On the six kinds of data types of JavaScript and the _javascript techniques of special attention points

Six types of data that are common in JS: string type, NULL type, Number type, Boolean type, Object type. 1, typeof Point of attention Involving data types, it is unavoidable to mention that operator TypeOf. To note: 1, typeof is an operator, not

10 practical tips for JavaScript programming _javascript tips

In this article, I'll list 10 JavaScript practical tips, primarily for JavaScript novices and mid-level developers. Hopefully, every reader can learn at least one useful skill. 1. Variable Conversion It looks simple, but as far as I can see, using

Methods to implement array of functions in JavaScript _javascript tips

One of the biggest differences between JS and Java is that functions are also considered data and can operate like an object in Java. And because JS does not perform type checking, the array can store anything. So I wondered if the array could hold

On two types of global object/function _javascript techniques in JavaScript

The JavaScript described here refers to the hosting environment in the browser environment. The first is ECMAScript global object, and the second is global objects/functions under the Host Environment (host). One, core JavaScript built-in object,

An example of the counting-ordering of JavaScript sort algorithm _javascript skill

The counting sort (counting sort) is a stable sort algorithm. The count sort uses an extra array of Count_arr, where the first element is the number of elements in the array arr that are to be sorted to the value equal to I. The elements in the Arr

JavaScript get XML data with sample screenshot _javascript tips

Hot.xml file: Copy Code code as follows: Yifei MingXing/LiuYiFei.htm red Jolin Tsai MingXing/CaiYiLin.htm blue Zhangnala MingXing/ZhangNaLa.htm green Angela Culvert MingXiang/ZhangShaoHan.htm grey

JavaScript key events (compatible with each browser) _javascript tips

Part I: Key events in the browser Use JS to implement keyboard records, to pay attention to the browser's three key event types, that is, keydown,keypress and KeyUp, they correspond to the onkeydown, onkeypress and onkeyup These three event handles

JavaScript replaces existing elements ReplaceChild () use introduction _javascript tips

ReplaceChild (A,B) is used to replace an existing element in a document. Parameter A: the node to insert, Parameter B: the node to replace Copy Code code as follows: var odiv = document.getElementById ("Guodiv"); var Ospan =

How JavaScript determines whether a picture is loaded to get its size _javascript tips

Sometimes you need to get the size of the picture, which needs to be done after the picture is loaded. First, the Load event Copy Code code as follows: img-load event loading... Test, all

A solution for the multiplication of JavaScript floating-point numbers with multiple decimal places _javascript tips

JavaScript in the multiplication of floating-point numbers, there will be a number of decimal places.This is because in the operation of the first floating-point number into binary after the operation, but some decimal in the binary code after the

JavaScript in the prototype and inheritance detailed (graphic) _javascript skills

Forget all the object-oriented knowledge you learned before. Just consider the car situation here. Yes, it's the car. Recently I was watching Hours of Le Mans, a popular tournament in France. The fastest car is called the Le Mans prototype car.

JavaScript two cross-domain technology to introduce _javascript skills in a comprehensive way

This policy makes a significant restriction on the content of the page that JavaScript code can access, that is, JavaScript can only access content that is under the same domain as the document containing it.JavaScript is a security policy that is

JavaScript verify upload picture size [foreground handling]_javascript Tips

Requirements Analysis: In doing upload pictures, if you do not limit the size of the upload picture, the consequences are very serious. So how can we solve a thorny problem? There are two ways of doing this:1) Background processing: That is, Ajax

Encapsulation examples of touch events in JavaScript mobile device web development _javascript Tips


On touch-screen devices, some of the more basic gestures need to be encapsulated two times to achieve the touching event.Zepto is a class library with a higher usage rate on the mobile end, but some of the events that the Touch module simulates have

Methods for using ActiveXObject to manipulate local folders in JavaScript _javascript tips

On the Windows platform, JS can invoke many Windows provided ActiveXObject, this article uses JS to implement document processing, and use JS to write ActiveX to do a simple introduction. Copy Code code as follows: New Document

JavaScript operations Excel generate reports full Raiders _javascript tips

A recent project, using JavaScript to manipulate Excel to generate reports, below is an example of a detailed annotation Copy Code code as follows: ziyuanweihu Card

A workaround for single and double quotes in JavaScript _javascript tips

When you use JavaScript to display messages or pass character data, you often encounter single quotes (') or double quotes (") in the data, which often cause JavaScript to complain. The general adoption/' or/' solution. For example: Alert ('

Delve into JavaScript, jquery screen, right mouse button menu, and no replication _javascript tips

I remember the scripting code for the right mouse button when I first came into contact with Dynamic HTML and JavaScript, many of which were used to prevent browsers from copying text or other content on the page without permission, and later

JavaScript Regular expression parameters/g with/I and/GI Guidelines _javascript tips

Regularexpression=/pattern/[switch] This switch has three values G: Global match I: Ignore case GI: Global match + ignore case JScript Language Reference -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the

4 ways to invoke JavaScript functions _javascript tips

In JavaScript, a function is a first-class citizen, a function in JavaScript is a data type, not as a C # or other descriptive language just as a module to use. Functions have four invocation modes: function invocation form, method invocation form,

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