IOS 5.1.1 failure after jailbreak recovery, and upgrade ios6 failure Solution

After ios5.1.1 is jailbroken, I want to upgrade to ios6. The result is an error. Then I want to go back first, and the result is an unknown error. I checked it from the Internet and said that I had to download the firmware first, and then I went

How IOS prints debug logs

The following macros are briefly introduced: 1) _ va_args _ is a macro of a variable parameter. The macro of this variable parameter is added in the new c99 specification, currently, only GCC is supported (not supported by the vc6.0 compiler ). #

IOS development-loadview and viewdidload

Every IOS developer must be familiar with loadview and viewdidload. Although these two functions are very simple to use, however, it is very confusing to put it together with similar initwithnibname/awakefromnib/initwithcoder. I. loadview Never take

[IOS-Cocos2d (2.x) game development in one] custom ccsprite-(ID) Init rewrite need to note & 2. X version registered touch screen event code & brief cocos2d/X/unity3d engine make

All articles on this site areLi huaming himiOriginal, reprinted must be explicitly noted:Reprinted from[Heimi gamedev block]Link:☞Click to subscribe☜The latest developments in this blog! Notify you

IOS Openurl runs other applications

Openurl usage: View plaincopyTo clipboardprint? [[Uiapplication sharedapplication] Openurl: [nsurl urlwithstring: appstring]; [[Uiapplication sharedapplication] Openurl: [nsurl urlwithstring: appstring]; The system appstring includes: View

Event handling guide for iOS

Reference [1] 1. Event Type It mainly involves three types of events: Touch,

IOS map navigation

1. iOS map: Google map and Apple Map # Define system_version_less_than (V) ([[uidevice currentdevice] systemversion] compare: V Options: nsnumericsearch] = nsorderedascending) -(Ibaction) daohang {If (system_version_less_than (@ "6.0") {// under ios6

IOS Icon size Summary

Size Purpose Applicable Devices Remarks 512x512 For appstore product big chart display None   144x144 Application HD icon display IPad (more than 3 generations)   114x114 Application HD icon

Exc_bad_access IOS memory error

Ios5.0 does not have an automatic application counting mechanism, nor does it have garbage collection functions like Java. We all need to manage and control the collection of objects by ourselves. This is a very troublesome task and the most common

Added Custom Auto for iOS [uifont fontwithname: Size:]

1. Add the corresponding auto file (. TTF or. OTF) to the project directory, such as simkai. TTF. 2. Add a fonts provided by application in the-info. plist file. The value corresponding to item0 is simkai. TTF, and add multiple Auto Parts in

IOS gesture uigesturerecognizer

Document directory 4. uiswipegesturerecognizer) 5. uirotationgesturerecognizer (finger rotation operation on the screen) 6. uilongpressgesturerecognizer (long-pressed gesture) Uigesturerecognizer is an abstract class that defines the basic

Replacing udid Solution With iOS-UUID

#import @interface UUID : NSObject{}@property (nonatomic, readonly, retain) NSString *UUIDString;+ (UUID *)sharedUUID;@end #import "UUID.h"#define UUID_KEY (@"MobileUUID")static UUID *_sharedUUID = nil;@implementation UUID@synthesize UUIDString = _

Determines the status of push notification settings for iOS devices... /Close)

typedef NS_OPTIONS(NSUInteger, UIRemoteNotificationType) { UIRemoteNotificationTypeNone = 0, UIRemoteNotificationTypeBadge = 1 Uiremotenotificationtypenone = 0, Uiremotenotificationtypebadge = 1, Uiremotenotificationtypesound =

IOS loadview, viewdidload, and viewdidunload usage

Reposted from: Loadview, viewdidload, and viewdidunload. How should these three functions be used? Google, all of them are reprinted. The general content is as follows: Loadview manual loading View After viewdidload is used

Nsnotification for iOS development

What is notification? In my personal understanding, a person is registered as a member in a department, that is, the registration mentioned below is called a listener. Let the listener listen to an event for you. When the listener listens to an

IOS 6 Sharing list-Details of uiactivityviewcontroller

A share list view is provided after iOS 6, which is managed through uiactivityviewcontroller. Apple designed it to replace the actionsheet menu, which is an Action menu for sharing purposes. You can share images with others by clicking the select

IOS development-code block usage

/* Print numbers in the Code */nslog (@ "------------------ resultblocks -------------------->"); int (^ resultblocks) (INT) = ^ (INT num) {return num * 20;}; int resultnum = resultblocks (2); nslog (@ "Result: % 4D", resultnum); nslog (@ "----------

IOS is worth learning

Soon after I got started with iOS development, it was worth learning and summarizing a lot of things; Http:// Knowledge not thoroughly viewed:1> asihttprequesstGoogle open-source network

Common IOS tools

# Import "utility. H "@ implementation utility + (nsstring *) createmd5 :( nsstring *) signstring {const char * CSTR = [signstring utf8string]; unsigned char result [16]; cc_md5 (CSTR, strlen (CSTR), result); return [nsstring stringwithformat: @ "% 0

IOS Image Upload

// The Demarcation Line identifier nsstring * identifier = @ "aab03x"; // initialize the request nsmutableurlrequest * request = [nsmutableurlrequest requestwithurl: [nsurl urlwithstring: url] cachepolicy: Required timeinterval: 10]; // demarcation

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