JavaScript Object-oriented (inheritance)

Questions:  Now there is a constructor for an "animal" object. function Animal () { this.species = "Animal"; There is also a constructor for the "Cat " object. function Cat (name,color) { = name; This.color = color;

"Head First Javascript" Learning note 0--to make a CHM reference manual material

Variable declaration: VarConstant declaration: constData format conversions:1. Conversion functionparseint (a): Converts the string A to an integer, where A is a string containing only numbersParsefloat (a): Converts the string A to a floating-point

JavaScript Object-oriented learning--4

Creation of objects 1) literal, 2) new, 3) object.create () Access to Properties 1, can pass the point (.) or the square brackets ([") operator to get the value of the property. The left-hand side of the operator should be an expression that returns

A brief description of common JavaScript string methods

Website Source: Js-rookie-in-the-rookie-to-start-learning-to-fly-the-commonly-used-string-method-in-javascriptindexOf (str) returns the position of the first occurrence of the argument string in the string

The XML in JavaScript

Create DOM and load XML under IE var xmldoc = new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft.XMLDOM"); xmldoc.load (URL); Load XML file Xmldoc.loadxml ("");//load XML string xmldoc.documentelement//Get root element, ie support only Create DOM and load

The di of JavaScript

Learning Angularjs One of the reasons is that his di is very cow fork, in order to better study, in the study of the source code, I want to follow their own ideas to achieve a Di, I hope this idea canLearning the source code is helpful.1(function(){2

Web Development Technology--javascript Syntax 3 (functions, operators, comparisons, and logical operators)

JavaScript functionsA function is an event-driven or reusable block of code that executes when it is invoked.InstanceDOCTYPE HTML>HTML>Head> Script>functionmyFunction () {alert ("Hello world!"); }Script>Head>Body> Buttononclick= "myFunction ()"

Web Development Technology--javascript Syntax 2 (variables, data types, objects)

JavaScript variablesA variable is a container for storing information. Instancevar x=2;var y=3;var z=x+y;It's like algebra.x=2Y=3Z=x+yIn algebra, we use letters (such as x) to hold values (such as 2).By the above expression Z=x+y, we can calculate

The modules defined by REQUIREJS are always returned as singleton objects, and can be used to solve the problem of mutual interference between modules by using the classes in JavaScript

There are 2 ways to define a module in Requirejs: Simple key-value pairs and functional dependencies.1. simple Key-value pairs : A module contains only value pairs, no dependenciesDefine ({ color: "Black", size:1, method1:function () {},

JavaScript basic syntax-data type

Two JavaScript basic syntaxA JavaScript Data types*****************************************************************Different programming languages tend to have different data classifications, unlike object-oriented languages such as C and Java,

Javascript:dom programming

 Javascript:dom programming1. Nodes and their types1) Element node2) attribute node: An attribute of an element, typically, an action attribute node reads and writes a property value directly through the "element node. Property name" method.3)

[design mode] JavaScript abstract Factory mode

Abstract Factory mode Description 1. Factory method Mode problem: In the Factory method mode, the creation of the class is required through the factory class, if you want to extend the program, you must modify the factory class, which violates the

[design mode] JavaScript abstract Factory mode

Abstract Factory mode Description1. Factory method Mode problem: In the Factory method mode, the creation of the class is required through the factory class, if you want to extend the program, you must modify the factory class, which violates the

JavaScript closure Learning (Closure)

Closures (closure) are a difficult and unique feature of the JavaScript language, and many advanced applications rely on closures.Here is my study note, which should be useful for JavaScript beginners.The scope of a variableTo understand closures,

JavaScript Basic Notes

1. JavaScript Basics(1) What is JavaScript and what can be done?is a scripting language developed by Netscape to interact with the page.JavaScript programs are executed on the browser sideJavaScript programs can be written at the end of the. js file.

JS judgment array contains a value of the method and JavaScript array extension indexof () method

var QuestionID = []; var answeridvalue = [];////javascript Array Extended indexOf () methodArray.prototype.indexOf = function (e) {for (var i = 0, j; j = This[i]; i++) {if (J.indexof (e)! =-1) {return i;}}return-1;}if (Answeridvalue.length Alert

The pre-loading of JavaScript from the definition of function

There are two ways to define a function in javascript:function ftn () {}//first var ftn = function () {}///second typeSome people say that these two kinds of writing are completely equivalent. Before parsing, however, the former is automatically

Data types in JavaScript

There are 5 data types in javascript: undefined, null, Boolean, number, String, and typeof to detect the data type.1 undefined:undefined There is only one value, that is Undefined, when declaring a variable with VAR but not initializing it, this

Solution to single and double quotation mark errors in JavaScript

When you use JavaScript to display messages or pass character data, you often encounter a single quotation mark (') or double quotation mark (") in your data, which often results in JavaScript errors. The general use of this/' or/' solution.For

JavaScript backend directly returns Boolean type processing

R Recently used Jqueyr Ajax background verification to return a Boolean value directly to the foreground, using JSON format to upload to the foregroundvar result = $.ajax ({url: '/' +window.location[' pathname '].split ('/') [1]+

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