How can I display an iPad with the Home Key in the IOS simulator in xcode?

The iPhone simulator shows the same appearance as the iPhone, but the iPad does not have the iPad. How can I display the Home Key. Actually, the Home key is used. however, if your screen resolution is not high enough, the system will not display

IOS programming: iPhone how-to: taking a photo of uiview

The basic principle is to describe the layer of the uiview to the graphic context. UiviewCodeAs follows: 1 uiview global photo taking -(Uiimage *) screenimage :( uiview *) view {uiimage * screenimage; uigraphicsbeginimagecontext (view. frame. size)

Memory Management Principles for iOS development

When you create an object using the new alloc COPY method, the reference count of this object is 1. When you are not using this object, you are responsible for sending a release (or autorelease) message to this object. When you obtain an object

IOS6.0: 1st basic IOs framework

1. Architecture comparison between MAC and IOS Mac: Cocoa, Media, Core Service, and Core OS Ios: Cocoa Touch, Media, Core Service, and Core OS We can see that the changes in Ios and Mac are mainly different from those in Cocoa Touch. Cocoa Touch

IOS multithreading-loading an image using a thread-NSThread (1)

Ui update operations in IOS are actually the same as those in Android. They are not time-consuming operations in the main thread. Therefore, you need to enable new threads to perform these operations, to avoid blocking the main thread. After the

IOS Development Notes 1-switch to a new company to understand the responsibilities of each department

1. analogy When you are a beginner in Ios development, you should first understand the environment in which the developed applications are stored. Just like switching to a company as a code farmer, you must first understand the various departments

IOS Development Notes 2-Development Department Workflow

1. Project Manager After migrating to a new company for hard-pressed development and learning about the various departments of the company, we need to understand the development process of the product department. Just as every project has a project

The Secret to the Page Flip in HTML5/Canvas for Windows8 and iOS

A few years back I WROTE A TUTORIAL CALLED "THE SECRET BEHIND THE PAGE FLIP TECHNIQUE" for Silverlight Developers while working as Creative Director at the experience agency, cynergy. that blog post isn't available anymore, and I haven't touched

Ios des encryption/decryption (with base64)

# Include + (NSString *) Encrypte :( NSString *) src key :( NSString *) key { NSString * retStr = nil; NSData * srcData = [src dataUsingEncoding: NSUTF8StringEncoding]; Size_t dataOutAvilable = ([srcData length] + kCCBlockSize3DES )&~ (KCCBlockSize3

How does XCode construct an iOS application to start?

Any automatic code generation tool is an enemy of beginners! This is the first time I learned the code generated by Microsoft Visual Studio's Wizzard. Now it's really funny to think about it. Someone who knows nothing about Event loop, MVC pattern,

IOS technology Overview

What does the iPhone SDK contain? Apple released most of the system interfaces to the special data packets such as the framework. A framework is a directory that contains a dynamic shared library and resources required to use the library (such as

Checks whether multiple tasks are supported in iOS.

-(BOOL) application :( UIApplication *) application didfinishlaunchingwitexceptions :( NSDictionary *) launchOptions { // Override point for customization after application launch. RootViewController * rootController = [[RootViewControlleralloc]

IOS running loop Summary

First look at two runloop examples, source: First:   # Include Static void _ Perform (void * info _ unused) { Printf ("hello \ n "); } Static void _ Timer (CFRunLoopTimerRef timer _ unused, void *

IOS Application Status Switching

Http:// I. iOS app status machines have five statuses: 1. Not running: the application has Not been started, or the application is running but is stopped by the system on the way. 2. Inactive: the

Add custom buttons and other uiviews to Navigation in iOS

The content is actually very simple, but sometimes we forget it. When we set rightBarButton/leftBarbutton, sometimes we find that the system is not very nice and we want to customize it. So we have this idea: Directly add the Code as follows:

Notes for iOS client WeChat SDK session and circle of friends

Getting started with the official website: /; In fact, it is already very detailed. The following are my notes: 1. if "URL scheme" is not added to the Application id you have registered, "Return (

IOS study notes 5-xib and Storyboard

The reason for writing this article is also the teaching material. After roughly scanning the Objective-C tutorial, I found an Xcode 4 iOS Development ininner's Guide. Go to the first example and Start copying the example. It's dumb to click the xib

IOS study Note 6-First Response object First (First Responder)

Finally, I waited for the iOS project and handed over the PHP project. But iOS learning has been stuck for so long? No matter where it is, let's make up for two days. You can see where it is, and then learn while doing it.   I learned about the

IOS study notes 7-Forward Statement (Forward Declaration), @ class and # import

C # If I write more, I forget that there is a Forward Declaration. It took half a day to see @ class. Write this topic today.   1. Why do we need a pre-declaration? Pre-declaration helps avoid circular dependency. For example: interface A:NSObject- (

IOS Study Notes 8-KVO and KVC

KVO and KVC are short for Key-Value Observing and Key-Value Coding respectively. I think of this topic because the update of the tableView I wrote is polling every few seconds. I was wondering if I needed a mechanism similar to triggering the update.

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