JavaScript Number Object

JavascriptNumber Object JavaScript has only one numeric type.You can use it or you can write a number without using a decimal point. JavaScript numbersJavaScript numbers can be used or written without using a decimal point:Example Var pi=

The Javascript-break statement is used to jump out of loops

The break statement is used to jump out of a loop.The Continue is used to skip an iteration in the loop.Break statementWe have seen the break statement. It is used to jump out of a switch () statement.The break statement can be used to jump out of a

Javascript--javascript errors-Throw, Try, and Catch

JavaScript errors-Throw, Try, and CatchJS breakJS VerificationThe TRY statement tests the code block for errors.The catch statement handles the error.The throw statement creates a custom error.Mistakes are bound to happen.When the JavaScript engine


Comparison and logical operators are used to test for true or false.Comparison operatorsComparison operators are used in logical statements to determine whether a variable or value is equal.Given x=5, the following table explains the comparison

A comprehensive analysis of JavaScript XMLHttpRequest objects

Reprint:, IntroductionAsynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) is a special term used to implement the process of data interaction between client script and server. The advantage of this technique is that it

An array of javascript

First, define the array.There are two ways to define an array:1, var arr1 = []; Define an empty array2, var = [arr2, "str1", "str2"]; Defines an array of 5 elements.3, var arr3 = new Array (3); Define an empty array4, var arr4 = new Array ("str1",

Summary of JavaScript types, values, and variables

The data types of JavaScript are divided into two categories: primitive type and object type. 5 Primitive types: Number, String, Boolean, null (NULL), undefined (undefined). An object is a collection of properties, each of which consists of a

ActiveXObject objects in JavaScript

The ActiveXObject object in JavaScript is a reference that enables and returns a Automation object. How to use:NEWOBJ = new ActiveXObject (servername.typename[, location])ActiveXObject object syntax has these parts: where newobj is a required option.

Cryptography-javascript Encryption Algorithm Library

Example 1:the following Example uses AES function.Scripttype= "Text/javascript"src= "Http://">Script>Scripttype= "Text/javascript">varCrypt= NewCrypt (); //Constructor/** *

JavaScript Learning Summary-tips, practical functions, concise methods, programming details

Some of the skills of the JavaScript, more practical functions, common function implementation methods, only for referenceVariable conversionsEdit var MyVar = "3.14159", str = "" "+ myvar,// to Stringint = ~~myvar,//To

JavaScript String Object

Original: JavaScript String ObjectString Object 1. IntroducedString object that operates on a string, such as intercepting a substring, finding a string/character, converting a case, and so on.2. Definition Method 2.1 new string (value) constructor:

or WebBrowser, print Setup and JavaScript code

1 The WebBrowser controls built into IE are used, without the need for users to download and install. WebBrowser has a lot of features, in addition to the printing of other functions will not be described, you can use the printing function almost

The ambiguous relationship between the JavaScript prototype chain and the instanceof operator

Time back two months ago, simple geography of the prototype chain, prototype and __proto__ between the chaotic relationship, but also a simple understanding of the next TypeOf and instanceof two operators, but, anyway, try the following two

JavaScript Prototype Basics 1

I. Overview of Prototypes:Each function we create has a prototype (prototype) attribute, which is an object whose purpose is to contain properties and methods that can be shared by all instances of a particular type.This is logically understood:

JavaScript push () and splice () methods

JavaScript push () method definition and usageThe push () method adds one or more elements to the end of the array and returns the new length.GrammarArrayobject.push (Newelement1,newelement2,...., newelementx) Parameters

Arithmetic operators for JavaScript

ECMAScript defines 5 arithmetic operators, plus, minus, multiply, divide, and modulo (take-up). If the value of the arithmetic operation is not numeric, then the background will first convert it to a numeric value (implicit conversion) using the

JavaScript differences between DOM event object, ie event object, old browser event object

Event Flow:Event Bubbling: The event is initially received by the most specific element (the node with the deepest nesting level in the document) and then propagated up to the least specific node (document).Event capture: A less specific node should

A detailed explanation of JavaScript running mechanism: Another talk about event Loop

A year ago, I wrote an article, "What is Event Loop?" , and talked about my understanding of the event loop. Last month, I happened to see Philip Roberts's speech, "Help, I ' M stuck in an Event-loop". It is only embarrassing to find that their

Interview questions: JavaScript multidimensional array conversion one dimension

Topic:var array = [1, [2, 3, [4, 5,], 6], 7, 8];Write a method Flatarray (array), get [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8]Answer:1. Two force notation:function Flatarray (arr) { var temp = arr.join (). Split (', '), = temp.length, = [];

Non-null judgments in Javascript undefined,null, the difference between Nan

Original source: data type before you introduce the differences between the three, take a look at the JS data type. In a language like Java, C, before using a variable, you need to define the

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