Baidu map API (baitumapapi application) developed for iOS)

I want to use the Baidu map API for a demo. The following is my entire process. I hope to provide some reference for you; First, open the following URL and carefully read the iOS development guide for mobile platform APIs.

CALayer for IOS development

Before understanding CALayer, You Need To Know What layer is. The middle layer of IOS development is a very important concept. You can find the layer component in the subclass of UIView. The layer is a child film located on a fixed canvas and can

[[Nsbundle mainbundle] infodictionary] for iOS development

Nsbundle *Mainbundle = [nsbundle mainbundle];Nsdictionary * infodictionary = [mainbundle infodictionary];Nslog (@ "infodictionary: % @", infodictionary ); 10:53:46. 765 demo0109 [1389: f503] infodictionary :{ Cfbundledevelopmentregion =

Three20, an open-source library for IOS development --- (1)

1. First, go to idea (./Downloads). After the Download is complete, directly pressurize the Download folder: 2. Open xcode to create Empty-based Application, The created Project is saved on the desktop. By default, there are four Frameworks

Uikeyboardtype for iOS development

UIKeyboardType is an enumeration. Typedef enum { UIKeyboardTypeDefault, // Default type for the current input method. UIKeyboardTypeASCIICapable, // Displays a keyboard which can enter ASCII characters, non-ASCII keyboards remain

Errors reported by IOS-based Xcode: Symbol not found

When using xcode for development, there may occasionally be errors that do not seem to be expected. What we encounter today is actually not an error. select commands + mouse on the keyboard. -(UITableViewCell *) tableView :( UITableView *)

UISearchBar custom appearance in IOS development

Mysearchbar. H is as follows: @ Interface mysearchbar: uisearchbar -(Void) layoutsubviews; @ End Mysearchbar. m is as follows: # Import "mysearchbar. H" @ Implementation mysearchbar -(Void) layoutsubviews { Uitextfield * searchfield; Nsuinteger

Open-source network programming Reachability application developed for IOS

First look at Reachability. h found # Import # Import # Import So if we need to use this class in the project, we need to introduce SystemConfiguration. framework. In ios network development, you can determine the network environment and

View the availability of network links in iOS development-lecture 1

In IOS development, we often use networks. networks are indispensable. When there are network connections and no network connections, different processing and resumable data transfer are inseparable from network detection. Today, I made a simple

IOS development-check whether network links are available-Lecture 2

Struct sockaddr_in {_ Uint8_tSin_len;Sa_family_tSin_family;In_port_tSin_port;Struct in_addr sin_addr;Char sin_zero [8];}; Sin_family refers to the protocol family. It can only be af_inet in socket programming.Sin_port storage port number (in

View the availability of network links in iOS development-Lecture 3

In the above two lectures, we will explain how to get the network status and sock. You may have some knowledge about socket. For more information, see other materials. Next we will introduce SCNetworkReachability applications. In IOS, The

IOS development keyword synchronized

Static Config * instance =Nil; + (Config *) Instance { @ Synchronized (self ){ If (nil =Instance ){ [Self new]; } } ReturnInstance; } + (Id) allocWithZone :( NSZone *) zone { @ Synchronized (self ){ If (instance =Nil ){ Instance =

IOS development: _ bridge ,__ bridge_transfer and _ bridge_retained

Core Foundation frameworkThe Core Foundation framework is a set of C language interfaces that provide basic data management and service functions for iOS applications. The following lists the data and services that the Framework supports for

CFURLCreateStringByAddingPercentEscapes-URL encoding for IOS development

# Define SINA_API_AUTHORIZE @ "" # Define SINA_APP_KEY @ "3456404324" -(NSURL *) getOauthCodeUrl {// Obtain the auth_code or access_token, which is left for webview // Https:// //

Create a singleton for iOS development

A singleton is a type. This class can only instantiate an object when it is used for the first time, and directly call this object later (a bit shared ). In the Foundation framework, for example, NSFileManger and NSNotificationCenter, they are

CocoaAsyncSocket learning for IOS development

The following content is translated from: Http:// Cocoaasyncsocket supports TCP and UDP. Where: The asyncsocket class supports TCP Asyncudpsocket supports UDP AsyncSockeT is the TCP/IP Socket network library

IOS development touch and click events: UITapGestureRecognizer and UIPanGestureRecognizer applications

UITapGestureRecognizer and UIPanGestureRecognizer applications: I. UITapGestureRecognizer application:-(Void) singleOne :( UITapGestureRecognizer *) sender {} // write the action of the event to the function.- (void)singleTwo:(UITapGestureRecognizer

Terminating app due to uncaught exception for iOS development ", reason, ** first throw call Stack: Error Handling

When I encountered this problem during my project today, I shared that this should be only one of the reasons for this error. But also want to record down for your reference, if you also encounter such a problem, at the same time is caused by other

Multi-thread programming for iOS: three levels of thread applications

IOS supports three levels of thread programming, from the underlying layer to the high-level (the higher the level, the more convenient to use, the more concise) are: 1: thread; 2: cocoa operations; 3: Grand Central Dispatch; Introduction: ThreadIt

Nsset application developed for iOS

NSSet, NSMutableSet, and NSCountedSet classes declare an unordered set of programming interface objects (hashed storage: The storage location in the memory is not continuous ). The NSArray and NSDictionary classes declare an ordered set of

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