Data structure and algorithm in JavaScript (iv): string (BF) _javascript tips

A string is a finite sequence of 0 or more characters, also known as a string. The logical structure of a string is similar to that of a linear table, and the difference is that a string is a character set, so there is a big difference between the

On the techniques of realizing eight sort _javascript by JavaScript

School one months, has many dreams of the written test data structure algorithm, I have more fear of data structure than any "ghosts and goblins." Oh, it seems really necessary to review the commonly used data structure, lest "nightmare" come true.

Practical Native API rollup _javascript tips in JavaScript

Go straight to the point Parsing String objects As we all know, JavaScript objects can be serialized as Json,json or parsed into objects, but the problem is that if there is a "thing" that is neither JSON nor an object, it's inconvenient to turn

JavaScript returns the current session cookie full key-value control method _javascript Tips

This example describes a method that JavaScript returns all the key values for the current session cookie. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: The following JS code output all the cookie key value control

JavaScript closure (Closure) detailed _javascript tips

Here are my learning notes, which should be useful for JavaScript beginners. Scope of a variable To understand closures, you must first understand JavaScript's special variable scope. The scope of a variable is nothing more than two kinds: global

JavaScript implements photo drag-and-drop click on top of Photo wall code _javascript Tips

Demo diagram Styles.css *{/* Clears all elements ' default margins and Margins/}. photo_wall{Background:url (bg.jpg);/* Define the default background of the photo wall/background-size:cover;/* Make the background of the photo wall fill the

JavaScript ForEach () traversal function using and introducing _javascript tips

The ForEach () function iterates through the array from beginning to end. There are three parameters: the array element, the index of the element, the array itself (if a parameter is an array element, the value of the array). var data=[1,2,3,4,5

The effect of the date () function in JavaScript on the display in each browser _javascript tips

1.JavaScript does not have a basic date data type, you can only explicitly create a Date object. For example: Var mydate=new Date (); 2. In order to create a Date object that stores specific dates, or times, you can simply put the date or date and

_javascript Techniques for Eval function usage analysis in JavaScript

This example analyzes the usage of eval functions in JavaScript. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: Eval () has only one parameter, and if the incoming argument is not a string, it returns this argument

JavaScript code implements the _javascript technique of imitating instantiation class

The more things that JavaScript can do, with the problem is the increase in the number of JS code, in the face of the code, I chose The imitation of the class instantiation of the constructor in the form of automatic start, all the JS code, in a

Pure JavaScript realizes the seamless scrolling effect _javascript skill of four directional text

The effect of achieving a seamless text scrolling: text scrolling Car | Sports B-Class car drop 30,005 Home | Such a great decoration woman really can't sit down Education | The top three candidates for Chinese

An example of array usage in JavaScript _javascript techniques

This example describes the array usage in JavaScript. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: The array objects in JavaScript are arrays, first a dynamic array, and a super complex like C #, Java "arrays, lists,

JavaScript implementation Countdown and window Tip special effects _javascript Tips

In the front-end development, it is inevitable to use the countdown. If you do double an activity, in the beginning of the activity half a month ago need to do some publicity work, need to inform the user when the preferential activities began. This

JavaScript method for button-binding point-click events (onclick) _javascript tips

The example in this article describes the way JavaScript is used to bind a button to a point hit event (onclick). Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: We can bind the OnClick event to the button by setting the

On the _javascript techniques of JavaScript static attributes and prototype attributes

The article gives you an example of the static and prototyping methods of JavaScript, and if you don't know about JavaScript's static and prototyping methods, you can look at it together with a small one. A piece of code that understands static

2 ways to turn JSON in string (string) in JavaScript _javascript tips

The first way: Use the JS function eval (); Testjson=eval (Testjson); Is the wrong way to convert. The correct conversion method needs to be added (): Testjson = eval ("+ Testjson +")); Eval () is very fast, but he can compile and execute any

JavaScript Operators Summary _javascript tips

In JavaScript, the common operators are the arithmetic, comparison, and logic operators. Table 1 JavaScript Common operators Arithmetic Operators Description examples Results = The assignment operator.

JavaScript implements the method of setting, fetching, and deleting cookies _javascript tips

The examples in this article describe the methods that JavaScript implements to set up, get, and delete cookies. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation method is as follows: * * Set the corresponding value of the key *

JavaScript to determine and get a trusted site in the registry method _javascript tips

The examples in this article describe the methods that JavaScript can take to determine and obtain trusted sites in the registry. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: To determine the trusted site, first find

_javascript techniques for sniffing and feature detection of JavaScript frame design browsers

Browser sniffing is now deprecated, but it is needed on some occasions. For example, some statistical scripts. In the standard browser, provided the document.implementation.hasfeature, unfortunately there are bugs, inaccurate, at present, the

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