JavaScript's function scope and declaration in advance

Don't say a word; first a piece of code;var scope= ' global ';function Test () {alert (scope); Output undefine, not globalvar scope= ' local ';alert (scope); Output Local}Test ();You may think that the first alert will output global;But in fact the

Values and objects in JavaScript

First, create the object and initialize it A. Creating objects and methods using new Arrays and objects in javascript b, the literal representation method "Content-type"Content="Text/html;charset=utf-8"/> Arrays and objects in javascript C,

Native JavaScript to determine whether it is a mailbox, dangerous characters, verification length, verify URLs, verify decimals, integers, floating point numbers, and other commonly used validation

(71~80verification of this article is mainly 10 more commonly used form verification features, including the mailbox, dangerous characters, verification length, authentication URL, verification decimal, integer, floating point number and other

JavaScript jQuery-10 t-query (t-query, basic selector, T-query object, action method, create element, event binding)

First, T-queryDOM usage Issues-use DOM to parse and manipulate HTML elements in JavaScript-The DOM specification specified by the website is not only suitable for parsing and manipulating HTML pages, but also for parsing and manipulating XML

JavaScript DOM-10 Cookies (cookie overview, cookie manipulation)

I. Overview of CookiesCookie Introduction-Cookies are key/value pairs that are generated by the server and stored in the client file system (. txt format), which automatically sends the saved Cookie back to the server when the browser requests the

JavaScript base -11 JavaScript wrapper class object (Math, Date, number, Boolean)

One, JavaScript Math objectMath Object Overview-The Math object is a global object provided by ECMAScript, which mainly encapsulates some commonly used mathematical functions and constants-The Math object does not have a constructor, cannot create

javascript-Execution Environment

JavaScript's execution environment defines variables and functions that have access to other data and modify their values. Each execution environment has a variable object that defines all the variables and functions in the environment. The global

JavaScript Learning notes-data types

A data typeBase type: undefined,null,boolean,number,string save in stack memory space fixed variable accessed directly from the stack memory is the valueReference type: Array,object,function,regexp save in heap memory takes up space an invariant

Javascript-Browser-compatible client detection

Front-end development The most annoying thing is browser-compatible, because there are differences between browsers, so we need to write different code according to different browsers, we usually practice is the client detection. Here are three more

JavaScript basics -4 JavaScript operators, expressions

First, JavaScript operatorsOperator-Arithmetic operation +-*/% + +---Relational Operations > = -Logic Operations && | | !-Bit Arithmetic & | ~ ^ > >>>-Assignment operation = + = = *=/=%=-Character JOIN Operation +-Condition (trinocular)

"JavaScript advanced Programming" notes-----Chapter II

Fifth Chapter9. Function functions1) There are two special objects inside the function:(1) Arguments (mainly used to save function parameters, there is an attribute callee, which is a pointer to the function that owns the arguments object), but in

Objects in JavaScript

Object: Memory space in memory where multiple data or methods are saved, representing the result of saving multiple properties and methods in the program.There are three ways of creating objectsMethod an object Direct quantity (an object)// Create

Front-End notes 14 JavaScript syntax

Coercion type conversion functiontoString (): Converts Boolean, numeric, and so on to stringparseint (): Converts a String, Boolean value, to an integerparsefloat (): Converts a String, Boolean, and so on to a floating-point numberThere is no block

JavaScript Advanced Programming (third edition) study, first summary

Array typevar arr = [];arr.length; // returns the number of array elementsChanging the length can dynamically change the array size detection array instanceof can detect whether an object is an array, limit: can only be a Web page or a global

Interesting JavaScript implicit type conversions

The data type of JavaScript is very weak (otherwise it will not be called a weakly typed language)! When using arithmetic operators, the data types on either side of the operator can be arbitrary, for example, a string can be added to a number. It

Making Wheels and Wheels: QuickStart JavaScript modularity

Making Wheels and Wheels: QuickStart JavaScript modularitytime 2016-03-16 21:59:39 segmentfault Original 1190000004619857 ThemesJavaScriptObjectiveThey say, "Don't reinvent the wheel," like iphone--. It can play music in addition to making calls-but

JavaScript series: Modular and chained programming

modularity : Closures and function scopes (JS without block-level scope ES6) Construction module1 varman=function(){2 varAge=12;3 return {4GetYear:function(){5 returnAge ;6

"Front-end" javascript determines undefined, null, NaN, string inclusions, and so on

The method of judging null, undefined and nan in JSThis article mainly introduces the method of judging null, undefined and nan in JS, the need of friends can refer to the following. Wrote a str.="s"++and then Nan, looking for a while. The

JavaScript gets the last day of a month in a year

JavaScript gets the last day of a month in a year1. Implement source code javascript gets the last day of the month of the Year & lt;/title> 2. Achieve Results JavaScript gets the last day of a month in a year

JavaScript small instance, output the current client time in the page

The Time object (date ()) is relatively simple, this article is intended for beginners to use, Daniel can skip!This article takes the basic knowledge example, says the instance request:Output the current client time in the page (January 1, 2015

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