[See javascript]-Anonymous functions and closures from jquery

jquery Fragment:[JavaScript]View Plaincopy (function () { This ignores all implementations of jquery })(); When I first contacted jquery six months ago, I was as excited as anyone to see what the source code was like. However,

Some summary of JavaScript basics

A closed packageThe definition of "closure" (closure) in various professional literature is very abstract and difficult to read. My understanding is that closures are functions that can read other functions ' internal variables.Because in the

Effective JavaScript Item 24 uses a variable to hold the arguments reference

this series as effective JavaScript 's reading notes. Suppose you need a API used to traverse several elements, like this:var it = values (1, 4, 1, 4, 2, 1, 3, 5, 6); It.next (); 1it.next (); 4it.next (); 1The corresponding implementation can

Detonate your JavaScript code evolution

just in the program to see a section of JS code, writing extremely clever, selfish thinking if it is written according to the norms, will be able to cultivate the understanding of the language, JS programming ability to improve must be excellent.

Common statements for 107 JavaScript

1. document.write (""); Output statementThe comments in the 2.JS are//3. Traditional HTML Document order is: document->html-> (head,body)4. The DOM order in a browser window is: window-> (navigator,screen,history,location,document)5. Get the name

numeric conversion of JavaScript

JS has 3 functions to convert non-numeric values into values: Number (), parseint (), and parsefloat ().Number () can be used for any data type, while the other two functions are specifically used to convert a string to a numeric value. These three

The Replace function of string in JavaScript

The 1.replace () method is used to replace other characters with some characters in a string, or to replace a substring that matches a regular expression.Syntax: Stringobject.replace (regexp/substr,replacement)Example:1 // I ' m demonView CodeIt's

JavaScript Collection Encyclopedia

1.document.write (""); Output statementThe comments in the 2.JS are//3. Traditional HTML Document order is:document->html-> (head,body)4. The DOM order in a browser window is:window-> (navigator,screen,history,location,document)5. Get the name and

JavaScript Learning Notes drop-down selection box action

For the dropdown box is a very large operation, these days the project needs to summarizeFirst, dynamic construction optionSometimes we need to dynamically build the values in the dropdown box, where we'll use var varitem = new Option ("text",

False values in JavaScript and their common comparison operations

1. Value of Ture or FalseThe value of the Boolean type that will be implicitly converted to false in the If judgment has false, 0, undefined, null, ' ', NaN (not a number)Besides the other values will be considered true, including ' 0 ', ' false ',

Effective JavaScript Item 22 uses arguments to create a function that accepts a mutable argument list

this series as effective JavaScript 's reading notes. in the Item , the paper introduces a combination of Apply variable argument list function implemented by method Average , it actually declares only an array as a parameter, but uses the Apply

The length property of the JavaScript function

Length can get 3, "123". Length can also get 3, this slightly understand JS know.But Eval. Length, RegExp. Length, "". ToString. Length, 1..toString. What does length get?Get 1, 2, 0, 1, respectively, what do these numbers represent?In fact, the

JavaScript Concept Summary: Scopes, closures, objects and prototype chains

1 JavaScript variable scope 1.1 Function scope There is no block scope: The scope is not surrounded by {}, and its scope is determined by the function, so the curly brackets in the statement such as If/for are not separate scopes. As mentioned above,

JavaScript breakpoint settings and debugging tips in Chrome

How do you debug a JavaScript program? The most primitive way to print content on a page with alert () is to use Console.log () to output content on the JavaScript console with a slightly improved approach. Well, using these two methods really

"JavaScript" XMLHttpRequest Level2 User Guide

XMLHttpRequest is a browser interface that allows JavaScript to communicate in HTTP (S).At first, Microsoft introduced this interface in IE 5. Because it is too useful, other browsers mimic the deployment, and Ajax operations are thus born.However,

JavaScript base uses as few global variables as possible (001)

Pattern means patterns, good coding habits will form patterns after many practical applications, and anti-patterns (anti-pattern) are bad coding habits. Before you get to the JavaScript pattern, take a look at Anti-pattern's example. JavaScript uses

Reading "JavaScript advanced Programming" Note Two-variables, scopes, memory, and reference types

variables, scopes, and memory issues There are two types of execution environment-Global and local The scope chain is longer, there are two cases: the catch block of the Try-catch statement, the WITH statement. JavaScript does not

Json (JavaScript Object Notation).

Json (JavaScript Object Notation). JSON is a form of data interaction, a project that does not implement data interactivity is meaningless, and most of the AJAX framework's data interactions are based on JSON, such as JQuery, ExtJS, and so on. It is

The literal declaration of the JavaScript base regular expression (012)

As expected, regular expressions are also a type of JavaScript object. There are two ways to construct regular expressions, one is to use the new RegExp () constructor built into JavaScript, and the other is to suggest a literal declaration:Regular

Codemirror: JavaScript-based Code Editor

official website definition : http://codemirror.net/ Codemirror is A versatile text editor implemented in JavaScript for the browser. It is specialized for editing code, and comes with a number of language modes and addons this implement

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