A preliminary study of JavaScript custom events _javascript Tips

Also, "through the event mechanism, the class can be designed as a separate module, through the event external communication, improve the development efficiency of the program." ”。 believe that C # programmers are deeply aware of the benefits of

A comprehensive introduction to JavaScript practical skills and single vertical bar _javascript skills

JavaScript itself can be regarded as a simple language, but we also continue to use the wisdom and flexibility of the model to improve it. Yesterday we applied these patterns to the JAVASCRIPT framework, and today these frameworks drive our WEB

JavaScript array operations Practical tips _javascript Tips

1, concat method[Action] combines multiple arrays, and this method does not change the existing array, it only returns a copy of the associative array.[Syntax] Arrayobj.concat (array1,array2,...)Instance [Ctrl + A All SELECT

JavaScript detects the browser type and version of code _javascript tips

Code to detect the browser and its version Copy Code code as follows: Getbrowser:function () { var browser = { Msie:false, Firefox:false, Opera:false, Safari:false, Chrome:false, Netscape:false, appname: ' Unknown ', version:0

Ways to compare arrays and strings in JavaScript _javascript tips

Front. Strings and arrays have many similarities, their methods are numerous, and their similarity is high, but they are different, and strings are immutable, so they can be considered as read-only arrays. This article compares similar methods of

JavaScript linear gradient One _javascript technique

As the new force, Apple brought us a canvas tag. Canvas was first introduced in Mac OS X's dashboard and then supported by Apple's Safari browser, followed by the HTML5 standard, supported by standard browsers outside the IE kernel. Apple has done

On JavaScript operators--conditions, commas, assignments, () and void operators _javascript tips

Front. There are a total of 46 operators in JavaScript, and there are many operators in addition to the arithmetic, relational, bitwise, and logical operators described earlier. This article describes the conditional operator, the comma operator,

JavaScript Calculator Web version implementation code sharing _javascript tips

JavaScript Web calculator code, which is written in DW! HTML Chapter calculator > C ← ± + 7 8 9 - 4 5 6 x 1 2 3 ÷ 0 ▪ = ;/html> CSS Chapter @charset "Utf-8"; * * CSS Document //. TRB {

Javascript IsArray Array type detection function _javascript tips

1, typeof operator. There are no problems with functions, String, number, undefined objects of these types, but objects for array are useless: JS Code Copy Code code as follows: Alert (typeof null); "Object" Alert (typeof []);

_javascript techniques for JavaScript floating-point arithmetic precision problem

JS Code Copy Code code as follows: [Code] According to normal calculation, except the first line (because it can not be removed), the other should be accurate results, from the pop-up results we find that is not the correct result

Undefined and Null analysis of JavaScript type system _javascript skills

Front. The General program language, which indicates null only NULL, but JavaScript designer Brendan Eich but designed a undefined, which undoubtedly increased the complexity of the program, but there are some reasons for this. This article

Introduction to _javascript techniques in JavaScript setter and Getter methods

JavaScript in the setter, getter is the usual method of less contact, which itself is not a standard method, only in non-IE browser support (ie kernel may have other ways to do it?) For the time being, but there are many things you can do with it,

JavaScript to manipulate Word and Excel implementation code _javascript tips

1. Save HTML page to Word Copy Code code as follows: Cell 1 Cell 2 Cell 3 Cell 4 Cell merge test 2. Generate Word with JS Copy Code code as follows: ****

On the _javascript techniques of branching structure in JavaScript

Speaking of the branching structure in JavaScript, we have to mention the word Process control, all of our programs are made up of data and algorithms. program = data + algorithm Usually, the algorithm can be composed of "order", "branch", "loop"

JavaScript linear gradient Two _javascript tips

First of all, ie, this is the largest user base, if this part of the development does not come out, the basic can be said not to do. IE has the gradient filter, but compared to other browsers, the implementation is very weak, no multiple gradients

A deeper understanding of the Eval function _javascript techniques in JavaScript

1 Introduction to the use of the Eval function in JavaScript (2) How to execute global code within a function ► First, the use of eval, the content is relatively simple, familiar can skip. The Eval function receives an argument s, and if S is not a

JavaScript to get client information such as browser type and operating system version common code _javascript tips

/** * @author hechen/var GS = {/** get screen width **/screenwidth:function () {return window.screen.width; /*** Get screen height **/screenheight:function () {return window.screen.height; /** gets the browser ***/browse:function () {var

New features of JavaScript ES6 define Class_javascript techniques with new methods

ES6 (ECMAScript 6) is the upcoming new version of the JavaScript language standard, code-named Harmony (meaning of harmony, obviously did not keep pace with our country, we have entered the Chinese Dream version). The last standard was enacted in 200

New Array method in JavaScript ES5 standard _javascript Tips

There's a lot of new stuff in ES5, and knowing it helps us write JavaScript, like arrays, we probably don't need to rhythmic for loops. The write array method is added to the ES5, as follows: ForEach (JS v1.6)Map (JS v1.6)Filter (JS v1.6)Some (JS

Implementation of UTF-8 coding via JavaScript _javascript techniques

Character set for javascript: JavaScript programs are written using the Unicode character set. Unicode is a superset of ASCII and Latin-1, and supports almost all languages on Earth. ECMASCRIPT3 requires JavaScript to support Unicode2.1 and

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