IOS: webview loading PDF files

Loading a local PDF file into the IOS Web View Http:// F = 20 & t = 1958 BySteave» Sat Jul 02,201 1 pm Loading a local PDF file into the IOS Web View Code: Select All -(Void) viewdidload

Notes for screen conversion in iOS 6

More detailed discussion can refer to Tid = 116091 The method for supporting screen flip in iOS 6 is different from that in IOS 4 and 5. Do the following:Code. Otherwise, the subview will not be flipped after

IOS Study Notes (1)-Build a development environment for iOS

I have been trying to test iOS development for a long time. Due to the development environment restrictions, I have been confined to theories and virtual machines. Recently, I have started my MacBook Pro and I have come to try it. I have also

How to make IOS map and annotation fall from the air

Category: iPhone tutorial views and comments (0) Anyone who has played the Google app knows that when we add a destination to a map, annotationview falls from top to bottom. How can this effect be achieved? In practice, I have found two ways to

IOS compilation FreeType2 memo

Document directory Download the source Compiling the library Bringing it all together as a universal library If you want to download the tar format, the zip press enter is incorrect. confg may be faulty. The following is a record of the library

IOS compilation Error

1. Unknown type name 'class'; did you mean 'class '? Reference the class of C ++ or C code and change it to. Mm. 2. Undefined symbols for architecture armv7s? When creating a static library, use the real machine 1). deleeturesChange to armv6 armv7,

IOS exception and Error Accumulation

1. The corresponding method is not found. 'Nsinvalidargumentexception ', reason:'-[testclass initevent]: Unrecognized selector send to instance 0x10011b330' 2. aviewcontroller. XIB cannot be found. It may be because the XIB name is wrong. 22:5

Top 10 most useful IOS libraries to know and love

Top 10 most useful IOS libraries to know and love Http:// The winner's plaque This is a post by IOS tutorial team memberMarcelo Fabri, an iOS, Python and Java

IOS: Custom uilabel

Ios ui label customizing tutorial Http:// F = 21 & amp; T = 69067 ByJack» Tue Jun 26,201 2 pmIos ui label customizing tutorial Customizing a ios ui label Here in this tutorial we will look how to customize a label.

IOS network packet capture

Http:// IOS network packet capture method During iOS development, various network access problems often occur. In the past, packet capture tools were not used, and many network problems

Use design patterns to rationalize your iOS applications

Document directory Design Mode: design template for Solving Programming Problems The most important design pattern: Model-View-Controller Use design patterns to solve problems Title: Use design patterns to rationalize your applicationsUse

Understanding IOS 4 Backgrounding and delegate messaging

Document directory The world before multitasking Multitasking on Conclusion Address:     Update: added handleopenurl to the flow charts. Added

How to force horizontal screen display in IOS sdk6

Shouldautorotatetointerfaceorientation is set to deprecated in IOS 6.0. You need to append the supportedinterfaceorientations method to respond to the screen response. In IOS 6.0, the orientation of supportedinterfaceorientations must exist in

ESRI ArcGIS 10.1.1 navigation on the map using the GPS device in IOS SKD

To achieve this, ESRI ArcGIS 10.1.1 uses the GPS device in ios skd to navigate the map. References: Example:Http://

Added gesture shaking in IOS

Http:// Add/override canbecomefirstresponder, viewdidappear: andviewwilldisappear: MethodsIn your view controller (this view controller must be top-level ):

The scale in ArcGIS IOS 10.0.1 SDK is inconsistent with the server.

A project has a slicing layer as the basemap, and a dynamic layer as the topic. Two layers are superimposed. The ratio of the display condition to the slice of the dynamic layer is set accordingly. That is, when the slice layer is displayed below a

In iOS, search display controller is used to query uitableview on the foreground.

Use the search display controller control ImplementationUisearchdisplaydelegate Define the data of all tables and filtered data, and filter tags.@ Property (strong,Nonatomic) nsarray * aroriginal;@ Property (strong,Nonatomic) nsarray * arfiltered;@

Getting started with IOS development

Today's content is class, method definition and implementation I. Class Definition # Import // 1 @ InterfaceStudent: NSObject // 2 { Int age; NSString * name; // 3 } @ Property (nonatomic, retain) NSString * name; // 4 @ Property (nonatomic, retain)

IOS Study Notes (2) -- Hello IOS

I wrote about how to build the iOS development environment. I just mentioned how to install Xcode. Here I want to add it. Click to download the dmp file of Xcode. After a while, Figure 1 is displayed (drag Xcode to Applications) you can drag to

IOS Study Notes (III)-iOS System Architecture

The system architecture of iOS is divided into four layers: Core OS layer, Core Services layer, and Media layer) and Cocoa Touch layer ). The following figure shows the IOS system structure. IOS Structure 1. Core OS is the Core operating system

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