Detects apps installed on iOS

Method 1: Method 2: Method 3:

IOS app upload

Process:1. well developed and releasedProgram-- An icon file that meets the required specifications must be included in the program.Https:// register the app on itune. This step requires the

Detailed use of iOS Gesture Recognition (drag, zoom, rotate, click, gesture dependency, custom gesture)

1. UIGestureRecognizer describes the important features of Gesture Recognition on iOS, which greatly increases the convenience of using mobile devices. After iOS 3.2, the UIGestureRecognizer class is provided to facilitate the development of common

IOS interface-drawer interaction on the left side of Netease news

1. Introduction Anyone who has used the Netease news client will find that when Netease news slides to the left, the navigation bar on the left will be dragged out, and the news content list will be pulled to the rightmost. It's like pulling a

IOS learning: iOS program name and content internationalization (localization)

1. iOS program name Internationalization 1.1 create a Single View app template project named Localization. 1.2 after the creation, you can see the following working directory structure file. Click InfoPlist. strings to view the properties on the

IOS development Basics

1. How is an application started?When we create an application based on the xcode template, most of the environment parameters when the application starts will be set automatically. For example, xcode creates an Application Object (In addition, it

Build iOS XMPP Development Environment

1 first download the xmppframework frameworkHttps:// Environment configuration reference: add xmppframework framework to project Drag the

Ios xmpp File Transfer

There are two main methods for xmpp file transmission:The Protocol corresponding to 1 socks5 bytestreams is XEP-0065The Protocol for 2 In-Band Bytestreams (ibb) is XEP-0047 The advantage of the socks5 Bytestreams method is high efficiency, but a

Develop common functions for IOS

1. Close the keyboard when you click the background.Add a gesture reader to viewDidLoad. // add tap gesture recognizer UITapGestureRecognizer* tapRecognizer = [[UITapGestureRecognizer alloc]

IOS programming basics-event-driven and program status

. Event-drivenIOS programming is event-driven. All we need to do is write code to respond to the corresponding event. Each time a user operates an application, the device generates an event. For example, when a user clicks a button, the device

IOS Table View

A Table View usually needs to set its dataSource and delegate.You can use Control + drag to set And adopt two Protocols@ Interface SecondViewController: UIViewController UITableViewDelegate is commonly used in the following methods: // Called

Ios persistent Storage

Cocoa provides four mechanisms to store data persistently on iOS:1 NSUserdefaultsIt is mainly used to store short information, such as application settings, attributes, and user data.2. attribute listStore data on a disk in the form of a list. The

IOS and pthread

Lab 1Can pthread be used on iOS as on linux?The following code is available: //a.h#ifndef __A_H__#define __A_H__void testSleep(int t);void testPthread(int n);#endif//a.c#include "a.h"#include #include #include #include void testSleep(int t){

Compile ffmpeg for iOS

Compile the Simulator version1 To Snapshot2. Download The ffmpeg source code.Http:// decompress the source code and cd it to the source code directory.4. Create the file with

IOS NSBundle usage

1. Obtain the info. plist details of the app. Version: Bundle version NSString *version = [[[NSBundle mainBundle] infoDictionary] objectForKey:@"CFBundleVersion"]; Application ID: Bundle identifier NSString *bundleId = [[[NSBundle mainBundle]

Xmppframework for iOS client (3) Add friends

Add Friend code Initialize xmppStream _ XmppStream = [[XMPPStreamalloc] init]; // [_ XmppStream setEnableBackgroundingOnSocket: YES]; [_ XmppStreamaddDelegate: selfdelegateQueue: dispatch_get_main_queue ()]; // _ XmppRosterDataStorage =

Xmppframework for iOS client (4) registering a new account

  Too lazy to typeFrom: 1. In-band RegistryIn-band registration means that users who have not activated an account on your server can register a new account through the xmpp protocol. The

Use of iOS UIAlertView and UIActionSheet

UIAlertView is similar to MessageBox on Windows. A small record, ah! I want to write down everything that I want to write down, even though it is simple and the related technical documents of Apple are also described. The initial stages of obsessive-

Get GUID for iOS

- (NSString *)getUniqueStrByUUID{ CFUUIDRef uuidObj = CFUUIDCreate (nil); // create a new UUID // Get the string representation of the UUID NSString * uuidString = (_ bridge_transfer NSString *) CFUUIDCreateString (nil, uuidObj ); CFRelease

IOS network status detection

Download from Git Library Https:// Add two files, Reachability. h and Reachability. m, to the project. Added support for SystemConfiguration. framework. Add header file declaration: @class Reachability;@interface

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