IOS User Design Guide-Introduction

Introduction The IOS User Design Guide describes the iOS app user interface and user experience design guidelines and principles. The IOS User Design Guide does not involve encoding if you use your design. If you have reached the programming

Interview with practical experts to reveal the magical development path of IOS

In today's mobile Internet era, Apple products are everywhere. Therefore, the corresponding iOS development has gradually become a hot topic in the IT industry. In addition to providing high-paying positions for developers and creating profitable

Apple is developing iTunes 11: Supporting iOS 6 integration with iCloud

Apple is developing iTunes 11: Supporting iOS 6 integration with iCloud Sina technology news Beijing Time on April 11 Evening News, people familiar with the matter revealed that Apple is developing a new version of iTunes application, that is,

[IOS] Simple implementation of fishing talents (1)

In the last article, we provided an example of gold coins rolling like a fishing leader, This time, it was a rough Implementation of the fishing talents. It was a review of the use of cocos2d, And it was useless in 3.4 months. Below is the

IOS learning notes: Implementing a simple table

First, drag the table View to the View window and drag the circle next to the data source and delegate connection to the file's owner icon. In this way, the control class becomes the data source and delegate of the table. The header file code of the

IOS Development Notes (1)

1. Obtain the date of the current day Nsdate * today; Today = [nsdate date];   2. [[uidevice currentdevice] orientation] the following seven statuses are available for obtaining device statuses: Uideviceorientationunknown Uideviceorientationportrait

IOS Development notes (2)

Document directory How to send emails in iPhone applications Multi-thread nsinvocationoperation Multi-threaded programming is the best way to prevent the main thread from being congested and increase the running efficiency. The original

IOS Development notes (3)

This article is transferred from the network, the original address Memory usage is critical during iPhone development. Not only should we allocate and use the memory reasonably, but we should also pay attention to the memory leakage problem, because

IOS development Note (4) inapp purchase always returning Invalid code

Thank you for contacting apple worldwide developer technical support. I am responding to let you know that I have received ed your request for technical maintenance ance. Your product identifiers may be returned as invalid for one or more of the

IOS Development notes (5) phone memory leakage: leaks Tool Guide

Find iPhone Memory leakage: leaks Tool Guide Original address: See also: /? P = 127 My game development is coming to an end. Recently, I often use

IOS Development notes (6) network programming Summary

Reproduced from: Tid-31300.html 1: Confirm network environment 3g/WiFi 1. Add source file and framework When developing Web and other network applications, you must confirm the network environment, connection

IOS Development notes (8) how to test an iPhone application update?

Http://   I already have an iPhone application (version 1.0) available in the App Store and am ready to submit a newer version (Version 1.1 ). how do I test the new upgrade

IOS User Design Guide-platform features

Document directory Gravity sensing IOS devices have some unique features that affect the user experience of all applications running on them. Most popular applications are well integrated with these features.Screen Size Screen Display of a

IOS User Design Guide-User Interface principles

Document directory Aesthetics integrity Consistency Intuitive operation Feedback Metaphor User Control A good user interface should follow the "human-user-thinking and work" concept in the user interface design principle, rather than the

IOS User Design Guide-special instructions

As the company has just arranged to travel to Hainan, it has been busy before. When I wanted to translate subsequent chapters, I suddenly found that iPhone Human Interface Guidelines was translated as early as last year. So I took some time to look

Quick notes for learning iOS-Dev as a beginner (1)

* Readers shoshould know: The notes series is just a quick scratch to record what I learned about IOS developing as a beginner. so actually it's for myself but not for you guys who as newbies want to learn something from here.   Objc looks

1. iOS device resolution

It is said that iOS development is easier than Android development. How does IOS achieve this? Let's take a look at it today. I hope it will be helpful to those who are doing IOS interface design.  1. iOS device resolution There are currently three

IOS gets screen resolution

Obtaining screen resolution is a very useful function. In some game-related development, drawing and screen resolution are inseparable. Obtaining the resolution of the current screen is essential.   Two steps are allowed to obtain the screen

IOS memory reference count note

In iOS, objective-C uses reference counting to manage memory. Recently, when writing animation effects, it encountered a memory leakage problem. For the delegate declaration of objects, we recommend that you use assign in the objective-C

The arm structure that IOS developers should know (from apple4us)

This is an article about arm structure in IOS. It has simple words, clear logic, and humor. Non-developers are also worth reading, and the right to increase knowledge. When I wrote "getting started with the neon iPhone", I thought that the reader

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