How to Use and listen to uiswitch controls for iOS Learning

1. The first method to create the uiswitch control is as follows:Code. 1. Open xcode 4.3.2, create a project switch, and select single view application. 2. Open the viewcontroller. M file and add the code in the viewdidload method:   -(Void)

How to directly jump to a specified app page or app rating page in an ios app

1. Jump to the app page Find the description link for the application, such as: Mt = 8 Then, replace http: // With itms: // or itms-apps ://:Itms: //

Difference processing code of iOS for iphone and ipad cameras and image Libraries

The iPhone and iPad have different processing methods for the camera and image library code. The iPad is mainly used UIPopoverController to include UIImagePickerController. The main code is as follows: 1. The class is inherited from

How does ios send feedback code using system emails?

This class is mainly used for MFMailComposeViewController. The package is OK. 1. Modify the corresponding code in the laungh function of the appDelegate class of ios: [Cpp]ViewPlaincopy // Set RootViewController to window If ([[UIDevice

The pitfalls of payment in iOS apps

Reprinted from: After the Spring Festival this year, we launched a new online Intelligent Question Bank: yuantiku. Yuantiku has now launched two products for the civil service examination and application,

How iOS app names support localization

1. Right-click to create a new infoplist. String file, right-click to create a newfile, and then select resource, and then select string files to create a string file. 2. Next, you will find that you have selected this file. Right-click the file

Ios determines whether the system language is simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese

In cocos2d-x, the following methods can be used to determine whether it is Chinese or other languages //default language is local language ccLanguageType currentLanguageType = CCApplication::sharedApplication()->getCurrentLanguage();

Flex 4.5.1 IOS development series (1) Development Environment setup

1. Development Tool 1.1 mac 10.7 Development Environment This address is used to download vm8 and mac 10.7 virtual images. Http:// Note: The operation in Read me.txt must be followed. Also, I tried it. xp

Deployment and debugging of adobe flash builder 4.6 IOS development

The 4.6 series of development will be updated to the blog from the very beginning. IOS development is more complex than Android development. 1. Get the files required by IOS developers. You can view the process from the following

Adobe flash builder 4.6 IOS development-Offline Map

In mobile device development, because mobile networks are used and traffic issues need to be considered, it is a good solution to Use offline maps in map applications. Several necessary conditions for developing the offline map function.  1. Image

Deploy the facebook function on IOS (unity3d-based plug-in socialNetwork)

  First go here to download the plug-in   Requirements: Unity3d version 3.5.6 or laterXCode version 4.5.0 or later   Note: This plug-in can only run on IOS, not on ANDROID   First, go to facebook to register a

Apps tailored for iOS 6

IOS6 is coming! More advanced functions of iOS6 can provide developers with better and more effective development methods, such as generous and stylish design, and map developed using vector-based engine in the MapKit framework; passbook that stores

IOS learning iOS uses NINetworkImageView to download images and retrieve images from google Maps.

  1. NINetworkImageView is the class for downloading images by Nimbus. The class is described as follows:  Overview A network-enabled image view that consumes minimal amounts of memory. Intelligently crops and resizes images for optimal memory use

IOS learning-plist file read/write

  During iOS development, plist files are often used. What is a plist file? Its full name is Property List, which is an attribute List file used to store serialized objects. The property list file extension is. PlistIs usually called a plist file.

Simple use of Table View for iOS Learning

Table View: In many iPhone and other iOS apps, you can see the appearance of Table View. In addition to displaying common Table data, the attribute information you set is often used in Table View, table View can be divided into the following two

Use of segment Table View for iOS Learning (Grouped style Table)

Introduction:In the previous article, we introduced Table View and made an example of the Plain style of TableView. In this article, we will learn the Grouped style Table example, we also use the previous knowledge of reading Plist (see the plist

IOS sandbox mechanism and file operations for iOS Learning (1)

1. iOS sandbox Mechanism IOS applications can only read files from the file system created for the modified program. They cannot be accessed from other places. This area is a sandbox, therefore, all non-code files must be stored here, such as icons,

IOS sandbox mechanism and file operations for iOS Learning (2)

NextIOS sandbox mechanism and file operations for iOS Learning (1)     Let's see how to get the sandbox directory of the application. Including the sandbox directory of the real machine.   1. Get the Home Directory of the program   NSString

IOS sandbox mechanism and file operations-NSFileManager (3)

Next, iOS sandbox mechanism and file operations (2 ), Let's see how NSFileManager is used. Including creating files, directories, deleting, and traversing directories.   1. Create a directory in Documents Create a directory named test, first find

Introduction and use of NSBundle for iOS Learning

Bundle is a directory that contains the resources used by the program. these resources contain images, sounds, compiled code, and nib files (bundle is also called plug-in ). corresponding bundle, Cocoa provides the NSBundle class. Now we use bundle

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