JavaScript implementation of Web page jump and Page transfer value method _javascript skills

But sometimes, when an event is triggered, we first do some operations, and then jump, at this point, we need to use JavaScript to achieve this jump function. The following are the specific practices: One: Jump to a new page, and when opened in a

JavaScript notes two array and date object methods _javascript Tips

The object base of JavaScriptThis article mainly explains the various methods of the local object array and date.An object-oriented language needs to provide developers with four basic capabilities:(1) Encapsulation-the ability to store relevant

Objects and methods for JavaScript function calls _javascript tips

If you really understand how JavaScript functions invoke work, then you can avoid the occurrence of some bugs; Let's start by creating a simple function that will be used in the following article, which returns only the current value of this and two

Solutions that you can use to debug JavaScript errors _javascript Tips

A Use the alert () and document.write () methods to monitor variable values If you want to break the code and monitor the value of the variable, use the alert () method; If you need to see a lot of values, use the document.write () method to avoid

JavaScript Practical Tips (i) _javascript skills

The success of JavaScript is a great relish, writing JavaScript code for Web pages is the basic skill of all web designers, and this interesting language contains many things that are not well known, even for years of JavaScript programmers who have

Javascript type conversion Method _javascript tips

Variables in JavaScript also support free type conversions as applicable (or required) content for ease of use. Weak-type JavaScript does not convert from the actual variable type to the desired data type according to the programmer's wishes, such

Learn and assemble JavaScript anonymous functions _javascript tips

The Ancients have "given the fish, as the award of the fishing", without teachers, they can only learn "fishing". Let's start with a simple one! The following code is the most familiar, but do you know why it's written? Why add this code to the page,

JavaScript lexical scopes and closure analysis explains _javascript skills

Copy Code code as follows: var ClassA = function () { THIS.PROP1 = 1; } CLASSA.PROTOTYPE.FUNC1 = function () { var that = this, VAR1 = 2; function A () { return function () { alert (VAR1); alert (THIS.PROP1); }.apply

Class inheritance _javascript techniques in JavaScript

JavaScript inheritance And you are so clever and classless and--john Lennon JavaScript a class-oriented, object-oriented language that uses prototype inheritance to replace class inheritance. This may be a bit

JavaScript-Written Calendar class (based on PJ) _javascript tips

First look at the effect: Copy Code code as follows: " very simple to use; Create a Calendar object first Copy Code code as follows: var calendar=new calendar (); Just call the show () method

High performance JavaScript (high-performance JavaScript) reading notes analysis _javascript tips

Chapter I: Loading and executingThe browser's JavaScript engine is the compiler layer optimization; When a browser executes JavaScript code, it cannot do anything else at the same time (a single process), meaning that every time the tag appears, it

JavaScript.The.Good.Parts reading notes (ii) Scope & closure & techniques for mitigating global space pollution _javascript

such as code blocks Copy Code code as follows: if (true) { int i = 100; } print (i); Error, variable i no declaration As shown in the example above, a function outside of a block of code cannot access the I

Five reasons why your JavaScript technology sucks. _javascript Tips

This article is from the 5 reasons Your Javascript stinks this article translation. JavaScript has a bad reputation on the internet, but it's hard to find another language like it's so dynamic, so widely used, so rooted in our lives. Its low

Usage and application of callee and caller in JavaScript _javascript techniques

Caller: Functionname.caller returns the caller. Take a look at the following function, you can copy it to vs under Execute Copy Code code as follows: function caller () { if (Caller.caller) { Alert (caller.caller.toString ());

JavaScript defines a function method _javascript tips

JavaScript uses keyword function to define functions. A function can be declared, or it can be an expression. function declarationIn previous tutorials, you've learned about the syntax of function declarations: function functionname

Javascript Octal escape character (8 binary) _javascript tips

During the groping process, see such characters as "\155", used in place of the character "M". Why? .... Completely do not know the reason, the whole person suddenly panic! Don't say your 4 years of experience! "\155" and "M" is congruent, until now,

JavaScript advanced programming error handling and debugging learning notes _javascript Tips

14th Chapter error Handling and debugging 1. Open Browser Error report 1.1 Internet Explorer -toos→internet Option→anvanced→display A notification about every script error 1.2 Firefox -tools→error Console (Firebug) 1.3

That explains your JavaScript technology sucks. Five reasons to analyze _javascript skills

Its low learning threshold makes many people call it a pre-school scripting language, and another thing that makes people laugh is the notion of a dynamic language that uses a high standard of static data types. In fact, you and JavaScript are in

JavaScript text box watermark/placeholder (Watermark/placeholder) Implementation method _javascript tips

Firefox/chrome/opera has supported this feature from a version, but the IE series is not supported by IE9, so JavaScript is required to be compatible with browsers that do not support placeholder features. Popular Practice The common practice now

5 JavaScript number format functions share _javascript Tips

Decimal Rounding These two pieces of code help you to rounded up, for you to display prices or orders are more useful: Code 1: Copy Code code as follows: function currencyformatted (amount) { var i = parsefloat (amount); if

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