JavaScript authoritative design-event bubbling, capturing, event handlers, event sources, event objects (briefly learn note 18)

1. Event bubbling and event capture2. Event and event handle  3. Event delegation : Leveraging event bubbling technology. The event of the child element eventually bubbles to the parent element until it is followed by the node. Event snooping parses

The difference between the head and body of JavaScript (the proposal is placed in the head tag)

Where JavaScript scripts are placed The javascripts in the HTML body section is executed when the page is loaded. The javascripts in the HTML Head section is executed when it is called. —————————————————————————— Scripts in the head section: scripts

JavaScript learn to get URL parameters

  I have seen several interview questions recently, one of which is about writing a method to get the field contents of the URL query section of the browser address bar. Although I have seen the related things before, but feel a little vague, so it

JavaScript Data type Detection

There are two values for data types in javascript:A: Basic data type: number, String, Boolean, Undefined, Null;B: Reference type data: Object, Array, Function, Date, REGEXP;How do you check which data type the variable belongs to ....1.typeof

JavaScript learning Experience

There are three functions in JS that can convert non-numeric types to numeric types: number (), parseint (), parsefloat (). the first function, the transformation function number () , can be used for any data type, while the other two functions

Chapter One: Data structure and algorithm JavaScript description

In front-end engineers, there is often a voice, why we have to learn data structures and algorithms, no data structures and algorithms, we do a good job.In fact, the algorithm is a broad concept, we write any program can be called the algorithm,

JavaScript operators (operators) and precedence

Recently, because of the source code in the reading Underscore.js, plus the IFE before the completion of the JavaScript part of the Task2, which a large number of abbreviated sentence wording, especially like?: This trinocular operator is combined

JavaScript in debugging bugs in Kinky Tricks (Chrome, Firebug, Filddle Debug)

Fiddler Fiddler mode use know how much (a) in-depth study Fiddle Fiddle Chrome Google Chrome Official Chrome-Basics Chrome-Advanced Chrome-Performance Chrome-Advanced Performance

Javascript Try Catch finally

I'm not going to sell you a cute one. function bar:public.js//Abnormal output function exception (ex) { Console.log ("@ eldest brother, find exception information, start recording ..."); Console.log ("Exception type:" +;

Javascript Deep Clone

The code is as follows: Deepcopy:function (obj) { return _.isobject (obj)? Json.parse (json.stringify (obj)): obj;}, Reproduced as follows: Pasted over the format is chaotic: The original in this:

Substring and Substr methods in JavaScript (JS)

1.substring methodDefinition and usageThe substring method is used to extract the character of a string intermediary between two specified subscripts.GrammarStringobject.substring (Start,stop)Parameter descriptionStart Required. A nonnegative

"Advance (hoist)" For variables and function declarations in JavaScript

Variable declaration "was advanced"The syntax of JavaScript is similar to C, Java, C #, and is collectively referred to as Class C syntax. Students with C or Java programming experience should be familiar with the "declare first, later use" rule,

JavaScript Code checker tool-jshint

Static code inspection is an indispensable part of development work, after all, for the programmatic work of the eyes of the person is not reliable, let alone the eyes to see their own code. Even if the final run result is passed, there may be

JavaScript Object local objects, built-in objects, and host objects

In JavaScript, an object has an attribute (attribute), an attribute can be the original value, or a reference value can be made. If the attribute holds a function, it is treated as a method of the object, otherwise the attribute is considered a

JavaScript implementation of common sorting algorithm

Written interview often involves a variety of algorithms, this article briefly introduces some commonly used algorithms, and implemented with JavaScript. 1. Insert Sort 1) Introduction to AlgorithmsThe algorithm description of Insert sort

On the use of JavaScript arrays

The size of the arrayThe JS array can be resized dynamically, more specifically, without the concept of an array out of bounds, a[a.length] nothing wrong. For example, declare an array a = [1, 3, 5], now the array size is 3, the last element index

About the variable definition of JavaScript in scope you don't know something.

1 //look at a piece of code first2 varA = 100;3 functionTest () {4 alert (a);5 varA = 200;6 }7 8 test ();9 /*Ten results: undifined One cause: The JS engine scans the script code block as it executes it. A declare all variables first, so when

JavaScript Advanced Programming---Event object

An event is an implementation of asynchronous programming that is essentially a specific message passed between the various components of a program.DOM event operations (listening and triggering) are defined on the Eventtarget interface  The

JavaScript Advanced Programming---Node

Dom is the short name of the Document Object model, the basic idea of DOM is to parse a structured document into a series of nodes, composed of these nodes into a number of Dom trees, all of these nodes and the final tree structure has a unified

JavaScript authoritative design--javascript expressions with operators, statements (briefly study note six)

1.delete is a unary operator used to delete object properties or elements. var a={ x:1, y:2}delete a.x; // Delete x attribute "x" in a //False;a object no longer exists x attribute alert (a.x) // undefined, there's still something

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