documentation: After a series of introductions, pay attention to the

Decompress in IOS

Today, we have finally completed the two mainstream compression formats .. I have encountered a lot of ups and downs on the way. Baidu Google has countless articles, but I still want to thank the cool people on the Internet .. Here, we will make

IOS push notification

Introduction: Push notification is maintained by mobile devicesConcept of always onlineAs a core way, when people leave the desktop Internet and want to receive the relevant information in the first time, the emergence of push notifications will be

Open Platform: Sina Weibo for iOS

Introduction: Sina Weibo has opened up almost all APIs for data on the platform. Therefore, many excellent third-party Weibo clients provide comprehensive functions. The SNS sharing and promotion methods have been widely used in the app world, and

How to create a custom tab control (tabbar) for iOS

In fact, I usually seldom describe the controls in my blog. However, the main tabbar is much more important than other controls, and the production needs to be more complex. For this reason, I wrote a tutorial to record the principles and ideas for

Open Platform: WeChat for iOS

For example, first list some URLs: Open Platform home: Ios sdk official: Share friends API call official use of tutorials:

Using coredata for data persistence in IOS

Introduction: Core DataYesIOSThe principle of the Data Persistence Solution Introduced after 3.0 isSQLiteIs not accessible to developers.SQLStatement to operate the database. Its encoding method and principle structure are quite special. This blog

Open Platform: parse for iOS

Introduction: ParseABaasTo provide developers with cloud data storage and reading capabilities,ParseThe Team has spent a lot of effort on its SDK and implemented many useful functions. In addition, it is very stable, compatible, and flexible,

IOS Custom font

Introduction: The default app font is easy to understand, and a personalized experience is also a good choice. Refer: Http:// Http:// Where is the font? Mac has a built-in

Open Platform: stackmob for iOS

Introduction: StackmobIs a lightweightBaasThe mobile backend cloud storage platform provides powerful background cloud storage capabilities for mobile apps.Core DataBody, without changingCoreData APIThe usage isCore DataThis topic describes how to

IOS essence instance app launch illustration customization too much

Reprinted, please indicate the source, retain the original post address and the author's signature. URL: Author: Xu Shu Introduction: Excellent instancesThis is a new topic for bloggers.

IOS development Utility

Introduction: To do what you want, you must first sharpen your skills! A good auxiliary tool can make our development journey get twice the result with half the effort. Next we will introduce several development auxiliary tools that bloggers are

IOS blog Resource Selection

Abstract: record some blog posts written by very cool people on the Internet. Add them to favorites for future study. 1: javascript communication between uiwebview and objective-C in

IOS closes the application through code

-(Void) exitapplication {[uiview beginanimations: @ "exitapplication" context: Nil]; [uiview setanimationduration: 0.5]; [uiview Duration: Self]; // [uiview setanimationtransition: uiviewanimationcurveeaseout forview: Self. view. window cache: No]; [

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