JavaScript cross-domain access

XMLHttpRequest Cannot load . No ' Access-control-allow-origin ' header is present on the requested resource. Origin ' null ' is therefore not allowed access.Looked up the information, found that it is the new standards of the

JavaScript learns-JS's Date object function

The date function of JS is very powerful. Usually used.First get the current date:var curdate = new Date (), var year = Curdate.getfullyear (); Year (four-digit example:) var Month = Curdate.getmonth () +1; Month 0~11var day = Curdate.getdate ();

JavaScript Cookie Manipulation

1 HTML>2 Head>3 MetaCharSet= "Utf-8">4 title>Javascript Cookiestitle>5 Scripttype= "Text/javascript">6 functionGetCookie (c_name)7 {8 alert (document.cookie);9 if(Document.cookie.length>0)Ten { One C_start=document.cookie.indexOf (C_name+ "="

The DOM in JavaScript

dom:document Object ModelD is for document:the DOM cant work without a document. When you create a Web page and load it on a Web browser, the DOM comes to life. The It takes the document, which has written and turns it into an object.  O is for

Example code that JavaScript determines the difference between two dates

Example code that JavaScript determines the difference between two datesDate difference We need to use the same as in PHP, such as 2015-08-30, and then after the conversion to seconds after the two-day number of seconds to subtract after the

JavaScript language Essence Note 01

The content is relatively simple, just from the beginning to comb the knowledge of JSGrammarBlankIdentifierDigitalStringStatementObjectObject literalRetrievalUpdateReferencePrototypeReflectionEnumerationDeleteReduce global variable

Arcgis for JavaScript implementation of the Baidu map ABCD marker effect

Overview:In my blog, there is a related article, this time, a lot of people asked me to seek the source code, only the time has long, the source codes have been found, riding this 9.3 holiday, and re-realized the next, and the relevant code has been

JavaScript Event Summary (event handler mode)--javascript Advanced Programming Notes

1. Event Flow: Describes the order in which events are received from the page.2. Event bubbling: The event flow of IE is called event bubbling, that is, the event starts to receive from the concrete element (the node with the deepest nesting level

"Ascension" of function scopes in JavaScript

variable elevation of function scope in JavaScriptWhen we declare a variable with the keyword var inside the function, the scope of the variable is limited to the current function.Elevation: Within a scope, regardless of where a variable is declared

JavaScript prototype Learning

function foo (A, B, c) {return a*b*c;} Alert (foo.length), alert (typeof foo.constructor), alert (typeof; alert (typeof foo.apply); alert (typeof Foo.prototype);For the above code, after running in the browser you will find:

Whether the local object of the JavaScript can be modified (native object)

This article is translated from Rapydscript's author Alexander Tsepkov's blog.Original address: Note: local objects (native object) refers to "objects provided by ECMAScript

JavaScript Date Object

Date ObjectThe Date object is used to process dates and times.To create the syntax for a Date object:var mydate=new Date ()Note: The Date object automatically saves the current date and time as its initial value.Date Object Properties

JavaScript Base-arguments Object

Arguments is the inner object of the function, it is the existence of an array of classes, the so-called class array is not an array of methods, but can be subscript to access the internal elements, also has the length property. What is its

Javascript for loop specifies anchor point jumps

In some cases where multiple nested for loops are usedBreak and continue will be used to jump the loop.Break is jumping out of the loopContinue is to jump out of the current loop and continue the next loopThe multi-layer for loop nesting uses these

Definition of function functions in JavaScript and declaration of variables < Basics one >

Three ways to construct functions in 1.JavaScriptA.function createfun () {}B. var createfun=function () {}C. var createfun=Newfunction("A", "B", "Return A*b"); Createfun (10,3);Three ways to declare variables in 2.JavaScriptA.var

The difference between an array in JavaScript and a pseudo-array

In JavaScript, all but 5 of the original data types are objects, including functions.5 Types of raw data: Number Boolean String Null Undefined In this context, let's talk about JavaScript objects.1. Create objectsvar

Excerpt from the Book of JavaScript revelation

1. JavaScript pre-packaged 9 native object constructors: Number (), String (), Boolean (), Object (), Array (), Function (), Data (), RegExp (), Error () 2, the above object returns a type other than function returns function, the other returns an

Commonly used 107-piece JavaScript

1. document.write (""); Output statementThe comments in the 2.JS are//3. Traditional HTML Document order is: document->html-> (head,body)4. The DOM order in a browser window is: window-> (navigator,screen,history,location,document)5. Get the name

21 best and most useful JavaScript chart libraries

Each enterprise is inclined to do data analysis when making important decisions. In fact, they often sink into the data and don't know how to jump out of it. With the advent of big data, once-useful tables and charts just don't cut it

JavaScript prototype detailed

Used JavaScript students are sure to prototype thunderclap piercing, but this is what is a beginner consensus, only know that the function will have a prototype attribute, you can add a function for instance access, others are not clear, recently

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