45 kinds of JavaScript skills Daquan

The sample code in this article has been tested on the latest version of Google Chrome 30 (V8 Be sure to use the var keyword when assigning a variable for the first timeVariables are not declared and are directly assignable, and as a


The DOM (Document Object model) is an API (application interface) for HTML and XML documents. The DOM depicts a hierarchical node tree that runs a developer to add, remove, and modify portions of a page.The DOM provides two node interfaces, a node

JavaScript Basic Learning-javascript authoritative guide--8.6 function closure

One, what is closures?The official explanation is that closures are an expression (usually a function) that has many variables and environments that bind them, and so these variables are also part of the expression.It is believed that very few

Your own summary of JavaScript basics

For an interview with a summary written by yourself, refer to the article: "JavaScript Advanced Programming"1. Selector API*queryselector ()Queryselector () receives a CSS selector, returns the first element that matches the selector, and returns

On several cloning (clone) methods in JavaScript

Clone is to copy the original thing as it is, and the new copy has nothing to do with the previous thing.A: In JavaScript, if the cloned object is a basic type, we can assign it directly:var sStr = "Kingwell"; var cStr = sStr; alert (CSTR); //

JavaScript Design patterns and development practices

 What is a higher order function?  A higher order function is a function that satisfies at least one of the following conditions:1. Functions can be passed as parameters2. function can be output as return value    1. The function is passed as a

44 Classic Tips for JavaScript development

JavaScript is a world-leading programming language for Web development, mobile application development (PHONEGAP, Appcelerator), server-side development (node. js and Wakanda), and more. JavaScript is also the first language for many beginners to

JavaScript Small notes Classic algorithm, etc...

1. Use the parameters inside the ToString () to achieve a quick conversion between the various binaries:var n = 17;binary_string = n.toString(2);//->二进制"10001"octal_tring = n.toString(8);//->八进制"021"hex_string =

JavaScript in caller and callee

Recently learned JavaScript, encountered caller and callee problems, to go online Baidu a lot. Search the content of Datong small benefits, finishing summed up and share with you.Caller: Returns a reference to the function that called the functions

Summary of JavaScript common operators and operators

Summary of JavaScript common operators and operators Category Operator Arithmetic operators +, –, *,/,% (modulo) String operator + String Connection + = string Join compound

JavaScript converts Unicode encoding to Chinese

VarThe following methods are commonly used in the conversion of such data to Chinese issues.1. Eval parsing or new Function ("' + str + ')" ()// "I am a Unicode encoding"2. Unescape parsing// "I am a Unicode encoding"Unicode Mini-Encyclopedia:In the

JavaScript Note 08:javascript's if...else statement

The case code is as follows: Click this button to get a time-based greeting. click here var elem= document.getElementById ("demo"); get Elementelem.innerhtml = x; The HTML content of Elem becomes x, where x is the HTML contentThis means

Considerations for array literal notation in JavaScript

JavaScript can initialize arrays by array literal notation, however, ie and other browsers differ in handling the empty values of the array literal notation, as shown in the following code.Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original

The difference between AddEventListener and attachevent and Element.onclick in JavaScript

attachevent is the IE add event handler, receive two parameters, where the event type name is added "on",multiple event handlers can be added and triggered in reverse order of addition;AddEventListener is to add an event handler for non-IE, receive

IndexOf (), remove (), splice () methods for JavaScript arrays

JS, delete an element in the array by valueArray.prototype.indexOf = function (val) {for (var i = 0; i if (this[i] = = val) return i;}return-1;};Array.prototype.remove = function (val) {var index = This.indexof (val);if (Index >-1) {This.splice

Javascript--dom Access sub-node ChildNodes

Access sub-node ChildNodesAccesses the list of all child nodes under the selected element node, the returned value can be considered an array, and he has the length property.Grammar:Elementnode.childnodesAttention:If the selected node has no child

JavaScript Advanced Programming (Third Edition) Learning notes (2)

Fifth Chapter Literal notation var person = { name:"a", age:10, 5true// 数值属性名自动转换为字符串}; The "First name" contains a space, so you cannot use dot notation to access it, but you can person["first name" Each item of

JavaScript Development Specification

This article mainly introduces JS naming specification, annotation specification and some problems of framework development.Catalogue1. Naming conventions: Introduction of naming conventions for variables, functions, constants, constructors, members

This in JavaScript (you don't know the JavaScript)

This in JavaScript, when we were just touching JavaScript, everyone was doing a lot of talking about how smart and important it was, but they didn't care; with their own step-by-step understanding of JavaScript, it suddenly dawned, it really is very

JavaScript Regular Expressions

A regular expression is an object that describes a character pattern, and the RegExp class of JavaScript represents a regular expression, and both string and RegExp define methods, which use regular expressions for powerful pattern matching and text

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