How to determine the types of iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, and iPad)

How to determine the types of iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, and iPad)   Function: -(Bool) checkdevice :( nsstring *) name { nsstring * devicetype = [uidevice currentdevice]. model; nslog (@ "devicetype =%@", devicetype); nsange range =

IOS development-album picker UIImagePickerController

Uiimagepickercontroller Overview: The uiimagepickercontroller class is a user interface for obtaining selected images and videos. We can use this controller to select the images and videos we need. This class is special. We cannot customize it at

Research and Implementation of In-APP purchase technology for iOS-e-book application of fraud

In May, I began to study the in-app purchasing technology on the iOS platform. In the past, if you want to make a paid application, you need to make a Lite simple version. Before purchasing the product, you can use the Lite version to experience the

Two countdown implementation methods for ios development

Method 1: Use nstimer It mainly uses the scheduledtimerwithtimeinterval method of nstimer to execute the timefiremethod function every second. timefiremethod performs some countdown operations. After timer is completed, it is OK to give invalidate.

Use reachability to detect network status in iOS development

I. Confirm the network environment 3G/WIFI1. When you add source files and framework to develop Web applications, you must confirm the network environment, connection conditions, and other information. If they are not processed, they will not be

Ios-based UIView adaptation in iPhone 5

In my uiviewcontroller's XIB, the view is 3.5 (320*480. After auto-scaling is set, some interfaces are often initialized in the viewdidload method. At this time, the main self is used. view. frame, we found that the size of the frame is the same as

Ios development Implementation of UITableViewCell pop-up UIMenuController

This function is required in the project. I found some documents on the Internet, and some of them are not very clear. The implementation steps are as follows: 1. Add UILongPressGestureRecognizer to the cell and handle the event

Ios uitableview click the interface to exit the keyboard implementation and some questions

It looks quite simple. I added a tap gesture to uitableview and responded to a method to exit the keyboard. So I had the following code: // Added the tap gesture and clicked to exit the keyboard. Uitapgesturerecognizer * tapgesture =

Ios has eight hours of printing time difference

This problem has actually been encountered several times, and many things have not been carefully studied. The solution is also very violent and directly added for 8 hours. After debugging, I found that this is not the case. NSDate * nowDate =

Differences between setValue: forKey and setObject: forKey, objectForKey, and valueForKey in NSDictionary for IOS development

SetValue: forKey and setObject: forKey When using NSMutableDictionary, setValue forKey and setObject forKey are often used for interaction. Each type of code is often used. 1. Let's take a look at the definition of setValue: forKey :. @ Interface

Receive chat information in ios xmpp development app background Mode

Recently, xmppframwork is used to implement a chat application. When the application enters the background, it cannot receive the message; When the application is switched to the backend, the network connection in the application still receives data

How to obtain the hardware name of an ios device

How to obtain the hardware name of an ios device 1. If you want to obtain the specific device, the first generation of the product must include # Import "sys/utsname. h" Is defined as an auxiliary function: + (Std: string)

Handling of insufficient ios memory (segment processing before ios6 and ios 6)

Since the iPhone 4 supports multiple tasks, we need to carefully handle insufficient memory. If the user runs N software in the background while running our program, the iphone program running on the foreground will easily receive a warning of

How to determine whether an app is installed on an ios device

The main idea is that in the info. plist of XCode of application B to be recognized For Xcode 4.2 1. Add a URL Schemes: XXX to info. plist. The details are as follows: 1.1 open info. plist and add one under the Information Property List: URL types 1.

How to directly jump to a specified app page or app rating page in an ios app

1. Jump to the app page Find the description link for the application, such as: Mt = 8 Then, replace http: // With itms: // or itms-apps ://:Itms: //

Difference processing code of iOS for iphone and ipad cameras and image Libraries

The iPhone and iPad have different processing methods for the camera and image library code. The iPad is mainly used UIPopoverController to include UIImagePickerController. The main code is as follows: 1. The class is inherited from

How does ios send feedback code using system emails?

This class is mainly used for MFMailComposeViewController. The package is OK. 1. Modify the corresponding code in the laungh function of the appDelegate class of ios: [Cpp]ViewPlaincopy // Set RootViewController to window If ([[UIDevice

The pitfalls of payment in iOS apps

Reprinted from: After the Spring Festival this year, we launched a new online Intelligent Question Bank: yuantiku. Yuantiku has now launched two products for the civil service examination and application,

How iOS app names support localization

1. Right-click to create a new infoplist. String file, right-click to create a newfile, and then select resource, and then select string files to create a string file. 2. Next, you will find that you have selected this file. Right-click the file

Ios determines whether the system language is simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese

In cocos2d-x, the following methods can be used to determine whether it is Chinese or other languages //default language is local language ccLanguageType currentLanguageType = CCApplication::sharedApplication()->getCurrentLanguage();

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