Scopes and declarations in "translation" JavaScript are in advance

Original: = = Translation starts = = =Do you know what the following JavaScript script execution results are?1 var foo=1; 2 function Bar () {3 if (! foo) {4 var foo=10; 5

Javascript: Basic usage of date objects (dates)

This code is compiled from W3school: 1. Get the current date:document.write ("Current time:" +new Date ());2. Get timestamp (milliseconds):document.write (New Date (). GetTime ());3. Set Date (year is required, month day is

URL parsing method javascript gets the URL parameter value

Today write the project encountered an analysis URL code_id value, thought with split () can, but the parameters are not regular, Baidu has a lot of methods, new skills getMethod One, the regular analysis method:Methodfunction getquerystring (name) {

JavaScript Array Method Summary

There are two basic ways that JavaScript creates arrays. The first is the use of the array constructor.var colors = new Array ();var colors = new Array (20);var colors = new Array ("Red", "Blue", "green");Another way is to omit the new symbol:var

Javascript:dom Introduction (Find/modify content and properties of HTML elements)

When a Web page is loaded, the browser creates a Document object model for the page. The HTML DOM model is constructed as a tree of objects.With the programmable object model, JavaScript has the ability to create dynamic HTML. For example: Changing

Javascript Processing JSON Data sample

Recently made a MEAN stack app. The backend uses NodeJS to get JSON data from the Jira Rest API and process it, and then the front end uses the AngularJS Ajax call to get the processed JSON data and display it to the App. Processed a lot of JSON

javascript--processing (get) browser version, operating system

javascript--processing (get) browser version, operating system/** * Created by Administrator on 15-1-12.*/functionBroswerutil () {}broswerutil= { //Detecting Browser versionsGetbrowserversion:function () { varAgent

JavaScript determines if the parameter is a DOM element

Requirements Scenario: It is sometimes necessary to judge whether a parameter is passed in as a DOM element, or if it is necessary to distinguish between a DOM or a non-dom element.Example: An extension method MyMethod (domarg,optionsarg),

JavaScript Conversion Tips

1variable conversions look simple, but as far as I can see, it's common practice to use constructors, such as array () or number () to convert variables. Always use raw data types (sometimes called literals) to convert variables, which is more

JavaScript design mode-combined mode

The problem to be solved by the combination mode:You can combine complex objects with simple objects, and this complex object can be combined into larger objects. You can define simple objects as classes and then define some container classes to

"Advance (hoist)" For variables and function declarations in JavaScript

HoistVt. Arise, lift;VI. be lifted or elevated;N. cranes, lifts; Rises Push, hold, lift; This article does not speak English, but for some English words can not find a good translation, the first to list the word "hoist" is to let everyone

A tentative study of JavaScript two

----------Summary01. Finding DOM Elementsdocument.getElementById ();//Get a DOM element by IDDocument.getelementsbyclassname ();//Get DOM array by classdocument.getElementsByTagName ();//get DOM array by tag name02. Modifying DOM elementsDom.type = "

Common statements for 107 JavaScript

1. document.write (""); Output statementThe comments in the 2.JS are//3. Traditional HTML Document order is: document->html-> (head,body)4. The DOM order in a browser window is: window-> (navigator,screen,history,location,document)5. Get the name

Learn JavaScript from the beginning (iv)--operator

Original: Learn JavaScript from the beginning (iv)--operatorOne or one-dollar operator1. Self-increment self-subtraction operator: divided into pre-and post -type;Front type: ++a;--a;Post-type: a++;a--;Cases:1 Among them a=i++, equivalent to a=i;i=

JavaScript is the magician---automatic type conversion

Before talking about this problem, it is necessary to mention the five basic types of JS, there are two kinds of online, six, seven, eight kinds of. This is not important, it is important that you understand and you practice are consistent on it. Do

JavaScript Array Object Splice () method

The splice () method adds or removes an item from an array, and then returns the item that was deleted. The method changes the original array.Grammar:Arrayobject.splice (index,howmany,item1,....., ItemX)Index required. An integer that specifies the

JavaScript Knowledge-Events

O (∩_∩) o~~ is a new week to start, today still continue to learn JavaScript knowledge, today is mainly about the knowledge of the event. Let's summarize it now.Eventevents are typically used for browser and user actions to interact. First appeared

javascript--processing (GET) browser version

javascript--processing (GET) browser version/** * Created by Administrator on 15-1-12. */function Broswerutil () {}broswerutil.prototype = {getbrowserversion:function () {var agent = Navigator.user Agent.tolowercase (); var arr = [];

javascript--Iterative method

javascript--Iterative method

JavaScript Array Object Concat () method

The Concat () method is used to concatenate two or more arrays.The method does not alter the existing array, but only returns a copy of the concatenated array.Grammar:Arrayobject.concat (Arrayx,arrayx,......, Arrayx)Arrayx required. The parameter

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