JavaScript Learning Note--cookie

What is a Cookie"A cookie is a variable stored on a visitor's computer. This cookie is sent whenever a page is requested by the same computer through a browser. You can use JavaScript to create and retrieve the value of a cookie. "-W3schoolA cookie

How JavaScript operates on time

The Date object is an internal data type of JavaScript.The Date object has no properties that can be read and written directly, and all access to date and time values is performed through its methods.Date and time of day returned by date ()GetDate ()

JavaScript print Diamond input print line number automatic printing

charset= "utf-8" > print Diamond JavaScript print Diamond input print line number automatic printing

JavaScript Print inverted pyramid smiley face shape (novice must SEE)

DocumentJavaScript Print inverted pyramid smiley face shape (novice must SEE)

JavaScript data type-related knowledge points

(1) Basic Data type IntroductionJavaScript data types fall into two categories: primitive type (primitive type) and object typeOr, you can have a type of method and a type that cannot have a methodOr, variable (mutable) type and immutable (immutable)

Boolean value of JavaScript

JavaScript has a Boolean value of only two values, reserved words true and false.Any JavaScript value can be converted to a Boolean value. The following values are converted to false:Undefinednull0-0nan ""//empty stringAll other values, including

"JavaScript" uses regular expressions to check if the input box is a URL

This function is also very common in the Web page, the link part, the form fills in the personal homepage, uses the JavaScript to verify whether is the URL.This test is not good to write, it is best to use regular expressions to

Comprehensive understanding of object-oriented JavaScript

The context dependency of the object varstr ="I am a String object, I declare here, but I do not exist independently! " varobj = {des:"I am an object, I declare here, I do not exist independently. " }; varFun =function () {Console.log ("I am a

Understanding of JavaScript self-running functions (function () {}) ()

Open the jquery source file today (jquery-1.8.3) and see how the jquery initialization process is(function( window, undefined ) {    // ....})( window );Beginning to understand this writing, after a few searches finally understand its usage and why

The ToString () and valueof () functions of JavaScript

1. Why do we need to know both of these methodsAs we all know, the toString () function and the valueof function, these two functions are inherently owned by objects of the object class, and they can also allow us to rewrite, so what is the use of

JavaScript for multi-browser compatibility issues and solutions

CSS and JavaScript development, the most frustrating problem is browser compatibility, although many articles have this aspect of the article, but still let a lot of developers dizzy, but also not comprehensive. This article will be a comprehensive

Javascript multi-browser compatibility issues and solutions

Whether it is the website application or learning JS, we pay attention to IE and Firefox browser compatibility issues, after all, these two browsers are accounted for the overwhelming majority.CSS multi-browser compatibility issues and solutions

JavaScript get radio selected values in form

Radio is a very common form element in form forms, and for radio operations, all of the radio's checked properties are used for radio properties. When you get the selected value of radio, traverse the radio button item, locate the button that is

JavaScript Action checkbox check box

The way JavaScript operates a checkbox is similar to how it operates radio, using the checked property of element items. Gets the checkbox element collection, iterates through the collection, and operates on each item in the collection.Here are a

Javascript/jquery Create a new summary table based on the table on the page

Mission Background and requirementsAccording to the existing table on the page, use JS to generate a new statistical table as follows:Implementation ideas1. Extract the tabular data to generate a JSON array2, calculate the total number of tables and

44 Kinds of JavaScript tips

1. Be sure to use the var keyword when assigning a variable for the first timeVariables are not declared and are directly assignable, and as a new global variable by default, avoid using global variables as much as possible.2, use = = = Replace =

45 kinds of JavaScript skills Daquan

JavaScript is a world-leading programming language for Web development, mobile application development (PHONEGAP, Appcelerator), server-side development (node. js and Wakanda), and more. JavaScript is also the first language for many beginners to

JavaScript Regular expression: matches all HTML tags

This regular expression collects in the network, but that website even copies all need to register the member, despises it, therefore does not mention him. Also, the original author could not be the site.The HTML tag has this pair, also has this

JavaScript Tour-First stop: Starting with variables

Source: First-line Code Farm Blog Welcome to share the original to Bole headlinesWork these years, JS study is not very good, just weekend some leisure time, simply buy this "JS authoritative guide", the famous rhino book, Good to JS in-depth look.

Javascript--function Type (11)

//In JS, the function type is actually Object each function is of type Example , and all the same as other reference types has properties and methods ;Since the function is an object, the function name is actually a pointer to the function object

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