JavaScript regular expression matching zip code and mailbox


I ignore caseG Global MatchM multi-line matching/*Zip matchvar pattern =/^[\w\-]+\.    (Zip|gz|rar) $/; [a-za-z0-9_] can be replaced with \wPlus ^ Qualifying first character matchvar str = ' 2-13.rar '; File Name: letter _ number.

Client hash encryption (JavaScript hash encryption, source code)

SummaryIt is difficult to imagine users in what kind of network environment using our development of the application, if the user is in a network environment is not a trusted environment, then the user's account security may be a threat, such as the

Classical Inheritance in JavaScript

JavaScript is a class-free, object-oriented language, and as such, it uses Prototypal inheritance instead of Clas Sical inheritance. This can is puzzling to programmers trained in conventional object-oriented languages like C + + and Java.

Implementation of JavaScript ceiling lamp

Ceiling lamp is a common function of each site, it has two features When you scroll down to the div position, the div remains fixed at the top of the page When you scroll up to the original Div position, the div reverts to the original

[13 Migration]javascript Join ("") method, the array into a uniform string, used to write a long output string

The Join ("") method of JavaScript, which turns the array into a uniform string used to write long argument stringsfunction m (a) {        var b = [" "," ", E? "": " "," "," "," ', ' "," "," "," ', N (a), "", " ', K (a), "", "", " "];

The company server is broken, bored. Analyzing the null and false values of JavaScript under the object-oriented method

The first thing to know about JavaScript's automatic conversion is what type it needs, so JavaScript automatically passes the current type to the constructor of the required type to generate the required typeGuess 1:undefined is a class estimate in

The exec () method of the JavaScript RegExp object

The exec () method of the JavaScript RegExp object is used to match the string, and its behavior is somewhat different from match ().For Regexpobject.exec (), W3school is described above: The exec () method is powerful, is a common method,

Unicode encoding online conversion tool--javascript

Unicode encoding online conversion tool--javascriptI search on the Internet, see the use of JavaScript to do Unicode encoding conversion, feel very fun, so take to use.This feature has been tested for both of the current:1) Unicode converts each

Effective JavaScript Item 33 lets constructors no longer rely on the new keyword

This series as Effectivejavascript's reading the function when used as a constructor, you need to make sure that the function is New keyword is called. function User (name, passwordhash) { = Name;this.passwordhash =

The return value problem of constructors in JavaScript and the process of the new object

The first thing to be clear is that the constructor in JavaScript does not need to have a return value, which is similar to Java. It can be considered that the most significant difference between a constructor and a normal function is that there is

Incorrect use of Var in javascript causes undefined

In JavaScript, depending on the scope of the variables are divided into local variables and global variables, the directly defined variables are global variables, global variables can be accessed by all scripts; the variables defined in the function

JavaScript calls Baidu maps, as well as the city's initialization

The map is very simple to build, and the official API documentation is clearly written, and I'll just summarize:first, the introduction of JS: This is easy to understand, since it is called the JS version of the Baidu map, it must be quoted outside

[See javascript]-variables and scope chains from jquery

jquery Fragment:[JavaScript]View Plaincopy Var //would speed up references to Windows, and allows munging its name. window = This , //would speed up references to undefined, and allows munging its name. Undefined //Map over JQuery in

Objects in JavaScript (ii)

JavaScript is a prototype-based object language, not something we are familiar with, like the C # language class-based object-oriented language. In the previous article, we've covered the creation of object definitions in JavaScript. Let's take a

Data types in JavaScript convert those things

In JS, in general, the data types are divided into two categories, one is the original value type, and the other is the reference type. The original value types include: string , Numeric (number) , boolean (Boolean) , and two special values null

The difference between Undefined,null,nan in JavaScript

1. Type analysis:JS data types have undefined,boolean,number,string,object, such as 5, the first 4 are the original type, the 5th is the reference type.var A1;var a2 = true;var a3 = 1;var a4 = "Hello";var A5 = new Object ();var a6 = null;var a7 =

[See javascript]-Anonymous functions and closures from jquery

jquery Fragment:[JavaScript]View Plaincopy (function () { This ignores all implementations of jquery })(); When I first contacted jquery six months ago, I was as excited as anyone to see what the source code was like. However,

Some summary of JavaScript basics

A closed packageThe definition of "closure" (closure) in various professional literature is very abstract and difficult to read. My understanding is that closures are functions that can read other functions ' internal variables.Because in the

Detonate your JavaScript code evolution

just in the program to see a section of JS code, writing extremely clever, selfish thinking if it is written according to the norms, will be able to cultivate the understanding of the language, JS programming ability to improve must be excellent.

Common statements for 107 JavaScript

1. document.write (""); Output statementThe comments in the 2.JS are//3. Traditional HTML Document order is: document->html-> (head,body)4. The DOM order in a browser window is: window-> (navigator,screen,history,location,document)5. Get the name

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