Read the summary of chapter eighth, "Writing maintainable JavaScript"

The eighth chapter avoids "empty comparison"Before we deal with the incoming parameters, we definitely need to verify if we want to, that is to say, in most cases, we need to compare the type.The author first gives a code that doesn't seem to feel

JavaScript Learning Notes: Property Types for objects

There are two types of properties in ECMAScript: Data properties and accessor properties1. Data propertiesConfigurable: Indicates whether the property can be redefined by deleting the property through the delete, or whether the attribute can be

JavaScript binary Operations

1, the original code, anti-code, complement, positive subtraction of the complement of the additionJS in the binary operation, the use of 32-bit binary integers, because JS integer are signed number, the highest bit 0 for positive numbers, 1 for

JavaScript Advanced Programming: Tenth Chapter

I. Understanding DOM with different levels of nodes1. Node hierarchyTake the following HTML as an example:sample pagehello world!This simple HTML document can be represented as a hierarchical structure.The document node is the root node of each

JavaScript Splice () method

Definition and usageJavaScript splice () is the most powerful, and it can be used to insert, delete, or replace elements of an array. Here is a brief introduction, interested friendsThe splice () method adds/deletes an item to/from the array, and

There are three functions in JavaScript that can encode a string

There are three functions in JavaScript that can encode strings, namely: Escape,encodeuri,encodeuricomponent, corresponding 3 decoding functions: Unescape,decodeuri, decodeURIComponent.Here's a brief look at the difference between them1 Escape ()

JavaScript creates a new object with prototype inheritance

function inherit (p) {if (p = = null) throw TypeError (); P is an object, but cannot be nullif (object.create)//If object.create () existsReturn Object.create (P); Use it directlyvar t = typeof P; Otherwise further detectionif (t!== "Object" && t!==

JavaScript type conversion (this post from NetEase front-end micro-professional personal study notes)

Small words: If you really want to write a good JS, first understand the JS type conversion. First paste out the three categories of JS object.1. Browser extension object: Activexobject,xml,debug,script,vbarray ...2. Host object:

The Replace method in JavaScript

Definition and usageThe replace () method is used to replace other characters with some characters in a string, or to replace a substring that matches a regular expression.Stringobject.replace (regexp/substr,replacement) Parameters

JavaScript BASIC programming variables, objects, data types, and functions

In the Web Standard. The Web page consists of three parts: structure, manifestation and behavior.Structural standard---->XHTML;Presentation Standard----->CSS;Behavioral Standards----->javascript;JavaScript is a programming language specifically

JavaScript Advanced Programming 第1-3 Chapter

Introduction to JavaScript in the first chapter1. JavaScript implementation: consists of three different parts: core (ECMAScript), Document Object Model (DOM), Document Object Model ( BOM)2, ECMAScript1) ECMAScript defined by ECMA-262 does not

JavaScript cross-domain summary and solutions What is cross-domain

What is a cross-domain 1, the Document.domain+iframe setting 2. Create script dynamically 3. Using IFRAME and Location.hash 4, realization of cross-domain data transfer 5. Use HTML5 postMessage 6. Using Flash

Easy to learn JavaScript three: The combination of JavaScript and HTML

Excerpt from: scripts in HTML must be between tags, and JavaScript scripts can be placed on HTML pages labels and tags, which are generally placed in tags, depending on the situation.One will tell

JavaScript Great God Practice Note (2)

Good reader friends, before I have a general understanding of the role of JavaScript and some basic function declaration and variable declaration, today we go on to the previous content, we will look at the logic of javscript (positive order, Branch,

JavaScript alert,confirm,prompt Box Usage

1. Alert is a pop-up warning box that adds \ n to the text to wrap. 2. Confirm Pop-up confirmation box, will return a Boolean value, through this value can be determined when clicking on the confirmation or cancellation. True indicates click on

JavaScript currency formatting

Currency formattingExample1 DOCTYPE HTML>2 HTML>3 Head>4 Scriptsrc= "Http://">Script>5 Head>6 Body>7HelloBR>8 Script>9 //format money:x,xxx.xxTen functionMoneyformat (money, digit) { One Digit=Digit> 0

Generate a ZIP archive on the web side via JavaScript and download

Source: Generate a ZIP archive on the web side via JavaScript and downloadWhat is Zip.js?Zip.js's GitHub project address: zip.js encapsulates a plug-in that generates a ZIP file on the Web page, creates a

Microsoft Edge embedded JavaScript engine is about to open source

Microsoft Today (2015 December 10th) announced the forthcoming open source Chakra Core Control and renamed "Chakracore", which contains all the core features of all Edge JavaScript engines. Chakracore will be released next month on GitHub. Chakra

JavaScript in-depth understanding of function-function transfer value

In JavaScript, because the function name is a variable, the function can also be used as a value. Not only can we pass a function to another function like passing parameters, but we can also return a function as the return value of another

[2015-12-10 profile] see a little every day [Javascript.dom Programming Art (2nd edition)]

13:23~14:30 the 2nd Chapter-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Data typeVariable name: Alpha-Numeric $ _ (first not allowed to be a number)Underline separate each wordFunction name: Hump

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