JavaScript Regular Expressions

A regular expression is an object that describes a character pattern, and the RegExp class of JavaScript represents a regular expression, and both string and RegExp define methods, which use regular expressions for powerful pattern matching and text

Use of Try Catch finally in JavaScript

Example one:function message () { try { adddlert ("Welcome guest!") ) } catch(err) { txt= "There is an error on this page. \ n \ nthe " txt+ =" Error description: "+ Err.Description +" \ n " txt  + =" Click OK to continue. \ n \ nthe "

Functions and closures in JavaScript

Go from JavaScript in-depth understanding JS Closure _javascript Tricks _ Scripting House (closure) are a difficult and unique feature of the JavaScript language, and many advanced applications rely on

The commonplace JavaScript scope problem

In the front-end learning, the scope of the problem has been widely mentioned, what is the scope, what is the scope chain? In JavaScript, how to understand these concepts is the key to learn this language, so in the process of learning the front-end

Javascript Strict Mode detailed

I. Overview In addition to the normal operating mode, ECMAscript 5 adds a second mode of operation: "Strict mode" (strict). As the name implies, this mode allows JavaScript to run under stricter conditions. The purpose of setting up a "strict mode"

JavaScript Learning--array Types

This article is my own study summary, for beginners reference use. The great god please ignore .... Knowledge summary from JS Advanced Programming ^ _ ^First, each entry of the array type in JS can hold any type of data. And the size of the array

In-depth understanding of the JavaScript series (26): Design pattern constructor mode

IntroducedConstructors are familiar to everyone, but if you are a novice, it is necessary to understand what is called a constructor. Constructors are used to create objects of a particular type-not only the objects that are used, but also

In-depth understanding of the JavaScript series (8): S.O.L.I.D Five Principles of the Richter replacement principle LSP

ObjectiveIn this chapter, we are going to explain the 3rd S.O.L.I.D of the Five principles of JavaScript, the Richter replacement principle LSP (the Liskov Substitution Principle).English Original:

Meta-programming using JAVASCRIPT (Web site cannot be played)

Felix Woo World because I exist Home Thinkpage News Weather Glickr Album Message boards Friendship Link 2007-88 Meta Programming with JavaScript posted: 16:50 | Category: Development Technology | Comments: 2

Bit manipulation of JavaScript, integer, binary

  bit and (x&y): binary operation of the operand, if the two operand of a two is 1, the corresponding result bit is set to 1.0x0007 & 0x0003 = 0x0003\A small old brown dog: 64 + 16 + 8 + 2 = 90Search for a pet with a specific tag, only need to do

30 JavaScript questions and answers that you "can't do all"

1, the following expression runs as a result: ["1", "2", "3"].map (parseint) a.["1", "2", "3"]b.[1,2,3]c.[0,1,2]D. Other2, the following expression runs as a result: [typeof null, NULL instanceof Object] A.["Object",

JavaScript Advanced Programming Reading notes (iii) variables, scope, and memory issues

Fourth: variables, ranges, and memory issuesTest Type: typeof is the best tool for determining whether a variable is a string, a numeric value, a Boolean, or a undefined . But assuming that the value of the variable is an object or null,typeof only

javascript[easy to ignore ERROR]: line break is missing when continuation line encounters newline

1. IntroductionIn JavaScript, when you define a large string, especially if there is a line break, in order to look neat and readable, you generally use a continuation character, for example:var script = "var chart = Anychart.piechart ([['

Learning in JavaScript mode

Read a lot of online articles, basically get a conclusion: some write class tool functions or framework of the writing class is essentially a constructor + prototype1. Use constructors to define class properties (fields).2. Define the method of the

Detail JavaScript data types and conversions

Detail JavaScript data types and conversions JavaScript data Types1.Boolean (BOOL)Boolean: (value type) var b1=true;//boolean type2.Number (digital)Value: (value type) var n1=3.1415926;//numeric typeN1.tofixed (3);//rounding retains 3

JavaScript implements an array of objects sorted by different fields

Suppose there is an array of objects that we want to sort by an array of object properties, and the comparison function passed to the arrays sort () method receives two parameters, that is, the value to compare. However, we need a way to indicate

JavaScript template engine principle, a few lines of code of the Thing

JavaScript template engine principle, a few lines of code of the ThingWhat is the template engine, said simple point, is a string in which there are several variables to be determined. Like what:var TPL = ' Hei, my name is , and I\ ' m years old. ';

Look at JavaScript threads again

After discussing some of the JavaScript threading knowledge, we might as well look back and see if JavaScript is not multithreaded. The following is a very simple code (demo, without considering compatibility issues): code judgment one:DivID= "Div"

Does JavaScript really have to be asynchronous? and see the principle of settimeout and the use of settimeout (0)

Before today I always thought settimeout This function is asynchronous, inadvertently saw an article about settimeout, found that their previous understanding is all wrong, hurriedly summed up.Look at the code first:var start = new Date ();

JavaScript notes 04:let Statements and yield statements and with statements

1.yield statement:2.with statementsEquivalent to:JavaScript notes 04:let Statements and yield statements and with statements

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