JavaScript extracts parameters in the search string of URLs (custom function implementation) _javascript tips

A useful function was found today in the Rhino book Urlargs (extracts the parameters in the search string for the URL). We often see some page link address followed by parameters, such as and so on, many

Introduction of NoScript element attribute position and function in JavaScript _javascript tips

First, . As with parsing embedded JavaScript code, when parsing an external JavaScript file, the processing of the page is temporarily stopped. It should be noted that the SRC attribute should not include additional JavaScript code between . 3. The

JavaScript function Replace deep understanding of _javascript techniques

The Replace function accepts two arguments, the first argument is a string or regular expression, and the first argument can also accept a string, or possibly a function. First, we no longer need to say "I am a Boy" for the first parameter as a

The self-band methods of array objects in JavaScript introduce _javascript techniques

/** * This article is simply a comb through the current standard of the array object of the band method. * The full text does not have any nutrition, but the final performance test part, has thrown out some questions. */ Assignment Method (Mutator

JavaScript equality operators and equivalent operators detail _javascript tips

the = = operator and the = = operator are used to detect whether two values are equal, and they employ two different definitions of the same trait. Both operators accept operands of any type, and if two operands are equal, they all return true,

Javascript Delete Reference type Object _javascript tips

As in the following example: Copy Code code as follows: var TestVar = { A: { Test:1 } }, Test1 = {}, Test2 = {}; test1.a = TESTVAR.A; test2.a = TESTVAR.A; /* Delete test1.a; Console.log (test1.a); Undefined Console.log

Several methods of creating objects in JavaScript summary _javascript tips

Objective: With the advent of Web 2.0 (the most representative of Ajax technology), JavaScript is no longer the "toy language" programmers see. Programming is constantly simplifying, but the "user experience, performance, compatibility, scalability

Usage and difference of instanceof and typeof operators in JavaScript detailed parsing _javascript tips

Instanceof and typeof in JavaScript are often used to determine what type of variable is (an instance), but their use is different: typeof operatorReturns a string that is used to represent the data type of an expression. typeof expression; The

JavaScript get HTML static page parameter pass Value sample _javascript tips

Let's take a look at my code. Just embed the code in the paging file Example One Using regular expressions to get Copy Code code as follows: var locstring = String (window.document.location.href); function Getquerystr (str) {

Parsing JavaScript instanceof may return True_javascript tips for different constructors

We know that the instanceof operator is used to check whether an object is an instance of a constructor. The following lists the various scenarios in which it returns true. 1. Object obj was created through new constructor, then obj Instanceof

Understanding the role of hasOwnProperty () in JavaScript _javascript skills

The hasOwnProperty function method in JavaScript is to return a Boolean value that indicates whether an object has a property of the specified name. hasOwnProperty () Use method: Object.hasownproperty (Proname)Where the Parameter object is a

Six algorithms of JavaScript full arrangement implement _JAVASCRIPT techniques

Full arrangement is a time complexity of: O (n!) The algorithm, the first two days to give lectures to students, inadvertently think of this problem, come back summed up, can be solved by 7 kinds of algorithms, which the dynamic cycle similar

A brief introduction to the variable scope, value-transfer and _javascript of JavaScript based text and the technique of example

javascript: Declaration of variablesHere are a few ways to declare variables Copy Code code as follows: var value; var value,value1,value2;//declares multiple variables at the same time, but the values of these variables are all

Resolving the ambiguity _javascript technique of curly braces "{}" in JavaScript

There are four semantic functions of the curly braces in JS Semantic 1, organizing compound statements, which is the most common Copy Code code as follows: if (condition) { //... }else { //... } for () { //... }

JavaScript static page Transfer value three ways to share _javascript skills

One: JavaScript static page value pass URLCan pass the value of the URL. Connect the information you want to pass to the URL.Post.htm Copy Code code as follows: Read.htm Copy Code code as follows:

JavaScript scope chain Use introduction _javascript tips

Before writing a JavaScript closure is what the article understanding closure, feel written very clearly, you can simply understand the cause of closure, but see comments are said to understand the scope chain and active objects to really understand

How to implement multidimensional arrays with JavaScript _javascript tips

In C #, a multidimensional array can be defined in such a simple code: Copy Code code as follows: Int[,]myarray=new int[4,5]; How do you implement a multidimensional array without directly defining it in JavaScript? First,

Deep parsing of variable scopes in JavaScript _javascript tips

Before learning the variable scope of JavaScript, we should be clear on a few points: The variable scope of the JavaScript is based on its unique scope chain. JavaScript does not have a block-level scope. • Variables declared in a function are

On two types of global object/function _javascript techniques in JavaScript

The JavaScript described here refers to the hosting environment in the browser environment. The first is ECMAScript global object, and the second is global objects/functions under the Host Environment (host). One, core JavaScript built-in object,

JavaScript key events (compatible with each browser) _javascript tips

Part I: Key events in the browser Use JS to implement keyboard records, to pay attention to the browser's three key event types, that is, keydown,keypress and KeyUp, they correspond to the onkeydown, onkeypress and onkeyup These three event handles

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