IOS Learning Article Summary

1 25 enhanced IOS appsProgramPerformance tips and tips (preliminary) Http:// 2. Build the real-machine environment for xcode Development (I have succeeded with the help of a Linux expert. I

Requirements for Button icons in IOS

After you 've decided on the appearance of your icon, follow these guidelines as you create it:* Use the PNG format.* Use white with appropriate Alpha and no shadow.* Use anti-aliasing.* For toolbar and navigation bar icons, create an icon that

What do we need to do to develop a program compatible with IOS retina?

1. First, make it clear:The pixel resolution of the iPhone 3g/3gs screen is 320x480;IPhone 4 and iPod tou4's screen pixel resolution is 640x960. 2. In order to be compatible with apps before IOS 4.0 and run on iOS 4, Apple designed a logical

IOS learning website summary

1. Preface After a burst of tangle and struggle, I finally decided to step into the IOS Mobile Terminal Development crowd. I can't simply say that I don't want to practice, but I need to connect theory with reality, I would like to express my

Meanings of keywords such as assign, copy, and retain in IOS

Source: Assign: simple assignment without changing the index count Copy: Create an object with an index count of 1 and release the old object.Retain: Release the old object, assign the value of the old

Building a universal framework for iOS

Document directory What is a 'framework' and why are they useful? What is a 'global' framework? Building a 'global' framework Apple has invested quite a bit of time into making it easy to compile for a number of different ubuntures in xcode.

IOS 6.0 development framework and function Update Summary

1. Maps Replace Google map with Apple's self-developed 3D Map 2. Social Network Integrates Sina Weibo, Facebook, Twitter, and other social network account management. 3. Pass Kit The pass SDK is provided, which can be used for basic development of

Ui adaptation for iOS 6 and iPhone 5

Every time Apple releases a system, developers are busy working for a while, updating xcode to adapt to the new system: for example, ios4 supports retain and requires @ 2x; for example, ios5 does not support udid; for example, iOS 6 and iPhone 5

Memory Management differences between different versions of IOS and compatibility between iso6 and memory management of previous versions

The official documents are described in more detail: Https:// Simulated memory warning: There are three methods to

Summary of differences between iOS 6 and earlier versions

1. Adapt to 4 inch screen adaptation. To adapt to the 4 inch screen, the system creates a default-568h@2x.png image and identifies whether the system supports the 4 inch screen based on the resource. As for other resources, xxx-568h.jpg is not

IOS multi-thread lock mutex Synchronization

There are several methods in IOS to solve the problem of mutex synchronization when multiple threads access the same memory address: Method 1, @ synchronized (ID anobject), (simplest method)The parameter object is automatically locked to ensure the

Analysis of uigesturerecognizer in IOS gesture operations

I. Overview For iPhone touch screen processing, before 3.2UiresponderThe following four methods are provided: -(Void) touchesbegan :( nsset *) touches withevent :( uievent *) event-(Void) touchescancelled :( nsset *) touches withevent :( uievent *)

IOS interview question Summary (1)

1. Difference between shallow copy and deep copy? What is the difference between shallow replication and deep replication? BytesAnswer: copy the pointer to the object instead of the referenced object. Deep copy: copy the referenced object itself.

Exploration of block implementation in IOS

[0. Brief introduction of block] Block is an extension of the C language introduced by ios4.0 + and Mac OS X 10.6 + to implement the features of anonymous functions. In Wikipedia, block is a feature that Apple Inc. adds to C, C ++, and objective-C,

Basic knowledge about IOS clipboard

In iOS, the following three controls have the copy-and-paste function: 1. uitextview 2. uitextfield 3. uiwebview The uikit framework provides several classes and protocols for us to implement the clipboard function in our own applications. 1.

IOS image reflection

Source code download: -(Void) viewdidload {[Super viewdidload]; [[[self view] layer] setbackgroundcolor: [[uicolor blackcolor] cgcolor]; uiimage * balloon = [uiimage imagenamed: @ "1.png"]; //

IOS image cache playback

Imagecache. h // // Imagecache. h // Nowlearn // // Created by Wang doublejie on 12-9-12. // Copyright (c) 2012 _ mycompanyname _. All rights reserved. // // Image cache class # Import @ Interface imagecache: nsobject { } + (Uiimage *) LoadImage

IOS computing text height

In iOS, you often need to dynamically specify the uilabel, uitextview, uitableviewcell, and other heights Based on the string content. In this case, you need to dynamically calculate the height of the string content, the calculation method is as

IOS image reflection projection principles

I have been busy with projects for a long time and have not updated my blog. Just write what you learned on projection. Original Image: [[Self view] layer] setbackgroundcolor: [[uicolor blackcolor] cgcolor]; uiimage * balloon = [uiimage imagenamed:

Conversion of IOS nsdictionary, nsdata, and JSON Data Types

Conversion of IOS nsdictionary, nsdata, and JSON Data Types Conversion of data types is often used in IOS. The following lists conversions of common types. 1. nsdictionary type to nsdata type: //NSDictionary -> NSData:NSDictionary *params =

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