Talking about the difference between href= #与href =javascript:void (0)

# "contains a location informationThe default anchor point is #top, which is the upper end of the pageand javascript:void (0) only represents a dead linkThat's why there are times when the page is very long browse the link is obviously # but it

The stack structure in JavaScript

1. Definition of stacksThe stack is a data structure similar to a list, which can be used to solve many programming problems, the stack is an efficient data structure, because the data can only be added or deleted at the top of the stack, so the

Important concepts in JavaScript-closures-deep understanding

In the last share of javascript--function parameters and closures--in detail, the closure of the explanation is not deep enough. After a period of learning, I have a new understanding of the concept of closures. So the process of learning to

JavaScript best practices, including performance optimizations, coding practices, and more.

Yesterday skipped the contents of the previous chapters of the advanced programming of JavaScript, and jumped directly to the chapter of best practice, but that one was very much related to my practice at the time of the internship, so I felt that

In-depth understanding of the JavaScript Selector API series The second article--getelementsbyclassname

xTable of Contents [1] using [2]classlist [3] to extend the preceding wordsSince there are getElementById () and getElementsByTagName () methods, why is there no getelementsbyclassname ()? The id attribute, tag name, and class attribute have no

JavaScript this attribute, static method, and instance method, prototype

ref: this attribute, static method, and instance method, prototype

JavaScript Exports Web page table data to Excel files

Do not use the server-side technology, directly using JS to export the tabular data in the Web page as an Excel file, support all browsers;The prerequisite is that the table data in the Web page must be formatted with the table label and no errors

<< Write maintainable javascript>> to avoid using global variables

I. Reasons to avoid global variablesAvoid creating global variables in JS first, avoid naming conflicts, and avoid creating global variables to make your code brittle, and creating global variables makes your code difficult to test.Ii. several ways

Inheritance in JavaScript (prototype chain)

First, the prototype chainECMAScript the prototype chain as the main way to implement inheritance , the basic idea is to use the prototype to let one reference type inherit another reference type's properties and methods.Example 1:function Suptype ()

JavaScript closures, comparing an article in understood

Closures (closure) are a difficult and unique feature of the JavaScript language, and many advanced applications rely on closures.Here is my study note, which should be useful for JavaScript beginners.The scope of a variableTo understand closures,

JavaScript Learning Summary-Basic syntax-(iii)

2.6. Process Control Statement 2.6.1. JudgeJudgment statementSyntax for the IF statement:if (condition) statement1 else statement2  If the condition evaluates to True, Statement1 is executed and statement2 is executed if the condition evaluates to

JavaScript Advanced Features

The advanced feature of JavaScript is that learning JavaScript must be understood, otherwise we can learn JavaScript in the future with a variety of special effects and transformations that are really the same as the heavenly book. Some notes on

JavaScript Advanced Features

The advanced feature of JavaScript is that learning JavaScript must be understood, otherwise we can learn JavaScript in the future with a variety of special effects and transformations that are really the same as the heavenly book. Some notes on

Trigonometry in JavaScript

Trigonometry mainly studies triangles and their corner relationships, which contain a 90-degree angle triangle called right triangle. Here the main research right triangle related knowledge.    1. Angles and radians360 (angle) = 2*math.pi

Understanding the arguments object in JavaScript parameters

The ECMAScript function does not have an attribute for the signature, so there is no overload in the ECMAScript function.The presence of arguments in JavaScript can compensate for the lack of overloading of functions in JavaScript.The parameters in

JavaScript-like detection

First, the original (basic data: String, number, Boolean, null, undefined) types are detected.Detect the original type with typeof: 1. For strings, typeof returns "string";2. For numbers, typeof returns "number";3. For Boolean type, typeof returns

JavaScript: Fourth number and parsefloat and parseint Order of operations Note!

number is calculated from the whole parameter to the number typeAlert (Number (")");//0 //alert (number ([]));//0 Alert (number (' 20 yuan ')); =>nanAlert (number (null));=>0;Alert (number (document));=>nan;Alert (number (NaN));=>nan;Alert (number

In-depth understanding of JavaScript Object Series Part II-Property manipulation

xCatalog [1] query [2] settings [3] Delete [4] inherit the preceding wordsFor an object, property manipulation is a topic that cannot be bypassed. Similar to the basic operation of "Delete and delete", attribute operations are divided into attribute

In-depth understanding of JavaScript Object series The first--a preliminary knowledge object

xTable of contents [1] definition [2] creation [3] composition [4] references preceding wordsThe difficulty in JavaScript is functions, objects, and inheritance, as described in the previous series of functions. Starting from this series, this

RPC Framework selection for atitit.js JavaScript

RPC Framework selection for atitit.js JavaScript1 . DWR 12 . using ajaxrpc 12 . 2. Data Type mapping table 13 . Json-rpc Introduction and use of lightweight remote call protocol 23 . 1. 2.3. JavaScript Client Invocation Example 23 . 2. 2.4,

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