Programming Assistant JavaScript Learning Library-object-oriented programming notes __ algorithm

Disclaimer: This article originates from the JavaScript Learning Library prototype object of the programming helper app, which defines the properties and methods shared by all instance objects, so it is also referred to as the prototype of the

JavaScript starts new record __java

1.Javascript Introduction: Born in 1995, Netscape invented, then gradually become a browser essential feature, its purpose is no longer limited to simple form verification, but with the browser window and interactive almost all the functions.

A simple implementation of JavaScript hash table (Hashtable)

There is no implementation of a hash table (hashtable) like C#,java in JavaScript. In JS, the object attribute is the implementation of the hash table, so as long as the object on the sealing method, simple use of OBEJCT management properties of the

Execute function after JavaScript page load completes in HTML

Execute function after JavaScript page load completes in HTML When you do a project, you may experience this situation:A catalog file (menu.jsp) is import into a JSP page, and the OnLoad event is defined in for each page. Then this definition of

JavaScript Strict mode and its use __java

1 Preface The rigorous model introduced in ECMASCRIPT5 allows the developer to have a "better" JavaScript language by allowing JavaScript to run the environment to make and present different processes for the most common and difficult bugs in the

Simple use of JavaScript class class encapsulation based on ECMAScript 6, ECMAScript 2015

Simple use of JavaScript class class encapsulation based on ECMAScript 6, ECMAScript 2015 Article source Create a JS file test.js In the following example, we first define a class named Polygon, and then

JavaScript advanced techniques, high-order functions (i) for the road of the front

Directory First, advanced functions 1-1 Safe Type Detection 1-2 Scope-Safe constructors 1-3 Lazy Load function 1-4 function Bindings 1-5 function currying 1-6 Inverse function currying I. Advanced

Those things that are inherited in JavaScript

Introduction JS is an object-oriented language, but in JS did not introduce the concept of class, before the special doubts in the JS inheritance mechanism in the end is how, has been learning JS inherited this piece after the Epiphany, then

Advanced JavaScript in the front

A. functionThe functions in JavaScript are very similar to those in Python, but there are some differences in how they are defined.  1. Define functions;  A function can only return a value, and if you want to return more than one value, you can

JavaScript implements Base64 encryption and decryption

//1. Encryption and decryption methods using://1. Encryptionvarstr = ' 124 Chinese content '; varBase =NewBase64 (); varresult =Base.encode (str); //document.write (Result); //2. DecryptionvarRESULT2 =Base.decode (Result); document.write (RESULT2);

[JavaScript] Functions in JavaScript (1)

Learn about functions in javascript:MDNNanyi Teacher's TutorialAbout the definition of a function: Nanyi Teacher: A function is a block of code that can be called repeatedly. The function can also accept input parameters, and different

JavaScript operators and Control statements

An operator1. Basic ConceptsExpression: A phrase made up of constants/variables and operatorsOperands: Constants and variables in an expression become operandsMonocular operator: becomes a single-mesh operator with only one operandMulti-mesh

term "JavaScript"

The generic term "JavaScript", which is understood in the context of a Web browser, contains several very different elements.One is the core language (ECMAScript) and the other is a collection of Web APIs, including the DOM (Document Object

Object-oriented Javascript:js of the front-end; Timer Bom

JS Object-oriented Timer Bom Several common ways of object-oriented objects creation in JS1. Creating an object using object literals or objects2. Factory mode Creation Object3. Constructor pattern Creation Object4. prototype schema

Record Array manipulation in JavaScript

1. means of definition;var arr = []; Array literalvar arr = new Array (); Array constructorsArray all methods are derived from Array.prototype2. Reading and writing of arrays;Arr[num]//Can not overflow read results undefinedArr[num] = xxx; Can

The things that JavaScript has to do with the central chain

IntroductionInheritance is a very important concept in object-oriented languages, and many object-oriented languages support two ways of inheriting: interface inheritance and implementation inheritance. An interface inheritance system inherits only

JavaScript's Magical parameters

The parameters of the JS function differ greatly from other languages. It doesn't matter how many parameters you pass over, or what type of arguments are passed in. Even if you define a function that accepts only two parameters, you can pass one,

The first week of learning Html5+css3+javascript

JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted, web-development language. JS code needs to be written in the tag, as the identifier of the scripting language to separate other source code. Avoid confusion with HTML tags and CSS styles.JS codes are

"JavaScript Advanced Programming" Learning summary three (2)

Introduction: A New day, insist on learning, summary. Yesterday's article looked again today, found that the updated knowledge point is really a little less, today to write more than a line. Then this blog post continues to summarize the knowledge

JavaScript function declaration and Function Expression Difference function declaration promotion (Function declaration hoisting)

When the parser loads data into the execution environment, it does not discriminate between function declarations and function expressions. The parser is the first to read the function declaration and make it available (accessible) before executing

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