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Static code inspection is an indispensable part of development work, after all, for the programmatic work of the eyes of the person is not reliable, let alone the eyes to see their own code. Even if the final run result is passed, there may be

[Effective JavaScript note] 58th: Distinguishing between array objects and class array objects

ExampleImagine that there are two different classes of APIs.The first is a bit vector: an ordered set of bitsvar bits=new BitVector();bits.enable(4);bits.enable([1,3,8,17]);bits.bitAt(4);//1bits.bitAt(8);//1bits.bitAt(9);//0The Enable method is

JavaScript advanced Programming--Chapter 4th: variables, scopes, and memory issues

4.1.4 Detection TypeAlthough TypeOf is the right hand when detecting a base data type, we do not want to know if a value is an object while detecting the value of a reference type, but want to know what type of object it is. The instanceof operator

JavaScript Array Knowledge Network

JavaScript data type base data type Boolean Null Number String Symbol Undefined Object data Type objects Build-in Object Array Date Regexp More ... Array Definition:

JavaScript variables: Variable naming principles

The name of the variable is relatively not much technical content, today collation related to the principle of variable naming, mainly to tell you, although the name of no technical content, but for the personal code, or a team of the re-development

When you add a For loop statement for JavaScript in a SharePoint custom list page, the page will not open.

A custom new page for a normal list of SharePoint 2013, where I added a few lines of JavaScript code and the page won't open. :Really a word, Friendship Page said can not open ah. Then slowly compared to the discovery because there is a for loop in

Deep cloning of JavaScript objects

I don't know when it started, a new word emerged from the front circle: Object depth cloning. Looks like very tall on the appearance, actually is not new, in our actual project development, you may have already used, but because the Chinese

Details of several new efficient array operation methods in the JAVASCRIPT,ES5 standard

1, JS commonly used array Object properties:, which is marked with a red circle, and is a new attribute for ES5.2, browser support situation: ie:9+; Chrome; firefox2+; Safari to the most; Opera 9.5+; 3. Position

ArcGIS API for JavaScript (1)-Introduction and Basic Web Map setup (with source)

1. IntroductionArcGIS API for JavaScript (JavaScript API) is a set of scripts that ESRI calls the ArcGIS Server REST API interface, based on JavaScript technology. The latest version of the current edition is versions 3.17. ArcGIS API for JavaScript

JavaScript numeric conversion (number,parseint,parsefloat)

PS: Hurry up and take a look at it ~* There are 3 functions to convert non-numeric values to numeric values: Number(), parseint (), parsefloat () * The first function, the transformation function number () can be used for any data type, while the

JavaScript converts Unicode encoding to Chinese

Code laycode-v1.1The following methods are commonly used in the conversion of such data to Chinese issues.1. Eval parsing or new Function ("' + str + ')" ()str = eval ("'" + str + "'"); "I am a Unicode encoding" 1 Code laycode-v1.12.

JavaScript DOM Manipulation techniques

In general, we operate the DOM is relatively straightforward, especially after jquery, we will find that the operation of the DOM has become so simple, but there will be a lot of hidden pits, so sometimes the operation of the DOM is not as simple as

[Transferred] JavaScript exception handling.

My error handling clause:Window.onerror = function (errormessage, Scripturi, linenumber, ColumnNumber, errorobj) {console.log ("error message:",    ErrorMessage);    Console.log ("Error file:", Scripturi);    Console.log ("Error Lineno:", linenumber)

JavaScript Knowledge points Summary

1, JavaScript concept: is a language of expression, is also an object-based (objects) and event-driven (EventDriven), the security of good scripting language, running on the client, thereby reducing the burden on the server side, summarized as

JavaScript Small Features

1. js to determine whether it is a valid date 1234 functioncheck(date){    return (newDate(date).getDate()==date.substring(date.length-2));}//参数date可以格式化为xx-xx-xx或xxxx-xx-xx或用/分割 New Date: If date is an invalid

"Javascript Basics" embed another HTML document, embed content through plugins

1. Embed another HTML documentThe IFRAME element allows another document to be embedded in an existing HTML document. The following code shows the use of the IFRAME element:DOCTYPE HTML>HTMLLang= "en">Head> MetaCharSet= "UTF-8"> Metaname=

JavaScript Learning JS objects and JSON objects (Obj=json.parse (STU))

The JS object is a container for key-value pairs,Be sure to understand the use of commas and semicolons in JSIf a variable is not declared within a function (without using the var keyword), the variable is a global variable./w3cschool/i is a regular

JavaScript Page Information interaction

This article describes how to implement Web page information interaction using JavaScript scripts. The main features and uses of the basic elements in the form are described. To achieve dynamic interaction, you must have more complex knowledge about

Precedence of operators in JavaScript

Operator PrecedenceOperator precedence in JavaScript is a set of rules. This rule controls the order in which operators execute when evaluating expressions. Operations with higher precedence are performed Mr. Foo the operators of lower precedence.

The Split function in JavaScript

The Split function method in JavaScript is to split a string into substrings and then return the result as an array of strings. How to use:Stringobj.split ([separator[, limit]])Where stringobj is a required option. The String object or text to be

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