JavaScript basics literal and Constructor (008)

JavaScript supports a literal notation (Literal) to fame objects and arrays, as opposed to constructors (constructor), where Literal's reputation is more concise, easier to read, and less prone to bugs. In fact, JSON is the JavaScript data format

The literal notation of the JavaScript base array (010)

1. Comparison of two different methodsArrays are objects in JavaScript, just like most other languages. We can use JavaScript's built-in array constructors to create arrays. Like the literal notation of an object, an array can also be known by

JavaScript Advanced Programming Notes (IV)

First, basic type and value of reference typeValue of a reference type: An object that may consist of multiple values.For values of reference types, we can add, change, and delete properties and methods.var New Object (); " Nicholas " ;

24 Best Practices for JavaScript beginners

24 Best Practices for JavaScript beginners1. Use = = = instead of = =JavaScript uses 2 different equivalent operators: ===|! = = and ==|! =, it is best practice to use the former in the comparison operation."If the operands on both sides have the

JavaScript in-depth understanding of JS closures

The scope of a variable To understand closures, you must first understand the special variable scope of JavaScript. The scope of a variable is nothing more than two kinds: global variables and local variables. The special point of the JavaScript

JavaScript Module pattern:in-depth

The module pattern is a common JavaScript coding pattern. It's generally well understood, but there is a number of advanced uses that has not gotten a lot of attention. In this article, I'll review the basics and cover some truly remarkable advanced

56 Front-End engineers must-have JavaScript learning books

Share 56 of the front-end engineers must-have JavaScript learning books (including Pdf,chm,doc) 1, JavaScript authoritative Guide (6th edition) (Chinese version)2, in layman JAVASCRIPT.O ' Reilly. head.first.javascript.jan.20083, JavaScript King

Implementation of JavaScript namespaces, function parameter type overloading

The sudden impulse to write something that can be considered in the case of Func ({arg1:xxx, arg2:xxx}) is not applicable. namespaces, parameter type overloading Arg-func.js:(function () {if (! String.prototype.trim) {String.prototype.trim

Those brief encounter JavaScript tricks.

The success of JavaScript is fascinating, and writing JavaScript code for Web pages is already the basic skill of all web designers, and this interesting language contains many things that are not well known, even though many years of JavaScript

JavaScript Advanced Programming Notes (Chapter 4th variables, scopes, and memory issues)

1. Primitive type value undefined, Null, Boolean, number, and StringCopy process for base type values ( plot )The base type value occupies a fixed amount of space in memory and is therefore stored in the stack memory;Copying a base type value from

Associative arrays in JavaScript

The so-called associative array (associative array) refers to objects in JavaScript.Because a property in JavaScript is a key-value pair that can be accessed through obj[attr], it is similar to an array.There are many other types of data

[Label] Translation [JavaScript] How to manipulate radio and check boxes using JavaScript

Radio and check boxes are part of the form form, allowing users to select them with a simple mouse click. When compared to the general JavaScript manipulation of elements, the JavaScript manipulation of these form controls can be said to be quite

JavaScript Learning Notes (ii)

= = = Scope ======var color = "Blue";/*function ChangeColor () {if (color== "blue") {color = "red";} Else{color= "Yellow";}} ChangeColor (); alert ("Color is now" +color);//Output Color is now Red*///====object type ======//One, there are two ways

JavaScript function Analysis of OOP

According to JavaScript founder Brandon Eich, the best language constructs for JavaScript are: function is first class citizen (first functions) Closures (closure) Prototypes OBJ = {p1:1, P2: ' ABC '} Array = [+ +] I

JavaScript optimization Details: short-circuit expression

What is a short-circuit expression?short-circuit expression: as "&&" and "| |" Operator's operand expression, which is evaluated as long as the final result can be determined to be true or FALSE, the evaluation process terminates, which is called a

strings and Arrays in JavaScript

The operation string and operation array in JS are similar.Take the following array as an example:var arr = ['e'c'r ' ' o ' ]; var arrnum = [64];1, determine whether the arrayif (arr instanceof Array) { Console.log (true);} if // ECMAScript 5

Single and double quotes in JavaScript resolution

When you use JavaScript to display messages or pass character data, you often encounter a single quotation mark (') or double quotation mark (") in your data, which often results in JavaScript errors. The general use of this/' or/' solution.For

JavaScript-Read the study notes of Uncle Tom's Blog

Part1---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. PrefaceThese two days looked at Uncle Tom's "in-depth understanding JS series" In the basic part, according to their actual situation,

Conversion of JavaScript objects to JSON strings

1.eval function JSON text converted to objectIn order to convert the JSON text to an object, you can use the Eval function. The Eval function calls the JavaScript editor. Because JSON is a subset of JavaScript, the compiler will parse the text

typeof + Instanceof+tostring+constructor How to determine the JavaScript data type

First, typeofThe variables in JS are loosely typed (i.e., weakly typed) and can be used to hold any type of data.typeof can be used to detect the data type of a given variable, the possible return value:1. ' Undefined '---this value is undefined;2. '

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