IOS: screen Rotation

In the. M file, modify the method-(bool) shouldautorotatetointerfaceorientation :( uiinterfaceorientation) interfaceorientation. The default is portrait screen: -(Bool)

The first IOS Program

1. Fast texture: 2. Core Knowledge (1) StatementCode: @ Property (strong, nonatomic) iboutlet uilabel * useroutput;@ Property (strong, nonatomic) iboutlet uitextfield * userinput; -(Ibaction) setoutput :( ID) sender; Implementation Code: @

Uiview of ios ui control

Common attributes: frame, bounds, and center Important Method: addsubview adds a child control to a parent control. superview returns the parent control of the Child control. Common functions:-(void) removefromsuperview; -(Void) insertsubview :

The IOS dictionary has no value.

I encountered the following problem: initialize a dictionary and give three key-values during initialization. However, when printing a dictionary, only the first element has a value and the last two have no value. Nsdictionary * dict =

Summary of several common IOS callback Methods

1. function pointer-the most essential and underlying call 2. Block syntax-package, essentially called through function pointers 3.tar get-action mode-encapsulate the function pointer (use the OC Function Name string to search for the function

Use of navigationcontroller for iOS development

The above is the effect of the navigation bar, which is widely used in projects and needs to be mastered.   Create a project and select "empty application". The project name is navigationcontrollertest. Create a new uiviewcontroller view named

IOS animation effect

1. Use nstimer for animation 1. Create an empty application and add the homeviewcontroller page, iphone.png Image 2. Add an image view in homeviewcontroller. XIB and adjust its size. Then add a slider control.   3. homeviewcontroller. H code: #

IOS games: simple Plants vs. Zombies

1. Fast texture       Gameplay: If 10 botnets are killed, go through the next close. When you click to enter the next close, the speed of the botnets increases. If there are 15 botnets in the house, they will lose. Play audio when you click to kill

IOS audio playback

IOS audio playback uses the avfoundation framework. It contains three main classes: avaudioplayer, avaudiorecorder, and avaudiosession. They are responsible for audio playback, recording, and configuration, and all have the corresponding delegate

Common Code for creating an empty template "empty application" in IOS

-(Bool) Application :( uiapplication *) Application didfinishlaunchingwitexceptions :( nsdictionary *) launchoptions {self. window = [[[uiwindow alloc] initwithframe: [[uiscreen mainscreen] bounds] autorelease]; // override point for customization

Analysis on network programming for iOS development (I)

The iPhone contains many frameworks and libraries, from the underlying sockets to different layers of encapsulation, you can easily add network functions to the program. (1) BSD socket. The underlying socket, which is a common API for UNIX network

IOS audio recording

Create empty applicaton and add the homeviewcontroller file. Let's look at the code. The theory is too boring and will be mentioned in the code. Homeviewcontroller. H code:# Import # import @ interface homeviewcontroller: uiviewcontroller {}@

IOS develops simple weather applications (get and XML)

1. Create an empty application and add the uiviewcontroller view. The view design is as follows:   // Homeviewcontroller. h// Weatherquery # Import @ Interface homeviewcontroller: uiviewcontroller {Nsmutabledata * data; // used to receive results

Ios ui design and development buttons, icons, and images

1. built-in buttons and icons Using System-provided buttons and icons 2. custom icons and Images The size of the iPhone's built-in icons is generally 29px × 24px, and the self-made icons should be close to this size. The color of the icons should

IOS keyboard hiding

Method 1: Add [self. textfiled resignfirstresponder] to the button clicking event. Method 2: In the XIB file, you can not add a view control on the view page. A simple method is to set the class of the view page to uicontrol (this class inherits

Analysis of Network Programming for iOS development (2)

Cfstream Read/write streams provide a simple way to exchange data in the form of device dependencies. You can create a stream for the data in the memory, the data in the file, or the data on the Network (using sockets), instead of reading all the

Play videos on iOS

Create empty application and add homeviewcontroller Homeviewcontroller. H code# Import # import @ interface homeviewcontroller: uiviewcontroller {mpmovieplayerviewcontroller * playerviewcontroller;}-(ibaction) buttonclicked :( ID) sender; @

IOS hardware development camera-image selector usage

1. Create an empty application and add a view. The XIB design is as follows:   2. when using uiimagepickercontroller, you must specify several very important attributes: Specify the source type (determine whether the source is available before

Reusable uitablecell for iOS development

Explanation 1: 1. Static nsstring * celltableidentifier = @ "celltableidentifier ";Uitableviewcell * cell = [tableview dequeuereusablecellwithidentifier:Celltableidentifier];If (! Celll ){Cell = [[[uitableviewcell alloc]Initwithstyle:

IOS attribute Error

1. Self. Name = [[nsstring alloc] init]; 2. _ name = [[nsstring alloc] init]; Self. Name = @ "Whatif "; The above two methods: Most people think that the _ name app count in 1 and 2 is 2, because "self. name = "(set method), alloc, reference

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